Cousin – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of a cousin is a type of dream that refers to the family of the dreamer or dreamer.

This reference can point to the past, to childhood, when the family is usually more present in the life of most people, or also to the present, indicating events, good or bad, that are about to occur.

In many cases it is a warning for the dreamer to pay more attention to her family or resolve existing conflicts within the family.

Cousin – Dream Meaning

Cousins ​​are relatives who in many cases become siblings, and in others they are more than strangers.

Dreaming of cousins ​​is an omen for news or generally positive encounters. We also find in these dreams a strong component that has to do with family relationships. Let’s see some meanings of dreaming about cousins.

To interpret this dream we must take into account the closeness and affection we feel for the person or people we see in the dream. If we dream of a very dear cousin, it is because we will have a meeting that will cause us great happiness.

On the other hand, if the cousin is not very close, it is interpreted with the need to get closer to a person that we love but have ignored due to some dislike or misunderstanding

We are going to interpret the dream where we see a cousin who has already passed away.

In this case, as in dreams with dead relatives, this indicates that the person who is no longer there is missed or admired, if in the dream this person speaks to you, it is because there are issues that have not been resolved in the family environment.

On the other hand, if we have a dream with a dead cousin but he is currently alive, it is because we will have a concern for someone in our affective circle. Not necessarily the person who appears in the dream, it may be another relative or even a very dear friend.

Distant cousins ​​in dreams are an indication that positive news will come for us and our family. In this case, this good news has to do with success and prosperity for us or someone of our blood.

There are those who relate it to inheritances or legal issues that will be resolved.

In any case we must expect information either from a close person or someone close to us, cousins ​​are in the middle between brothers and best friends so they must be positive things.

When we see a sick first cousin in a dream, we must bear in mind that if we are currently going through a situation where we have a sick relative, this dream is a reflection of the feeling we have towards this person.

If we do not have sick close people this dream is an omen for family problems, generally due to poor communication, misunderstandings or lies that have been told.


It is important to try to clarify things to overcome these situations that can damage our peace of mind, perhaps we must take the first step to fix things.

This is a dream that indicates confusion, things at home or work are going to be upset or tangled, several situations will arrive to be resolved at the same time, the day is not enough to attend to each issue.

It is important although not easy to pause, organize priorities and begin to solve, perhaps you will need help from other people or teamwork to be able to fulfill everything pending.

Although for many people dreams about pregnancy have to do with fertility, several times we have explained that it is not the most frequent reason. In the event that we dream of a cousin in pregnancy, it augurs very important news.

Whether this news is good or not depends a lot on the feelings generated by the dream experience. It may be that options come for us or the family in the economic field, an investment, a change or something really important.

Finally, you must analyze your current family situation, if there is any type of difference or conflict, it is time to seek solutions, improving relationships with people is a requirement to be even happier if they are close cousins ​​or relatives.

Cousin – Dream Symbolism

But if in that fight you were one of those who beat, it means that your family is going through serious problems, so you must approach them again to help them.

These problems can be caused by old issues still unresolved, so it is necessary to place everything on clean plates, in order to achieve rapprochement and help each other.

If this is the case, the dream usually works as a warning against the ego that, out of pride, prevents people from sitting down to solve their problems by talking.

This can be considered the opposite of seeing your cousin and being ignored by him.

That is to say, it shows that now you manage to accept all your aspects well, that you know yourself in a comprehensive way and love yourself, which is a very important achievement in your life.

Probably because of this, another meaning associated with this dream is that someone with whom you will live a very special relationship is going to arrive, different from all the ones you have had until now, because you are much more emotionally mature. Enjoy!

This dream can also mean that you would like to relive a moment like the ones you have lived in those times, which could indicate that you need more affection and hospitality, someone to talk to, forget a little about your busy routine to relax and live better , enjoy a little more of your life.

But to better understand what our mind wants to convey to us through dreams, we must do a memory exercise and try to remember some more precise details of our dream, since the interpretation depends on the context.

Below, we have compiled the most repeated dreams together with their respective interpretation. Keep reading.

The cousin in this dream symbolizes an aspect that you do not know about your personality and that, therefore, you need to know. Calm! It is not necessarily a negative thing; it could be, for example, that you have an ability that you completely ignore.

Actually, its meaning is much broader than that: you need to invest more in self-knowledge, to achieve full acceptance. It might be interesting to consider going to therapy.

The objective of someone who loves is to live in harmony with his loved ones.

Therefore, if there is love in your family, it will be easier to resolve conflicts, even those that have existed for a long time.

Contrary to what it seems, it is not good: hugging relatives often indicates misunderstandings or illnesses in the family.

Another important meaning is that you must take care of the relationship with the cousin with whom you were arguing, it would be better if you were still able to solve your problems and live in peace.

It has the same meaning of lack of self-knowledge as dreaming that you see your cousin.

Prepare yourself for moments of great turbulence in your life, which will make you lose your cool and cause you anguish. Even if it’s difficult, analyze those moments to learn from negative experiences.

First, try to avoid “it was his fault” thoughts, because if you are the one who has taken the initiative to phone in the dream, your subconscious is telling you otherwise.

It is very likely that you did something without thinking about the consequences, hurting other people. For that reason, and as much as your ego hurts, put yourself in the other person’s place to


It symbolizes that you are very upset with something or someone in the present moment, or even that you think that your life is meaningless, that it is totally wrong.

First, admit discouragement, it is normal for this to happen.

Next, check to see if any new learning or strength has come with all this to move on – if not, you have a problem.

But, in doing so, try not to let yourself be contaminated by the pessimism in which you are immersed. It is very likely that here you also need therapy.

Interestingly, however, this dream can also have a positive meaning: if it is repeated many times, it is a sign of a pregnancy in the family.