Darkness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Darkness. Even the word can be a little scary. That is entirely normal; lack of light is a situation that makes people alert and frightened. As humans, we are vulnerable to what our eyes cannot see.

Dreaming about darkness can be a little scary, but the darkness itself doesn’t have to carry negative symbolism.

If the darkness was the critical element in your dream, you should take several things into consideration to understand it and successfully find true meaning.

Think about your feelings and overall sense of the dream, and also details of it. What were the circumstances when darkness occurred?

Did it descend suddenly or fell upon you as you attempted to finish a task? Were you alone or not? Did you feel frightened or peaceful? Those are all details that will help you decipher the dream.

A warning of challenging times

In ancient times, darkness was revered and seen as a mystery. Typically it was viewed as a warning of challenging times to come.

In art, literature, and music, darkness has always been the symbol of the unconscious. Sigmund Freud stated: “The unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.”

Dreams are a window to our internal issues tucked away in the deep, dark parts of your mind. Everyone has them. What you will do with it, it’s your choice. The duality of life shows that there is no light without darkness.

A call to awareness

However, darkness doesn’t have to have neither positive nor negative meaning. Depending on the circumstances mentioned above, dreaming about darkness can have different meanings, but there is some symbolism.

Ultimately, the darkness in dreams should be seen as a call to awareness, a gift from the unconscious. The path to enlightenment always means stepping out of the darkness and into the light.

Darkness is quite a common occurrence in dreams. It usually represents the failure to connect with your inner self or any spiritual endeavor. Darkness typically mirrors your beliefs, symbolizing unfamiliarity, the unknown, and the obscure.

Darkness per se isn’t necessarily linked to a lack of light. It actually signifies hurt and a sad soul. People that lost a connection to the shared nature of things tend to dream about thick, impenetrable darkness.

Ancient Persians believed that darkness in a dream signifies physical and moral pain and sometimes a severe illness.

Dreaming about absolute darkness

If you had a dream in which you experienced complete darkness, take it as a message to mind your actions. Distance yourself from your beliefs to find what you’re searching for.


Darkness appearing in dreams might be an omen of a long and painful illness.

Seeing yourself in the darkness signifies difficulties ahead of you that you will have to confront.

However, if you manage to turn on the light in the dream, it’s a sign that you will successfully overcome challenges on your path.

Darkness also represents the fear of the unknown and of problems that you could encounter. Sometimes this dream suggests that the dreamer isn’t sure about which direction to take.

Searching for the way out of the dark

Trying to find your way in the dark indicates possible depression because of change, fear, insecurity, hidden dangers, and unfamiliarity.

Darkness in the dream basically symbolizes the darkness of your subconscious mind. In this sense, it represents turmoil and anxiety.

Solar/lunar eclipse

A dream about the solar or lunar eclipse, sudden darkness, is a bad omen. It indicates that someone you know could fall ill of an incurable disease or have an accident.

Dream of being lost in the darkness

Being lost in the darkness suggests that you should be careful; there might be some problems in the near future. This dream reveals feelings of despair, depression, and uncertainty.

But, you can expect positive things if you managed to escape the darkness in your dream. Coming into the light symbolizes escaping dangers. Sometimes it signifies a successful romantic life.

Dreaming about darkness coming over you

Darkness coming over you in a dream signifies failure in the professional sense. It can also represent ignorance, irresponsibility, wickedness, death, and fear of the unknown. But, if the light or Sun rises from that darkness, it’s a sign that you will overcome these failures.

How did you feel in your dream? If you felt safe in the dark, this dream is probably a suggestion; you like not knowing about certain things in life. Your mantra could be “ignorance is bliss.”

Seeing a person in a dark

Seeing a person in the dark suggests that you should keep your calm in a potential conflict. If it’s unclear who the person in the dark is, this dream signifies a fear that will come to the surface.

If you were groped in the darkness, that dream probably means that you have every piece of information you need to make a decision, but you should investigate some more. Don’t make hasty decisions.

Killing someone in the dark

To kill someone in the dark suggests that you are courageous enough to confront any dangers of confusing times in your real life.

Looking for someone in the dark

To dream about searching for someone in the darkness suggests that you have quite the temperament. You should try to keep it under control. Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you to the extent of losing common sense.

Staying in the darkness

Staying in the darkness indicates dangers on your path, but you will overcome whatever comes your way if you go out of it.

A dream about the darkness in a cave represents sorrow. If you dreamt about the darkness in a tunnel, that could suggest that your spiritual beliefs and capabilities will be put to the test.

Driving in the dark with someone

The darkness, in this sense, symbolizes unresolved issues and an uncertain future. You have some plans and goals but are not really sure how to go about them.

The positive thing about this dream scenario is that you will not be alone while figuring out your next steps in these uncertain times.

Unresolved issues related to this dream could be bad memories of your own failures. You should acknowledge them and accept them; that is the path to enlightenment.

A dream about losing someone in the darkness

This dream indicates your angriness towards another person. This someone could seriously infuriate you, but you will have to keep your composure to prevent things from going out of hand. Do your best not to become enraged by this person.

Dreaming about walking in the darkness

This dream signifies the return of something that was lost or misplaced. This is a thing that you were searching for quite some time. It seemed like it vanished, but this dream suggests that it will find its way back to you somehow.

A dream about walking through the forest in the dark

This dream is considered to be a bad sign, more of a warning. It reflects the distress you feel about some unresolved issues in your life. There are problems that you don’t know how to respond to or how to solve.

Walking through a forest in a dream usually signifies unease, anxiety, stress, worry, generally a bad period of life. Unfavorable circumstances that are coming your way could negatively influence you for a while.

Seeing the Sun during the night

To dream of a sun rising through the darkness is an incredibly positive omen. That also goes for seeing the moon and the Sun in the sky at the same time.

Typically, this dream indicates a romantic encounter with a person that could become the love of your life.

Finding light in the darkness

This is an excellent dream because it signifies the achievement of your goals. And not only that; this dream is an indication that things are going to turn out better than you expected.

If you continue the work you’ve been doing, results will come, as well as success.

Dream about darkness during lousy weather

To dream about the darkness in bad weather signifies an upcoming embarrassment that will probably turn into anxiety. This demeaning position, however, should not last too long. That’s why you should not allow this passing discomfort to affect every aspect of your life.

Being unafraid of the darkness

This dream suggests that people around you are willing to lend you a hand if you need it. If you refuse that help, you could experience some adverse effects in your life.

There is nothing wrong or embarrassing in accepting helo now and then. The assistance you are given comes from honest people, and you should appreciate the effort.

A dream of being afraid of darkness

If you felt frightened of the dark in your dream, this could symbolize your avoidant nature regarding specific issues in your life.

This dream suggests that you’ve been neglecting some problems in your waking life. Be careful; overlooking challenges can become really problematic in the long run. Face the obstacles on your path, one by one.

Dreaming about walking through the darkness with a torch

If you particular expectations of yourself, and set goals, this dream signifies some form of progress in achieving those. This dream indicates that you are slowly but surely, reaching your set targets.

Basically, this dream is a sign that you’re heading in the right direction.

Dreaming about trying to light the darkness

This dream scenario reflects your effort toward solving several problems in your real life. The fact you’re trying to find solutions to issues in your life is positive.

Challenges are demanding, but they are forcing you to find a way out and progress.

Exiting darkness and coming to a lit spot

This dream represents people close to you, concerned because of the challenges you’re facing currently.

Those people genuinely care and worry about you, so you should accept their help. Maybe you could come up with potential solutions together.

A dream about a lit candle in the darkness

This dream indicates the presence of higher power in your life, and it is watching over you without you realizing it.

This dream carries a positive message. You can be at ease because you are protected and safe.

Sometimes, this dream signifies that an influential person is watching out for you.