Death Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

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Generally dreams have an added value in our life and more because human beings always want to generate an explanation for what they do not know.

Today, we will talk to you about what dreaming about moths comes to represent. It is not something too positive, but we must pay attention to it.

Generally, symbolisms scare us when they appear in dreams. But, stay calm and analyze all the information that we will give you.

The first thing you must understand, that if you are in a situation of some kind, and your mind is focused on that, you may dream of those things.

For example, if during the day the moths have given you a headache, it is very likely that you dream about it and it has no other explanation than to coincide with the functioning of your brain.

Now, generally, dreaming of moths, an animal or microorganism that is responsible for destroying everything that is made of wood, is closely related to both human losses and those that have to do with the material.

Death Moth – Meaning

In the West, the butterfly is a positive symbol of beauty and lightness.

Many contemporary artists, with various techniques, limit themselves to reproducing the motifs that appear on the wings, the multicolored patterns formed by tiny and very delicate scales resting on a membrane that should never be touched with the fingers.

This insect is considered a symbol of femininity and for this reason it is customary to define a pretty little girl as a butterfly. In Mexico, on the other hand, the homosexual male is defined with the term mariposa, which in Spanish means butterfly.

Another symbolic aspect of the butterfly concerns the inconstancy in love.

The man who easily changes his partner, in fact, is called a “butterfly”. This term, now obsolete, was very successful because it was proposed in a famous motif in Mozart’s opera “The Marriage of Figaro”.

There are numerous beliefs about butterflies. It is thought, for example, that they preach the weather and if in summer they come in large numbers to the windows of the houses, it means that the rain is coming.

In the Palestine, they believe that the color of the first butterflies can give us auspices for the agricultural year, while, in Sicily, the butterfly that enters the house brings health and wealth.

The Tuscan girls, seeing a butterfly, recited this rhyme: “Black butterfly luck leads me, white butterfly misfortune is not lacking”.

In Japan, however, two butterflies dancing in the air represent conjugal happiness, while in Anglo-Saxon countries, coming across a trio of butterflies in flight or sitting on the same flower brings misfortune.


There is also the belief that, in order to get a nice new dress in the same color as the butterfly, it was necessary to grab it and bite off its head.

Some people feel disgust for Lepidoptera and this feeling can be explained by the fact that they are still insects, beings very far from us humans in the evolutionary scale.

In Great Britain you have to kill the first butterfly you meet in spring, while in Ireland children were told not to kill the butterfly because it could have been the returned grandfather.

Another aspect of the butterfly symbolism is based on metamorphosis.

The butterfly that comes out of the cocoon, in fact, represents the resurrection, immortality, of the soul.

For the Greeks and Romans, the butterfly was the soul of the deceased who came out with his last breath and, in the Greek language, psyche meant both soul and butterfly.

Psyche, in fact, is a character from Greek mythology represented as a little girl who has butterfly wings. The benandanti and the Friulian sorcerers went to the nocturnal gatherings in the form of a mouse, fly or butterfly.

There was also the belief that a body left without a soul should not be moved because the butterfly-soul, upon its return, would not have been able to find its way and the individual would never wake up.

Elves, tiny fairy beings from English tales, were often depicted with butterfly wings. Butterflies are of two types. There are diurnal and nocturnal ones, also called moths.

The latter have a negative symbolism in many parts of Europe, because it is believed that they are the souls of the dead or the damned. In our peasant culture it is considered a terrible thing to see muart’s Pavee, the Acherontia Atropos also called “Death’s head sphinx”.

It is a moth that can reach a wingspan of almost 15 cm and is capable of emitting a hiss. She must be driven out of the house, but she must not be killed. In the French countryside this moth was considered harmless during the day, but capable of biting children to death at night.

A few kilometers north of Udine is Bordano, the village of butterflies, which rises on the slopes of Mount S a Simeone, where the habitat is particularly favorable for the development of lepidoptera. About 100 species of diurnal butterflies and 550 species of nocturnal butterflies have been identified in the area.

If you ask a tattoo artist, they are likely to tell you moth tattoos share most of the meanings of butterfly tattoos, which we talked about not too long ago, and which basically have a similar symbolism to the protagonists of our focus today. .

The moth tattoos have become more and more popular, thanks to the possibility of being able to constitute an easy business card for one’s creativity and personality.

And although, evidently, each of us decides to portray a moth tattoo on our skin with a clear meaning and a different purpose, there is no doubt that all tattoos with this animal have a similar symbolism.

Spiritually speaking, for example, it is not wrong to say that moths mean so many things, such as change, a new beginning and a new life, sensitivity and faith. Let’s find out more!

Death Moth – Symbolism

Now that I’ve told you, I’ll also explain the meaning: acherontia comes from Acheron, and the Acheron, according to many books for adults, is a long river of fire that flows underground and leads straight to hell! Atropos instead comes from Atropos, who according to other books for adults is a Moira, that is a kind of goddess who has great power over human life.

According to the ancient Greeks, the Moirae were three sisters who had the task of giving life to men, and then taking it from them. Life was seen as a more or less long thread: one sister started it, the other wrapped it around the spindle, the third – Atropos – cut it. By cutting the thread, Atropos gave death to men!

But what do all these infernal and deadly images have to do with this great night butterfly? Take a good look at it: on its back, at the point where its large wings meet, there is a small spot … What shape does it have? The shape of a skull: amazing!

This particular is the cause of the bad reputation of the butterfly. Many think that that skull is a symbol of evil, and that if that butterfly flies into the house it can bring bad luck or even wars and pestilences!

Apart from this characteristic, which makes it a unique animal in the world, of this butterfly that lives in Africa, but also in Europe, I can tell you that its colors are yellow and black, just like those of bees. But be careful!

The death’s head sphinx and bees are sworn enemies. Think: the death’s head sphinx has a food that she likes most of all, and do you know what it is? But honey, of course! So, in the night the sphinx tries to sneak in like a thief and tries to steal all the honey it can.

Sometimes it happens that you eat so much that you die of indigestion, other times, however, our moth is blocked right in front of the hive entrance by an army of angry bees, who sting it with their poisonous stings and try to kill it in this way.

Sometimes they make it, sometimes they don’t, because the death’s head sphinx has a hairy body and often its hairs are a barrier against venom. If it does not die and manages to enter the hive, the butterfly activates its superpower and … makes itself invisible!!!

In addition to honey, the death’s head sphinx also loves flowers: jasmine, potatoes, tobacco, carnations…

We said that the death’s head sphinx also lives in Europe, occasionally in spring and summer, we can also see it in our countryside.

When it starts to get hot, in fact, like many other species with wings, the death’s head sphinx emigrates flying from Africa to northern countries. Not only Italy, but Iceland too! It is capable of flying for many kilometers, a bit like the monarch butterfly.

Sphinx-head-of-death-6 When they are born, its young are not butterflies, but first of the larvae and then of the big green caterpillars. In about a month, these caterpillars completely transform, develop wings and change color. It is a very interesting process called metamorphosis.

I’ll tell you one last thing about this wonderful insect: the death’s head sphinx is the only butterfly in the world capable of producing a cry with its pharynx. In fact, both the caterpillar and the adult, when disturbed or feel threatened, emit a fairly loud sound, similar to a squeak or screech of a mouse. How scary!

Dreaming of moths or moths that produce moths suggests that there will be small health problems, bad business or some difficulties and family or friendly misunderstandings, all of it inconsequential.

Dreams in which we are surrounded by moths indicate that we will not pay attention to some monetary risks that would seem not to bring major inconveniences, but their recurrence could make us lose the financial stability we have today.

Moths in dreams also refer to the changes and renewal of our interior, and the result of this transformation will be reflected in the emotions that are generated in the dream, whether positive or negative, as well as in real life.

To dream that we kill a moth is a sign that we often have a hard time leaving the past behind, which prevents us from evolving spiritually. It is necessary to forget the ideas of a reconciliation with a love from the past.

In case of dreaming that moths are spoiling our clothes, it will be an announcement of unforeseen financial events that will put our finances at risk.


While it is true that each person will give the interpretation of it or there are more important things in the dream, the moth can go unnoticed.

But, generally, dreaming of this annoying insect ends up being a sign that you will have not very pleasant news in a short time.

Although we have already talked about what this type of dream means, we know that contexts make a dream pleasant or turn into a nightmare.

Therefore, we ask you not to stop looking at the following cases that easily fit with dreaming of moths:

Dreams with moths are interpreted as those things that you have long in your life and cannot understand or solve in a short time.