Clouds – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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In a dream sense, clouds are never perceived as just a meteorological phenomenon. It’s a motif with a powerful spiritual aspect to them.

A cloud is a symbol of our conscience, a goal yet to be achieved in our waking life. Clouds are associated with the firmest spiritual beliefs, with specific ‘laws’ that rule our behavior.

They are not that common symbol to appear in dreams, but they generally carry interesting meanings when they are the central motif.

In a theological symbolism, clouds are a symbol for God that is invisible, for heaven, and God’s realm.

Another aspect views clouds as a vital sign in dreams, but the meaning typically depends on their color.

Sometimes clouds indicate disagreements with other people or inner peace. The cloud represents your inner peace, as well as the core of your spiritual being. Everything you see happening in the dream is related to your inner self.

If you want to find the true meaning of your clouds related dream, you should consider all its aspects and your overall sense of the dream.

Try to remember how did you feel in this vision? That will reveal your current situation regarding your spiritual being and your peace.

Often dreaming of clouds happens when you need to have better faith in yourself and life itself. If you’re troubled with anxiety, then it is not weird that this dream occurred to you.

Clouds in a dream often indicate deep-rooted fears, as well as hopes and desires that lie deep within.

Signs, symbols, and dream meaning

If clouds appeared in your dream, they occurred to bring you messages of faith and hope, finding clarity and possible changes ahead. Sometimes they indicate feeling confused, and sometimes, they represent your goals. Clouds in dreams usually mean you’re trying to reach your goals but aren’t really succeeding as you wish you did. This is the moment where you have to ask yourself, is your goal even realistic?

Clouds can also signify the lack of groundedness in your everyday life. If you have raging emotions and mood swings, this dream could suggest that you need to work on those issues.

Sometimes it’s a sign that you’re having certain activities in your life that you use to escape your responsibilities and obligations. Hence the clouds in your dream could carry a message for you: get back to reality.

Black clouds in a dream

Like the ones appearing before a big storm, big black clouds sign a possible ‘storm,’ a conflict with someone. It signifies worsening of relations with the people from your environment, which will happen because you don’t want to take suggestions or well-intentioned advice.


Could you be distancing yourself from others because you genuinely fear that people don’t wish you well or don’t understand you?

Know that the solution is not to withdraw yourself. This dream could be a message for you to open up a little.

Seeing black storm clouds also indicates strong emotions you have about a specific person or situation. You should proceed with caution, and if you’ve ever done someone wrong, make amends before you suffer an act of revenge.

If you also saw rain pouring down from the clouds, that could be a sign of your spirit feeling pressured by life.

White clouds in a dream

Small, white clouds in a dream are a good sign because they symbolize peace of mind. You are right where you need to be and feel good about it. Cherish that feeling and don’t let anything or anyone ruin it.

Puffy white clouds generally symbolize enlightenment and spirituality. They could also signify your ability for optimism, even in the most challenging situations of life.

These clouds also signify achieving awakening and denote your patience and truthfulness to yourself.

Dreaming of a white cloud could also indicate the achievement of your goals and desires.

Flying among the clouds in a dream is a common motif. If you also had this one, it reflects your desire for a romantic relationship or a wish to travel to a pleasant destination with the people closest to you.

Flying above clouds in a plane indicates that you are currently looking for new ways to maintain your peace of mind.

Gray clouds in a dream

Gray clouds appear in our dreams typically when we feel anxious in our waking life. It also happens when one is feeling overshadowed by something. Clouds like that warn you about the concerning things you plan to do in the near future.

If you had this dream, it’s your subconscious revealing that you don’t really feel entirely okay about your plans.

Deep down, you are aware that you should think things through really carefully before embarking on this path.

Rolling clouds in a dream

This dream clearly depicts you being lost in your ideas and feelings. You are walking the path without clear direction. To see clouds move really fast in a dream may indicate that you, too, are moving too fast in your reality.

It could also signify significant events or opportunities quickly coming into your life. If you’re not focused, the could slip right through your fingers.

In many cases, clouds symbolize the closest and beloved friends, but also the loads of problems you’re carrying and wish to share with someone.

Deciphering dreams about clouds

Clouds in a dream can also tell a little something about your character. Many dream analysts say that the cloud as the central motif shows your naivety. You don’t necessarily want to get rid of that trait because it gives you peace of mind.

A dream where you are carelessly flying through the clouds reveals your readiness to assist others without asking for anything in return. And you love to keep it that way, which is one of the most valuable virtues that makes you different from others.

This dream’s alternative meaning is that you will leave a happy, emotionally peaceful, and balanced life.

But, if you were sitting on a cloud carelessly, it could be a sign that you wish to be somewhere else or that you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself.

Suppose there were numerous clouds in your dream, of different shapes and sizes, form, and color. In that case, that could mean that you crave to restore meaningful relationships with certain people but are also aware that that is not always possible. To stay in peace is to accept that fact.

A motif that appears pretty often is seeing clouds blocking sunlight, suddenly making the sky darker. This is not a good sign because it indicates possible manipulations and fraudulent behavior in your real life.

Those could block your progress and eventually prolong your success. This dream could be a warning to mind potentially questionable transactions.

Low-laying, sinister clouds

If you observed menacing clouds, low-lying accompanied by a rumbling sound, that is not a good sign.

It could indicate growing tensions in your family; those should be resolved soon to prevent a significant conflict. This dream is a suggestion; think about where the roots of the problem lie and your role.

The dream in which you are trying to reach the clouds is not a good sign. It signifies failure in reaching your goals because of many obstacles you could encounter.

But, there could be a bright side to this dream. You could also look at it as a sign that you should look at other approach or route for removing them.

This could mean revising your whole plan, but it could change the course of your life.

A cloud is also a symbol of life itself and the salvation that follows finding inner peace and balance. In some cases, clouds dream symbolizes prudence, wisdom, knowledge, and sophistication in reasoning.

It means that you are spiritually so high that no one and nothing can harm your peace. If you have come to that point, it’s not likely you will let that accomplishment go.

The message of the clouds dream

In deciphering the true meaning of a dream, there are several things you have to take into account. In this case, consider all the details about your cloud dream. Was there rain, what color were the clouds?

What was your overall sense of the dream? If the sky was gray, that could signify concern about specific difficulties you are dealing with in your reality at the moment. There could be something undesirable, making your emotions turbulent. If there was a fierce wind, this could signify an attack from an enemy.

In the majority of cases, however, clouds in a dream carry positive symbolism. They represent your peaceful state of mind, content with your current life circumstances and spiritual awakening.

As far as your life goals are concerned, think about what things clouds could represent in your case. That way, you can decipher what it will take to reach them.

Beautiful, fluffy, and whitish clouds suggest that you’re genuinely focused on beautiful things in life. You also plan to maintain the path that will allow you to stay on a course that will make you happy and content.

Cloud symbolism suggests the rebirth of ideas and power to change your life course. What’s even better, you are aware that you have to have knowledge and wisdom for such a task. This mission will bring you joy because you are ready to acquire those positive traits.