Candy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Candy is a favourite peace of food for children and adults, it isn’t really healthy but sweetness makes you forget about the consequences.

Eating candy makes a person happier, sugar that it contains well affects you and your health only in abnormal intakes.

If you had a dream about candy it is a good sign, candy in a dream is a symbol of luck and joy.

It represents positivity, opportunities and some great adventures that are going to happen in your near future.

Candy in a dream can also be a sign of your pleasures that could end up harming your health, perhaps some kind of a toxic relationship that will drain positivity from your life after a certain period of time.

Forms of candy are also important and types of dreams you have about it.

You can dream about different types of candy, different flavoured candy or even a position of that candy.

The true meaning behind this dream depends on you and your life so pay attention.

And of course it doesn’t mean that there is a certain meaning behind these dreams perhaps you have ate candy and you dream about it that isn’t really something unusual.

The Most Common Dreams About Candy

Dreaming about opening candy wrappers-  If you had a dream where you are opening candy wrappers then this dream indicates on your messed up organisation.

This dream is a sign that you are focusing on the wrong things, you have some serious issues with priorities.

Perhaps you are focusing only on work and forgetting your partner, family so that brings up problems in your relationships with those people.

Balance is the key of everything, find that golden middle spot and try to stay there.

You have to make some readjustment in your head about things that are important and things that are less important, order them again but this time the right way.

Dreaming about eating candy- Everyone eats candy, but why do parents sometimes forbid their children to eat too much or why do people tend to avoid sweets?


Because they can cause toothache, weight gain when we eat them in larger amounts.

If you had a dream where you are eating a lot of candy then this is a sign that you are doing something that you simply know that could harm you but you are doing it anyways because of the adrenaline and rush.

There are a lot of activities like this that are harmful but that bring pleasure.

Perhaps it can be connected with your sexual life, illegal activities,  seeing someone that is known for doing something bad, eating late at night , etc.

This dream is warning you that your actions will have severe  consequences at some point if you do not put your desires on hold and instead use your brain.

Dreaming about making candy- This kind of a dream where you are the creator of your own candy indicates on personal development and fortune.

This dream is a sign that you are focusing on starting something that will bring you some massive outcome.

Your idea will be profitable if you pursue it till the end, do not bow down to challenges that will be on your way instead resolve them fearlessly.

It is a great sign, you will be brave enough to use your full potential and your business is going to grow through time even more.

Dreaming about giving candy away- This dream can appear scary to those who don’t share their sweets.

If you had a dream about giving away candy to someone else or some kids, strangers, and possibly it is Halloween time in your dream then this means that you are capable of handling everything even in a massive crisis.

You are an extremely dependable person so everyone trusts you with their problems, they know that you will do it the right way.

Whatever happens you remain calm and you instantly think about solutions to that problem without worries about what could go wrong.

You possess a great quality but be careful because if you are always available for others when they need you then they could start using you.

You do not have to be the one that is always there for everyone, and you certainly do not have to help others with their problems.

When you find solutions to someone’s issues and if it works out in a wrong way that person will blame you for everything and you just wanted to help.

So be smarter in that area too.

Dreaming about candy shop- If you had a dream where you are either entering in a candy shop or being already there then this is an indication on some big chances on your way.

You can literally choose between options and you are building your path to success..

But with success comes some great responsibility, also you have to be smart and cautious around people especially your colleagues.

Your happiness is not their happiness, some of them will try to ruin this opportunity for you and you have to be above those kind of people.

Focus only on yourself, people you love and your goals then you shall become unstoppable .

Dreaming about a candy jar- If you had a dream about a candy jar you see in candy stores or in movies then this dream can be a reflection of your views in your life.

If you truly love eating candy then this dream is not unusual.

But in most cases it has a meaning for the dreamer, it means that you are sacrificing certain things in order to build yourself a brighter future.

This could be toxic relationships, bad habits, bad decisions, etc.

Dreaming about candy jewellery- Candy jewellery is one of desirable gifts children love, having that candy necklace and looking like a cool kid is one special feeling.

But having a dream about candy jewellery could mean that you are too open about your dreams and that is annoying to the people around you because they know that you have a chance to succeed and they don’t .

This could cause jealousy or it could make a fool out of you.

When you are constantly talking about something especially your goals then you are saying that you will succeed but who can guarantee that?

If you fail at it everyone will know and that isn’t really that big of a deal but you are going to feel like the stupidest person in the world.

Keep everything private, your relationships, goals,  desires because then you will gain loses and wins in private.

Show them your results not your intentions.

Dreaming about mint candy- If you had a dream about a mint candy then this is an indication that your life is about to change and not in a negative way.

You are going to experience some great adventure and this means that you will probably meet new people that will change your mind-set completely.

Dreaming about candy chocolates- When dreaming about candy chocolates be aware that they are a sign of attraction and attention.

It is a sign that you will be the centre of someone’s attention or that someone will be sexually attracted to your or perhaps other way around.

Dreaming about fruity candy- Dreams about fruity candy are connected with joy and luck.

Perhaps you will win a lottery or find a new hobby that will fulfil you the right way.

Some opportunities will seem great but are going to end up being unhealthy for your mental and physical state of being so this dream where you are seeing or eating fruit is a reminder for you to think about your wellbeing because only you can truly take care of yourself.

Dreaming about a lollipop-  If you had a dream about eating, buying, seeing a lollipop this induces lush life.

You will live your dream life, and perhaps someone you didn’t even see as potential partner will prove you wrong.

People that were your enemies may surprise you with their changed behaviour towards you, they aren’t hating on you anymore.

Dreaming about candy corn – If you had a dream about candy corn then this dream means that you are suppressing your feelings and that is affecting your behaviour.

Perhaps you are not showing people you love that you care about them, you do but you are not doing anything to make them feel special to you.

So a dream like this is a sign for you to step up and do something special for the people you love.

Tell them you love them while they can still hear you and be loud and clear about your emotions, no one can read your mind so speak up.

If you think that a certain person is the love of your life then what are you waiting for go and get them, even if you are scared and even if you think that no one agrees with you, even if it is going to cause a chaotic situation speak up about how you feel and love with all of your heart.

Dreaming about cotton candy- A dream like this is an indication that you are living in the present and you are enjoying every second of it.

It means that you see al those little moments and elements that create our life, you enjoy tiny gestures and moments instead of looking for anger you look for happiness.

Dreaming about hard candy- A dream like this where you are eating hard candy means that you are speeding up your life.

Nothing good happens in a rush, being fast and furious won’t get you anywhere so slow down you are not late and you are not early wherever your path takes you it will take you at the right time so relax.