Hurricane – Dream Meaning and Biblical Symbolism

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Hurricane is a natural disaster that damages everything that is on its way, it is a force that cannot be sustained or stopped so most people naturally fear of hurricanes.

There are area in which hurricanes are common and there are areas where there never even was an appearance of a hurricane.

It is interesting, destruction that a hurricane can make is horrific and at the same time magnificent.

Appearance of a hurricane in a dream can be caused by your presence in a certain area that is known for hurricanes so your fear gets a form of a dream.

Biblical symbolism for a dream like this is indicating on your destructive decision-making which is causing uncontrollable chaos in your life.

Your actions are dictating your path and your way of living so dreams like this are a type of a warning sign for you to control your temper and discipline your mind.

If you don’t start paying attention to your behaviour then you will probably ruin your life at some point because no one can go through life acting recklessly destroying everything they touch.

But in a religious way this dream where you dream about hurricane that is technically wind you are in a way connecting with God and your inner being, you are becoming more of a spiritual person so it is changing your life in a positive way.

It is also a sign of supressed emotions, anger about something that happened before but it is still worrying you and making you mad.

Dreaming about a hurricane can be a sign of a potential risk or danger coming your way and you will have to face it the right way in order to avoid making even a bigger problem out of it.

This can be a sign of fear of the unknown, you are not a person that easily lets down their guard and trusts the natural flow you have a need to know what’s happening in order to relax.

Well this can be a sign that there will be a situation that will make you accept the changes and this life as it is not as you want it to be.

So you can dream about a hurricane that is coming towards your or a hurricane far away, perhaps it is destructive or it is avoiding to make damage to that part whatever the dream is you have to remember how it goes if you truly want to find your meaning.

Dreams like this are almost always a representation of your emotions and feelings, messy thoughts and unclear view that you need to fix.

But again this dream could only be a reflection of a hurricane that you have seen earlier that day on TV documentary.


The Most Common Dreams About A Hurricane

Dreaming about being caught in a hurricane-  If you had a dream like this where you are stuck and caught in a hurricane then this is a sign that your life will change.

Perhaps there will be a situation or a person that will force you to change your view and to improve your mind-set.

This will be unexpected even if you expect it, you will be a greater version of yourself if you let this situation form you.

It is also a sign that you are supressing your feeling and that makes you feel like you are stuck inside without being able to get it out of your system.

Dreaming about seeing a hurricane approaching you- If you had a dream like this where you are witnessing a hurricane coming your way then this is a sign that someone is making you look stupid without your realisation.

Perhaps your family member or a friend is throwing their problems on your back and they expect you to carry that around and fix it for them.

That is a toxic bond and you need to cut it off or to try and fix the situation with them.

Whatever it is that you are going to do remember that you have to respect yourself if you truly want others to respect you too, so if you keep on letting people do these things to you that start as small problems and then turn into huge situation later you will ruin yourself and your life.

Be careful with other people’s intentions and always be the one who is ahead of the game and not the one with whom they control their game.

Dreaming about you suffering from a hurricane- If you had a dream like this where you are a victim of a hurricane then this means that someone from your past will come back into your life.

A person that you even forgot about is coming back or you are going to accidentally bump into them in some cafe or a bar and it will bring you back some great adventures with them but this meeting won’t be as good as those happy times.

This will have some negative effects on you and your mind, anxiety will fill you and perhaps it will cause a panic attack.

Reason behind their arrival is probably going to be venomous and you should run away from a person that has that kind of intentions.

Dreaming about looking for a safe spot during a hurricane- If you had a dream where you are searching for a shelter in order to protect yourself from a hurricane nearby then this dream indicates that you are a rational person who uses logic while solving problems.

Perhaps you are a surgeon,  a firefighter or police officer because you have an ability to think in some catastrophic situations.

You remain collected and you find solutions from problems that are happening at that moment.

Dreaming about being inside of a hurricane- If you had a dream about you actually being inside of a hurricane then this dream means that you will find a new lover.

Your relationship with that person will be based on sexual tension or perhaps you will make something more serious of this relationship.

You will have a great time and it will be a relaxed bond where you are going to enjoy and be happy.

Dreaming about being far away from a hurricane- If in a dream you are seeing a hurricane far away from your place then this is not a good sign for you.

It indicates that something bad will happen that is going to hurt you a lot, perhaps a breakup, betrayal, someone ruining your chances using your insecurities and that comes from a person that you love.

There could be a lot of situations that are hurtful and hard for you.

Maybe there will be illness in your family or some kind of an accident that will change you.

Perhaps you will go through a certain trauma that will shake you and you will have to heal yourself after that for a long time.

If you are in a long distance relationship perhaps you are missing that person too much so this dream is a way of your emotions showing you how strong they actually are.

You feel like you are so close but still too far.

Dreaming about being stuck in the same place without being able to move during a hurricane-  If you had a dream about being stuck during a hurricane, you are frozen in a place then this means that you will fall into pieces very soon.

It indicates on a nervous breakdown because of the things that have happened in your past, and now a certain small problem is a trigger for you to fall apart.

You have been holding everything inside of you for so long that you forgot about possible consequences of that.

So now you are a ticking time bomb, you have to get yourself together again piece by piece build yourself throughout pain and sorrow.

Remember that after every storm sun rises and everything becomes bright again.

Be patient and be kind to yourself.

That is the main message from this dream, be more selfish and take care of yourself the right way.

Dreaming about dying during a hurricane- If you had a dream like this where the main cause of your death is a hurricane then this dream is a very bad sign for the dreamer.

It indicates on possible health issues yours or from someone in your close circle.

It represents bad days, a bad period that of course won’t last forever, but you need to be strong during these dark time in order to see the light again.

There is no saying what the ending result will be perhaps this is just a dream that appeared because you watch too much action movies but you should be careful and cautious.

You never know what the future holds so always at least try to be prepared, you can’t predict what is going to happen in ten minutes so how could you know what can happen in a year.

Dreaming about hurricane destroying your home- A dream like this is a sign of ending of a chapter so the new one can start.

If in a dream a hurricane is destroying your home then this means that you are saying goodbye to your old place and that you intend on starting somewhere else.

You are planning on starting a new life with new people, perhaps you and your lover are willing to take the next step and move in together.

Or you are getting a huge chance to do a job you have dreamed about and that will bring you new experiences.