Dreams About Falling in Love – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you long to fall in love or are already in love, then it is easily explained why you dream of falling in love.

In dreams, everything is possible, so it is also possible to dream that you are in love with yourself, with a person of the same sex, with your couch … For example. All these dreams have some meaning.

Either they tell you about some events that you are not fully aware of, or they suggest something will happened in the future.

There are no coincidences in dreams. Every dream has a root and a reason.

Dreams of love and falling in love are often very pleasant, but sometimes they also bring some unpleasant feelings such as shame or guilt.

The Most Common Dreams About Falling in Love

Dreaming of being in love

If you dreamed that you fell in love, it can have two meanings.

The first is that you long for a soul mate and a feeling of passion. Maybe you’ve been alone for a long time or you’ve never been really in love.

In this case, your subconscious sends you a sense of what you long for to make up for your lack of it in reality. So, your subconscious mind reminds you of what you are missing. It guides you in the hope that it will help you find what you need.

The second meaning is prognostic and means that you will soon be a little disappointed in your partner or in the person you like.

Basically, whatever you don’t like about your partner, you should talk openly about it with him or her.

It is possible that you have misinterpreted something.

Dreaming of seeing a couple in love

This dream can also have two meanings, depending on whether your subconscious is telling you something or the dream is related to future events.

If you dreamed of being in love, it is possible that you are often seeing couples in love on the street and long to be in their place.


You may miss hugging, kissing, and holding hands.

You want to be in love and have someone fall in love with you.

If you really want to, it will surely happen one day. You must not close your heart to love. Love is the meaning of life.

Another meaning of this dream is that in the near future you may enter into some secret relationship even though you will know that it is not good for you.

It is possible that this secret connection will be revealed and you will hurt the people who love you. Think before you do something that is not socially acceptable.

Social norms of behavior are there for a good reason, not without a reason.

Dreaming of someone else falling in love

If you have dreamed of someone else falling in love, it means that you do not want to admit to yourself how much you long for true love.

It is possible that someone has hurt you in the past and now you are afraid that you will be hurt again.

You should not be afraid of pain because the emptiness is much worse. Be open to courtship. You never know where the right person is waiting for you to make you happy.

This dream can also mean that you have given up on love and that you no longer hope for happiness in two. However, life is a miracle so your love happiness will happen when you least expect it as it is the case mostly with those who were disappointed in love.

Dreaming of people in love 

If you had a dream about two lovers, that means you will soon have a romantic relationship, but it will be somehow forbidden. You will have a strong desire towards someone you shouldn’t be with, however, you will try everything to get to them and to be with them.

Love is a strong emotion. It leads people to do things they have never imagine they will, and can sometimes be fatal. You need to know the boundaries and to respect other people. Don’t always look at yourself and your needs, try to understand others and their point of view. If you can’t always have what you want, you should accept that.

Another meaning of this dream is that you already have someone you have strong feelings for you, but it doesn’t seem like that person has the same feelings for you. You should move on and find someone who will pay attention to you and give you the love you deserve.

Also, it could be that you are secretly jealous of someone who has a perfect relationship. But don’t worry, at least you know what you are looking for.

Dreaming of falling in love

If you were falling in love with someone in your dream, it may mean that you have suppressed feelings for someone in your past. Maybe you can’t get over them and they always keep coming back to your mind. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you are still in love with someone from the past.

Another representation of this dream is that you need a partner and you want to express your potential to love. It is not easy to find someone who will please your criteria, however, you should give people chance.

A different connotation of this dream is that you will soon be disappointed by someone’s action. You don’t expect that to happen so it will be a shocking thing for you. Try to stay away from people like that and always look at things from a positive perspective.

Dreaming of others falling in love

When you see other people fall in love in your dream, it means that you will give up on love. You are tired of the constant sadness you feel and you don’t want to be alone anymore, but people always seem to let you down. You have lost hope that you will find your true love after so many breakups.

Maybe it seems like everyone else is happy, married, or in strong relationships and that is what makes you even sadder. You think you will never have something like that and you don’t want to stay alone forever. Try to believe in love and don’t push anything. Good things are worth waiting for.

Dreaming of falling in love with a friend

If you had a dream about falling for a close friend, but that friend doesn’t have a crush on you, it means that you will misunderstand someone’s actions towards you. They will be nice and polite, but you will think that they are trying to win your heart. Sometimes people are just polite, so don’t confuse that with seduction.

However, if you had a dream and both of you were in love with each other, it means that things between your friend and you aren’t really clear. Although you say that you are just friends, there is something bigger between you, but you don’t want to admit it. Try to talk with him/her and don’t let it stay unsaid.

Dreaming of falling in love with an enemy

You know what they say, people who often fight with each other are most likely to end up together. That is especially with kids who constantly try to mess with each other in order to get attention. Maybe that is exactly what you are trying to do – start a fight just to see if there is a reaction. You have hidden feelings for someone you are not in a really good relationship, however, everyone around you is telling you that you have a crush on that person.

Stop pushing yourself and convincing others that you are emotionless. Try to make a positive connection with your “enemy“, and don’t push that person away.

Also, maybe you are attracted to bad guys/girls. That is your type and you can’t resist them. However, you always end up hurt.

People that play hard to get are the ones who interest you the most. You like playing games and you like people who are not easy to win.

Falling in love at first sight

If you had a dream where you fell in love at the first sight, it may mean that you are easily getting attached to someone. You are always the first to show affection and love, and you always somehow end up hurt because of that.

You are not afraid of commitment and you never feel like you are too open or too sensitive. You have a healthy way of thinking and you never suppress your feelings. Honesty is extremely important and you should keep it that way.

On the other hand, maybe you are feeling lonely and now you have a desire to meet someone new. You have to get out of your box and meet new people. Love will not just knock on your door and say hi, you have to get out and search for it.

Feeling love towards your partner 

There is nothing strange or new to this dream, it is absolutely normal that you love your partner, however, there are some interpretations of this dream which are not so obvious.

Firstly, if you had a dream in which you felt desire and love towards your real partner it may mean that they are not giving you enough attention. You should think about whether they are making you happy the way you are making them happy. If you feel like you are left out, that is the reason you had this dream.

Secondly, if your partner appears to be much better in your dream than in reality, it means that you are trying to look at his/her positive sides.

However, no matter how hard you try to look at your partner’s positive sides, you can’t stay blind to negative ones. You should stop imagining them in a brighter light and start telling them what bothers you.

Sometimes we don’t like reality and that is why we make scenarios in our heads that make us feel better. But, you shouldn’t just dream about your partner is better.

Dreaming of being in love with a stranger 

If you are currently taken, but still had a dream about loving someone you don’t know, it means that your feelings toward your partner are shutting down. You don’t receive enough attention from your chosen one and that is what makes you dream about someone else.

On the other hand, if you are a loner and you didn’t have a partner in a long time, this dream indicates that you are in search of a perfect partner who will make you happy. You can’t stand loneliness anymore and you want someone to fill the void.

Dreaming of falling in love with a celebrity

This dream is telling you that you want a partner who is successful and has a good career. You don’t want a person without ambitions and motivation to do something. You think that you deserve someone who will stay side by side with you but will also be independent.

It is not a need, it is a choice to be with someone. You want a partner who can make a choice and not be with you because of your financial state.

Dreaming of falling in love with someone of the same sex 

This dream doesn’t have to suggest that you are homosexual, it rather tells you that you want to try out new things and you are bored in your current relationship.

Maybe your partner doesn’t want to be included in events you organize with friends because it is too much for them.

You are an adventurous person who likes to experiment and you need someone who will support that. You can’t stay in one place for a long period and you like exploring the world which is the reason many people like you.