Dream of Ladder – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes, in our dreams, we travel through very specific places that convey not so specific sensations.

But the interpretation of dreams comes to give us a hand to unravel any meaning of our dreams that may be useful in our life.

Dream of Ladder – Meaning

And the fact is that there is a lot of information that can be extracted from a dream according to its meaning.

Meanings that can be warning, admonitions, calls for attention, warning of danger or premonitions. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming of a wooden ladder?

Dreaming of a ladder generally implies a major life change. A change that can be affective, family, work, economic or personal development.

But, in any case, a change, which will be positive or negative depending on whether in your dream you are going down or up the ladder.

Because if you dream that you climb a ladder, without difficulty, safely and feeling happy, it means that your life in general is going to go through a period of full satisfaction.

If the staircase is a spiral staircase, the dream speaks of a job promotion worked and expected, while if it is a ladder, promotion at work will come by surprise.

It is the escalators that appear in your dreams that have a meaning more related to your personality.

Climbing ladder speaks of the need to transform all your vital schemes. While downloading them, it is a warning that you lack some inner reflection.

This meaning of positive change that dreaming of a ladder has, takes on more negative overtones if what you dream of is going down the ladder.

If going up the ladder implies success, logically, going down it implies failure, but also loss of money, prestige and even love.

Worse meaning has to dream that you fall down some stairs, because it is interpreted as a warning that you are going to be betrayed.

Thus, you can take it as an imminent misfortune or as a warning that implies the possibility of protecting yourself against your enemies.

Observe what happens in the dream because it will give you clues as to where you should direct your gaze in real life.


It is also very frequent that dream with stairs where you neither go up nor down, but are sitting on them.

This dream does not mean that you have stagnated, that you are paralyzed, but that you have settled peacefully in a comfortable, calm and happy life. So calm down, enjoy the rest and don’t be in a hurry to climb the ladder.

Biblical meaning where we see ourselves going up or down stairs are very frequent, as they symbolize our aspirations, expectations, desires, concerns and fears when facing new companies.

Stairs in dreams symbolize the processes of our life, be it professional, social or sentimental.

The shape of the staircase in the dream will also be very helpful when interpreting it. If it is a fixed ladder, it indicates that the successes or failures that occur in our projects will mark our lives.

If it is a ladder, it is a sign that the events and results of our projects will only cause temporary happiness or sadness.

Dreams where we see ourselves on a spiral staircase refer to some cycles in our life. It can also symbolize the repetition of mistakes.

Frequently, its appearance in dreams is accompanied by uncertainty and fear, so it can be interpreted as the need to abandon some projects that do not deserve our efforts.

Dreaming that we are climbing a ladder indicates that we will succeed in the projects we are working on. In other words, thanks to our own efforts we will achieve business success. The fact of uploading them heralds a promising future.

Lowering them is a warning not to lose the effort with which we have worked. Of course, the interpretations of this dream can be varied, due to the material of the staircase, its location, color and dimension.

Dream of Ladder – Symbolism

Dreaming of seeing yourself descending stairs in a prudent way usually symbolizes the descent into the unconscious to get to know yourself better and look for new strength to face difficulties.

Dreaming of seeing yourself climbing stairs can symbolize patience and perseverance, the security of achieving success with a firm step, little by little and with established foundations.

According to Freud, going up and down stairs continuously, especially if done quickly, has a clear sexual symbolism. The rise represents the erection of the penis, and the fall, the opposite.

If you wake up with a pleasant sensation, there is no doubt that the dream had an erotic symbolism.

If one sees oneself in a dream climbing without safety on a well-built ladder, it means that decisions have already been made to face difficulties of any kind and will be carried out decisively. It is a positive dream.

Sometimes the ladder is also related to a physical ailment. That is why those who suffer from some type of pain in the back area may have dreams of stairs that reflect this condition. They can also warn of an upcoming ailment.

When a woman dreams that she climbs a ladder but begins the descent before having reached the end of it, she usually indicates dissatisfaction on a sexual level, difficulties in reaching fullness in sex or a lack of erotic rapport with the partner.

Also, climbing a ladder together with other people who greet or with whom the dreamer seems to feel comfortable and happy, heralds progress in the professional and social sphere, as well as improvements and economic advantages.

The dreams in which the dreamer sees himself falling down some stairs usually warn of the danger of losing the position, job or business in which he is immersed.

In case it is a woman who has this dream, it may be announcing the danger of a stumble or emotional or sexual disappointment.

Nor is it strange to dream that one is chased by beasts and monsters, from which one escapes by climbing a ladder.

In these types of dreams, these creatures represent the sexual instincts of the dreamer, excessively impulsive and passionate.

Thus, escaping through a ladder indicates that the sleeper possesses the necessary strength not to be dominated by these instincts.

In buildings, going up is not the same as going down stairs. It takes the body more time and work to go uphill, so popular wisdom takes climbing the steps as an analogy to success: the path to the top or the goal is not easy, but if effort is used we will arrive sooner or later.

Something similar happens in the dream world when we dream of stairs; its interpretation will depend on whether we go up or down, although its meaning is deeper. The stairs symbolize changes and transformations, according to the site Euroresidentes.

When in the dream we go up the stairs it is a premonition of a total change in life, but with success and luck; On the contrary, if you perceive that you drop, it announces losses of money, bad luck and probable fights with the partner.

But not all stairs are the same. If you dream that you climb a spiral staircase it means that success will come, although gradually; in these cases, you have to be patient.

If you dreamed that you are climbing a ladder, it means that an excellent opportunity will be presented to you that you should not miss because it promises many benefits.

One of the most common dreams that stairs are involved in is when we feel like we are falling through them. In this case, it means that we are probably the victims of envy or betrayal, so we will have to analyze the behavior of the people around us.

If you dream of a wide, beautiful or very luxurious staircase it is a good omen. It means that a stage is approaching in which money will be earned and merits will be recognized.

When you dream that you sit on the stairs it means that there will be a promotion at work or in your social and financial scale, which, you will really enjoy in your life.

Many people will think that it is silly to want to know the meaning of dreaming of stairs, and they will say that they do not have the slightest importance.

They are wrong because all these people have not realized the secret of the stairs and how necessary they are in our lives: you have to climb them safely and steadily, step by step, without slipping and trying not to crash and most importantly; without leaving people behind.

We use them daily, and not only to go up but also to go down from different floors, different heights, different floors…

What happens is that we see it as something normal and every day and that is why we believe that they are superfluous and unnecessary. I said, we do not give importance to them!! Dreaming of stairs meaning

The world of stairs is infinite, there are different types and for many tastes: normal stairs, spiral staircases, escalators, stairways, simple steps, with handrails, very inclined … and, if you stop to think, you will realize that there are many stairs, very beautiful and very famous.


In real life, the staircase is the means that allows access to other levels, which facilitates the ascent or descent to other floors.

Thus, the ladder of dreams can indicate an ascent towards the higher, to the most noble and recognized, to the maximum intellectual or personality development, while they can also mean a descent into basements, hidden and dark rooms that can be related to the more hidden parts of the personality, more harmful, perverse and primitive.