Dream of Falling off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you ever dreamt about falling off a cliff, that was indeed a memorable experience to have in the sleeping state.

Falling off a cliff is one of the most exciting motives in dreams, and there are numerous ways in which those can be interpreted. People dream about heights, the fear of heights, about falling off a high peak.

Dreams with altitude-related motives indicate both good and bad experiences. Sometimes these dreams can be frightening, but high peaks are usually related to achieving victories in real life.

Height in dreams symbolizes making serious decisions but can also indicate potential mistakes.

To interpret the dream correctly, it is crucial to remember as many details as possible. Depending on details and feelings during the dream, anyone can find this peculiar dream’s true meaning.

Some dreams are related to particular stages in your life, and sometimes they are messages from your subconscious. These dreams tend to get more bizarre you get older.

A dream about falling off a cliff is common among adult people, and there are several reasons for that.

To successfully interpret the dream you had, the best way to do it is to take into account all the facts in it and your current position in life.

Meaning of the dream

If you felt scared of heights in your dream, that can mean a lot of things. But, when there are no other interesting details about the dream, this could mean that you are expecting an important event in your waking life.

Because of it, you have numerous fears; this dream is a projection of those.

Sometimes this dream is your subconscious’s way of telling you what you are overwhelmed with problems in your life, and you don’t currently see the solution.

Falling off a cliff

If you fell off a cliff in a dream, that indicates that you will embark upon some changes and new challenges.

There are some life-changing decisions to be made, and you probably won’t be going back to your previous way of life.

The feelings you felt are fundamental in determining the true meaning of this dream.


Standing on the cliff looking down

Suppose you dreamt about standing on the edge of a cliff and looking down. In that case, you can expect to gain some information about an essential issue in your life.

If you are looking for a way to make specific changes in your life, know that those will happen, but not so soon.

Sometimes these dreams come as a message of the subconscious that you often think about it but think that this is still not the right time to act upon it. You keep on postponing this thing to an indefinite moment in the future.

Looking up from the cliff’s bottom

The dream where you are looking up while standing at the cliff’s bottom is also an important one.

This indicates unreachable goals you have, but since you had the dream, it’s also clear that you are aware that their desires are beyond your reach at this moment.

Sometimes this dream is an indication that you wish to achieve some meaningful goals but are unsure how to do it or which actions to take.

Falling off a cliff can mean either good and bad things

If you saw yourself falling off a cliff in your dream, take it as a warning; this is usually a bad sign because it indicates challenges and obstacles you’re facing. The bad part is that you realize that you won’t get past them. This dream is often a sign of failure of plans and goals.

It’s important to know that there is a difference between a dream in which you fall off a cliff by accident and the one where you intentionally jump off it, fully aware of your actions.

In the first scenario, this dream can be interpreted as your feelings of losing control in a particular situation. Maybe you feel like there is nothing more that you can do at this point.

On the other hand, it’s a projection of your awareness of the challenges you’re going to experience. Maybe you’re unsure that you will overcome them and know that it’s time to take action and perhaps even take some more significant risks to succeed and reach your goals.

Sometimes the dream about falling off a cliff is an indication that you should think more before making significant decisions and actions. Maybe you are rushing into things that could jeopardize your future, and perhaps even your life.

Think hard about your actions’ potential consequences before you take the next step, or you could end up losing control over critical areas of your life.

Suppose you’ve recently been involved in some illegal activities that could harm your life. In that case, it’s not unusual to dream about this motive.

Different scenarios

Cliff dreams can hold a variety of meanings. There are several reoccurring dreams about falling off a cliff. Most people dream about this at least once in their life.

Falling off a cliff

This dream signifies that you have to mind your approach to problems. Sometimes it’s an indication of a failure in life. If you also saw an ocean or a sea in your cliff dream, you could soon encounter some difficult times in your life.

Sometimes cliffs are related to strength and vitality of life. If you were walking beside a cliff in your dream, it’s a sign of your inner strength. But if you felt worried in the dream, prepare for possible worrying times soon.

Somebody you know falls off a cliff

If you saw somebody you know fall off a cliff, that is a sign of harmony in life. A figure standing on a cliff is a sign that you will get advice from someone soon.

Diving off a cliff into water

This dream is a positive sign. Spiritually, cliffs represent reaching an adequate level of understanding your life.

Alternatively, this dream is also associated with the feeling of being stuck and frustrated with your position in life.

Dreaming about being blown from a cliff

This dream symbolizes potential risks with a particular business idea. If you flew off a cliff like a bird, this dream is a symbol of your freedom of emotion.

Death in dreams is connected to transformation. So, if you fell off a cliff and died in your dream, or you ended up seriously injured, this is a sign that you will soon experience transformation.

A dream about white cliffs

White cliffs in a dream symbolize purity and peace.

Dream about driving over a cliff within a car

This scenario suggests that your feelings about life and the way you think are going to change. The mere drive indicates a turn for the better, moving forward and reaching your goals.

Someone accidentally falling off a cliff

This dream might indicate that difficult times are awaiting you in the future, but you know about them. But, you are afraid of the possible outcomes.

Whatever they may be, you also know that you will have to go through these challenges, even though you don’t see how it will result.

Grabbing the cliff while falling

You grabbed the cliff to save your life; it sounds positive, right? Well, it’s actually not a good sign. If you did this, it’s an indication of much-needed stability in your life that is out of balance at the moment.

If you feel like you need to be more grounded, this dream is a warning that you should not ignore that feeling.

Seeing a cliffhanger

If you dreamt about seeing a cliffhanger dangerously falling off, this is also a bad sign; it indicated financial difficulties or a loss you’re going to experience soon. Sometimes these dreams mean someone else not having your best interests at heart.

A friend pushing you off a cliff

This dream could be your subconscious way of warning you about a person that is not really your true friend. This is probably you admitting that to yourself since you’re not ready to do it in your waking life yet.

Falling off a cliff and drowning

Water is a symbol of emotions within, so drowning in a dream is not a good sign. It is an indication of depression and emotional distress you’re soon going to go through or are currently experiencing.

The symbolism of a dream

When it comes to the symbolism of the motive falling off a cliff in dreams, it’s best to take the feelings you have in the dream into careful consideration. If you fell off a cliff, but remember enjoying that feeling in the dream, this is a sign that you are ready for anything that may come your way.

You tend to stay calm and comfortable in any given situation and are capable of enjoying beautiful, as well as challenging moments in life. You know it’s useless to worry about things you cannot change and that ups and downs are a normal part of life.

If you fell from a cliff in your dream but did not die, just lying on the ground, this dream is a symbol of surrender. There may be a severe blow in your life that will leave you different than you were before. You could lose your motivation, but you should keep one thing in mind; you cannot live in the past. You will eventually have to accept reality.

Sometimes such a dream symbolizes fear that someone from your surroundings is going to underestimate you in public. That someone could be a colleague from work; their actions could make you frustrated and nervous. You should not let that bother you a lot; there will always be malicious people and comments.

Hence, this dream does not have to be a bad sign; it’s good to find the strength to end things that don’t serve you or are bad for you. This is the best way to face your fear.s

Is this dream a reason to be worried?

This is a type of dream that you should think about and not just toss back into your subconscious first thing when you wake up. This dream usually comes to people who fear something terrible is going to happen. Sometimes it’s about an awful experience that you already had and cannot move on from.

Sometimes this dream is a warning of an accident or discomfort that will drain you mentally and physically. This will cause you to be more cautious, which will lead to benefits in the future.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff can also be an implication that you can progress in life. Your goal could get closer to you because of someones else’s failure, but you will not be guilty of that.

A cliff in a dream is a symbol of an idea, a goal you wish to achieve in your life. The fact that you can see it is an indication that you are near that goal.

But be careful; the feeling of fear is the crucial emotion to consider when interpreting this dream. In this case, the central symbolism is the fear that you won’t be able to maintain that success and that you will lose it. Not being able to keep up is frightening to most people.

Those kinds of dreams often serve as a metaphor for over-ambition, but also awareness of it.

What to do if you had this dream?

As already mentioned above, dreams about a high altitude, falling off a cliff, or looking down from it are widespread. In most cases, those scenarios are not very pleasant to dream about. Still, those dreams can hold either positive and negative symbolism.

Did you ever stand on top of a high cliff or maybe a roof? Did you fear falling down, although you were standing firmly on your two feet? It’s normal; there is always a fear of slipping, someone pushing us, or something pulling us down. Those are all widespread fears that often get translated into the world of dreams.

Sometimes those dreams are related to problems we’re dealing with. In some cases, they symbolize a sense of lesser value, not feeling worthy enough.

High altitudes in dreams are related to setting lofty goals for oneself. It indicates you striving for a sense of superiority without a justified basis for it. In this dream, high altitude is compensation for your shortcomings.

On the other hand, this dream can be interpreted as a sign of your high achievements in life. It symbolizes the fortune and success of your endeavors. You should not forget one crucial thing, though; all this prosperity could make you delusional, so remember to get down to earth from time to time.

Dreams that have to fall off a cliff as the primary motive can mean many things, from health problems to minor problems that you actually exaggerated.

Cliff dreams can also signify potential new opportunities coming your way. It’s essential to notice the details of the dream because they significantly affect the interpretation of it.

If you are standing on a cliff ledge, it’s an indication that great possibilities are coming soon.

If you felt optimistic about your dream, you can expect a new beginning or a new job on the horizon.

Cliffs are often connected to what you feel inside. So, if you felt terrified in your cliff dream, this could symbolize your inner thoughts about your abilities in life.

Cliffs in dreams are also associated with being in control, so if you had this dream, maybe you feel like you are out of control and need to gain more focus.