Spiritual Meaning of Mushroom

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Mushrooms are not at all as simple as it seems at first glance. Interestingly, in China, mushrooms were the personification of the supreme power, and the image of mushrooms contributed to the fulfillment of desires.

In Siberia, a mushroom tattooed on the body was considered a talisman that bestows good luck and health.

In Europe, the morel-shaped tattoo was popular: it was believed that it enhances male potency (most likely, this is due to the shape of the mushroom).

Spiritual Meaning of Mushroom – Meaning

Poisonous mushrooms are not recommended to be applied to the body in the form of a tattoo: among many peoples, they were considered a symbol of failure. This does not apply only to the fly agaric.

The image of this cute-looking mushroom is loved by psychics and fortune-tellers: the fly agaric supposedly enhances the ability to clairvoyance.

The mushroom tattoo, the meaning of which is described below, can have several meanings: love for wildlife. Sometimes such tattoos are done by people who are passionate about nerds; the mysteriousness of the tattoo bearer.

Mushrooms are interesting representatives of the living world. Many scientists are still arguing whether to attribute them to the plant kingdom or to separate them into a separate kingdom.

Therefore, if you like to unravel the secrets of nature, you may like a tattoo with a mushroom; passion for “quiet hunting”. If you are an avid mushroom picker, why not emphasize your passion for an interesting, high-quality tattoo?

Of course, not everyone can decide on this, but if you have such a desire, you should not limit your freedom; many know that in nature there are hallucinogenic mushrooms that can change the state of human consciousness.

Even the fly agaric growing in Russian forests can cause hallucinations. The mushrooms that were used by Carlos Castaneda, a student of Don Juan, became very famous: in the teaching preached by the old Mexican, mushrooms were a kind of pass to the world of higher consciousness.

Therefore, the mushroom can be an important symbol for people who are either addicted to psychoactive substances, or are simply in a permanent spiritual search.

Advice! The meaning of a tattoo often depends on the style of its execution. Therefore, consult a professional to choose a sketch that reflects your ideas.

The mushroom tattoo, sketches of which you can find in the article, is often done in the style of old school. Bright, eye-catching mushrooms are complemented by various elements.

For example, a mushroom picker can choose a quote dedicated to his hobby, and a person who is fond of Castaneda’s work and chose hallucinogenic mushrooms for a tattoo is free to supplement the tattoo with Don Juan’s dictum.

New school is also good for mushrooms, especially those that contain psychoactive substances.


After all, new school implies bright, acidic shades, distorted proportions and the absence of any rules!

Realistic tattoos with mushrooms look very interesting and unusual. True, not every master will be able to cope with such work.

Trash polka mushrooms are an interesting idea. Of course, not everyone comes up with such an idea, therefore, most likely, you will have to ask the master to make a sketch for you to order.

The graphic style works very well for any botanical tattoo, as you can find inspiration in any biology textbook.

To make the image look brighter and more interesting, you can complement it with color stains or elements borrowed from the dot-work style. The latter makes the tattoo more voluminous and deep.

They come back in autumn – they sprout up out of sultry soil, rotten wood or stinking cow dung: “Magic Mushrooms” – so-called psychoactive, hallucinogenic mushrooms that have spread fear and horror in us since ancient times – or enlightenment.

In recent years the psylos have experienced a renaissance as a fashion drug. The mushroom as a party animal makes headlines – techno kids take it like their psychedelic mothers and dads in the sixties. But the search for the psychoactive mushrooms is as old as humanity.

Their fashionable use obscures their originally religious meaning, knowledge of the diverse characteristics of magic mushrooms was buried and taboo for centuries in our latitudes. Today they are also a topic for modern science.

Based on Nepal and Mexico, the shamanistic origins of the mushroom culture, the documentation explores the scientific knowledge of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The journey takes us into the past and future, we touch the social phenomena triggered by fungi, meet researchers in Asia, America and Europe and shed light on the multifaceted idiosyncrasies of the psychoactive eccentrics in their scientific and cultural context.

In the Nepalese mountains last year, ethnologists made an interesting discovery: local shamans there use hallucinogenic mushrooms for spiritual rituals, and confirmed that they do this in the practice of an ancient tradition.

This was previously unknown, and at the same time supports an important thesis of the famous mushroom researcher Gordon Wasson: the consumption of magic mushrooms opened the door to the divine for people at an early stage in their developmental history. R

eligious ecstasy, the belief in a higher intelligence and thus the emergence of culture are due to the inspiration from magic mushrooms. Worldwide.

In ancient times, for example – during the Eleusinian mysteries, pilgrims were served a mysterious drink. They reported visions, ghostly apparitions, and religious ecstasy. Wasson and the classical philologist Prof. Carl A.P. Ruck from Boston University found evidence that drinking ergot mushroom in the Eleusinian mysteries gave people their unearthly experiences.

Similarly, the Rig-Veda, the Vedic chants, speak reverently of Soma. For the Indo-Germanic peoples Soma was a god, at the same time a plant and the intoxicating essence of this plant.

Scientists are convinced that Soma was nothing more than a hallucinogenic mushroom, in some parts of the world possibly a fly agaric. The latest findings from Nepal corroborate this finding.

Siberian shamans still use the toadstool, which we consider poisonous, for their notorious ceremonies. It has a long history of intoxication, as old as humanity itself. Early drawings of the biblical tree of knowledge show a striking resemblance to a mushroom.

In our culture too, the power of psychoactive substances was known well into the middle Ages. Mostly it was wise women who, familiar with their mysterious effects, used them for healing purposes or in magical fertility rituals. The Inquisition put an end to the hustle and bustle of the “witches” with brutal consequence.

Different in Mexico. In the name of the cross, the conquistadors wanted to eradicate the pagan mushroom ritual. It survived underground, in the person of the shaman. Catholic faith and Mazatec tradition went hand in hand there for a long time.

Gordon Wasson discovered the famous shaman Maria Sabina in the 1950s, living proof of his theory of the religious meaning of magic mushrooms.

The healer understands the mushroom as holy medicine. He speaks to her from another world, from God’s kingdom. Through them the mushroom speaks to the sick, revealing, and healing. Mexican shamans still work with the mushroom ritual today.

This shows a parallel to the Nepalese shame about which one of the world’s leading mycologists, the Mexican Gaston Guzman, can tell, whom we will meet in Nepal.

Wasson’s visit to Maria Sabina triggered two, basically opposing developments: the scientific and ethnological research into mushrooms made great strides and – rather involuntarily – the psychedelic movement originated in Mexico in the sixties.

Spiritual Meaning of Mushroom – Symbolism

Mushrooms seen in a dream are quite a popular dream topic that has been interpreted in different ways in different cultures. Wondering what the symbolism of your dream might be? Check out what dreams about mushrooms mean!

The autumn period is a real treat for mushroom picking lovers. In this case the dream of mushrooms can be directly related to their passion. In other situations, dreaming about mushrooms has many different meanings and can be read in both positive and negative contexts.

In interpreting dreams about mushrooms, it is extremely important to pay attention not only to their type and appearance, but also to who collects them and where.

Dream interpretation means that the dream of mushrooms often refers to hidden, sometimes unconscious sexual needs, can be a warning of insulting dangers, and on the other hand, similar to the dream of money, can announce prosperity in the material sphere and great happiness.

Have you ever dreamed of mushrooms growing in the ground? That is a good sign for the future. In that case, you can expect good moments in all areas of your life. According to the Arabic book of dreams, events will happen that will surprise you, but also bring a lot of joy.

A look at the many mushrooms growing next to you is also a sign of the financial success ahead of you. Sometimes this dream is interpreted as an announcement of new acquaintances.

However, it is worth being vigilant because unfortunately not all of them can prove valuable.

Poisonous mushrooms appear in dreams very often and almost always mean problems that are coming, which can occur in both the personal and professional spheres.

Seeing poisonous mushrooms in a dream can present problems at work. It is possible that your business decisions will not be the right ones, and the investments you have started will result in higher losses than expected profits.

Poisonous mushrooms can also be a warning not to succumb to various temptations too easily, as they can have very unpleasant consequences for us.

This symbol can also mean a false friendship or people around you who do everything behind your back to harm you.

This is a warning to be more careful in dealing with others and not to trust occasional acquaintances.

Sometimes poisonous mushrooms are a sign of the disease that awaits you, which will negatively affect your body and make it difficult to function on a daily basis.

The sight of red mushrooms in a dream, like any other dream about worms, is disgusting and scary with us.

Such a dream is advice to take better care of your own health and, despite the pressure of work and duties, find time for check-ups.

Red mushrooms are also a symbol of trouble and intrigue. This is advice to avoid risky actions and ventures that we suspect.

Mushrooms with worms are also interpreted in the dream book as false acquaintances, which should be avoided.

Picking mushrooms in your sleep is a popular dream topic. It is a sign of success that we will be able to achieve if we work hard, systematically and persistently.

The bigger the mushrooms we put in the basket in our sleep, the greater the successes and rewards we can expect in real life.

Dream interpretation also interprets this symbol as the successful implementation of all our goals, professional and private.

Sometimes picking mushrooms in a dream also refers to our personality and indicates greater maturity and calmness.

It is possible that as we age, we begin to value peace much more than an intense lifestyle.

In turn, picking mushrooms by another person means that soon someone will appreciate our work and we will be well rewarded for it.

In case you happen to see boletus in a dream, you can expect many successful moments in life. It is possible that you will be promoted at work or have luck in the emotional sphere.

For single people, that dream, like a dream about a wedding, can be a precursor to a new love and a stable, happy relationship.

Seeing edible mushrooms in a dream means a great time for us and enjoying good mental and physical health.

If they are extra beautiful and extremely handsome, you can expect an extraordinary event that will revolutionize your life so far, changing it for the better.


Mushrooms have their own place in human cultural history, and they have their own position in all cultures. They were never just things next to other things, their strange appearances were just forms next to other forms.

People suspected early on that strange forces reside in mushrooms. They were considered to be the bearers of secret powers, were the simile of eternal growth, constant renewal, and often not entirely secure. They were often called beings of darkness or children of the night.