Spiritual Meaning of Octopus

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Although we have already talked about octopus tattoos Tattooing, I was interested to make a complete and diverse collection of tattoos about this charismatic sea animal that has been talked about so much in recent years.

Defined as one of the most intelligent sea creatures, the octopus animal seems to have been excluded from the distant galaxy that has followed us on earth for thousands of years.

Without a doubt, octopus tattoos are very interesting in case you are thinking about tattooing significant dimensions.

And that is that thanks to the numerous tentacles we can make a tattoo that goes through the whole arm, leg or a large part of the chest and / or back.

Ideally, you can combine it with other elements or objects associated with the sea, such as a boat or other animal.

Spiritual Meaning of Octopus – Meaning

Learn about the symbolism of the octopus here, as well as what it meant for the ancient cultures that inhabited the planet.

The octopus is perhaps one of the animals that many people are not interested in coming into contact with, but we cannot deny that it has a characteristic appearance and has already shown us how intelligent and strong they can be.

It is generally an animal considered to have a harmful and sometimes infernal symbolism. It has also been assimilated to the emblematic meaning of the cuttlefish and, therefore, its symbolism is quite rich and wide.

Like many of the other symbols that we can find in our day, the octopus symbolism tends to have many meanings and that is why we cannot discuss each and every one of them.

But what we can do is describe those that are more common and that continue to be transmitted from generation to generation, so that they can be taken as the original meanings that are attributed to this animal among so many personal ones that have been created with the passage of time weather.

Many times in our lives we must be able to adapt to the different situations that come our way if we want to continue a safe course until the realization of our goals, this sometimes also includes having to let go and let go of those that are hindering us.

In some scenarios, what is holding us back are parts of ourselves that we dare not shut down, call it a cycle or a toxic behavior.

The meaning of the octopus symbol is perfect for this type of reference since it is an animal that, being in danger, dares to lose its limbs to continue.

Finding these types of symbols by chance when we go to a place or see it in our dreams can help us understand that it is time to sit down and think and find out what we really need from ourselves and what are the things that only hinder us.

In the previous point I have explained to you how octopuses, in those situations where they feel that they are in danger of losing themselves, are capable of abandoning their limbs in order not to disappear completely. But this can also have a positive result.


The octopus, after it has got rid of its tentacle, has the ability to generate it again, so another of the octopus meanings and symbolism has to do with the ability to have in life to be able to generate something positive from the changes.

That is why you should not fear if you dream that you are letting go of a precious part of your life, letting someone go or seeing yourself losing your job. Remember that this symbol is warning you that very soon you will be able to create something new and more stable.

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the octopus is really one of the most intelligent animals that have come to inhabit planet earth, or well, the depths of the seas of our planet. And it is something that is not in dispute!

For those people who need a boost of confidence in their own intellectual capacity, the octopus symbolism may appear before them, reminding them that they have the ability to reason, and that they are capable of developing good strategies based on their knowledge of logic.

Many times, to realize that you are in the presence of an octopus you will have to look twice, thus being recognized as one of the greatest masters of camouflage that can exist.

The meaning and symbolism of the octopus in readings about people’s personalities can reveal a lot, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

It is only a sign that you may be presenting yourself to the world as a mysterious person and capable of losing yourself among others.

Its irregular body endowed with asymmetric tentacles has led certain ancient cultures to consider it a representation of the Evil One and the underworld.

It is part of ornaments and decorations of various objects made not only to be used, but also to achieve aesthetic and artistic balances.

In the aforementioned sense, the symbolism of the octopus is found in different pieces elaborated and made in European areas of Celtic and Greek influence.

During Classical Greece, it was Aristotle who introduced the octopus to civilization, who for them meant a skillful animal in hunting moments due to its dexterity when moving and also how it could camouflage itself when necessary.

In ancient Peru there was a town known as Moche, in it the belief was maintained that there was no better animal to demonstrate the art of the planet than the octopus, and that is why many paintings of it are usually appreciated where it even appears of the water.

Within Greek mythology, Gorgon was a person who was believed to be created based on the natural appearance of an octopus, but not only that, they shared traits such as strength, stability and also supernatural intelligence.

In the mythology of Hawaii it is thought that they are descendants of aliens, but not only that, but they have been the last of them that have remained in the world.

In general, its symbolism is opposed to the emblematic meaning of the dolphin, since the octopus is associated with the diversity of formless monsters that are the symbol and representation of everything numinous and abyssal.

For astrologers, the octopus symbolism means one of the ways in which a human being can become tormented and for this reason they associate it with a negative sign, ruled by the moon and which has water as its element. The sign of Cancer.

In some towns with a strong mythical ascent, the octopus is associated with the force that emerges from hidden power and energy, located in the depths of the dark abyss; the dark tinted liquid that it gives off can only be made inside the gloomy caverns that serve as shelter and habitation.

Frazer, warns that, although the octopus is considered an animal closely linked to the essential element water, it nevertheless appears in all the myths of tribal societies as the first possessor of igneous energy.

So far our article on the symbolism of the octopus. If you have any questions, ask them in the comment box.

Spiritual Meaning of Octopus – Symbolism

The octopus is an animal with various symbolisms. Some of them are flexibility, creativity, or intelligence, but they are certainly not the only meanings assigned to it. The octopus can also mean the desire to pretend to be something other than who you really are.

Other interpretations that are given are that the octopus is a sign of abundance, symbolizing purity, emotion, or the power of concentration, an interpretation of the latter that is closely linked to that of multitasking ability.

By having eight tentacles, the relationship is established that the octopus symbolizes being able to do many things at the same time.

The presence of the octopus is also associated with innovation, dynamism, change and success, as well as with effective time management.

If you identify with the octopus, you are an emotional and intelligent person, who tends to be overprotective with the people he loves.

You enjoy mind-challenging and thought-provoking jobs, as well as deep conversations. You also have a remarkable artistic and creative streak that leads you to stand out in fields such as painting or architecture. On the contrary, everything ordinary is terribly boring.

As a person, you maintain a flexible attitude to events and adapt easily to new situations. You enjoy spending time with the people you love, and sharing moments to remember with them.

On the negative, pointing out that you fall in love too quickly, which makes you vulnerable to people who may not be worth it.

When tasks accumulate. If work or complications suddenly accumulate, the presence of the octopus can make you understand the need to manage your time well to get out of the challenge well.

When you need to have a left hand in any situation. When it comes to dealing with people for whom you have responsibility, being too strict can lead to long-term problems.

Being flexible and showing your left hand is the best way to prevent this from happening, and the appearance of the octopus warns you that this is the way to go.

When you don’t want to show your true personality. Sometimes it is preferable to be cautious and not show your true self.

Playing a role gives you enough time to get to know the people you deal with without them knowing your weaknesses, which gives you an advantageous situation.

You can learn from the octopus how important it is to adapt to circumstances rather than to be rigid. You can also learn that having the ability to work on many fronts at the same time gives you an advantage over those who can only focus on one thing at a time.

The octopus is an ambiguous animal, because people treat it differently, because it feels fear in the eyes, while others, on the contrary, admire it.

That is why there are different meanings of octopus tattoos, which depend on the image and culture of the people. In most cases, this image is considered mystical.

People who live near the sea consider the mollusk to be a deity and a protector of the depths of the sea. People believed it could create vortices, destroying ships.

That is why many sailors put pictures of Hvar on their bodies, believing that they get a charm that will protect them from death and various negatives along the way.

In learning what an octopus tattoo means, it is worth mentioning another common variant – since the mollusk has three hearts, it is considered a symbol of immortality.

It is known that a large number of people are afraid of these animals so the tattoo was also a symbol of evil and darkness.

Modern interpretations of the octopus tampon tattoo are associated with cyclist, so this pattern is considered a symbol of eternity and longevity.

People believe that such a tattoo helps to move forward. Another value is related to the fact that the mollusk is able to change body color depending on the state of the environment.

In this case, the animal drawing is a symbol of intemperance and hypocrisy.

Due to the fact that the octopus with the loss of tentacles returns them after a while, his tattoo is a symbol of a person’s desire to continue moving, despite any problems and trials.

One of the mystical values ​​of the tattoo is related to the number of tentacles, which, as we know, are exactly 8 years old. This inverted figure is a sign of infinity.

The second value, which is mainly invested in the female octopus, is related to the ability of mollusks to lay out 150 thousand eggs for life.

Such a pattern is considered the personification of fertility and motherhood.


As for the meaning and symbolism attributed to the octopus, we have already talked about this in our time, but it is interesting to remember that it is a tattoo by which we can convey the message of adaptation, change, regeneration, agility, independence or mystery.

It is also used to try to attract fertility, diversity and protection for yourself and your loved ones.

As for the design, practically every style of tattoo is perfectly adapted for this type of tattoo. In the following gallery, I have collected a large variety of octopus tattoos in different styles with which you can get ideas for the next tattoo. And you, do you have an octopus tattoo or do you know someone who has it? Tell us what you think.