Dreams About Defecating – Meaning and Symbolism

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Believe it or not, dreams about pooping are relatively common for people. Dreaming about defecation, feces, or peeing is one of the most common dreams dream analysts encounter.

Number 2 is something people do every day, but that’s not really the reason behind pooping dreams.

Truth is, there are no absolute truth and definitive answers when deciphering symbols or actions in the dream world.

Dreams are usually multilayered, and when it comes to bathroom dreams, they are often related to vulnerability, control, and a need to let things go. Sometimes, dreams about feces signify financial gains.

You should not be surprised if you dreamt about making stools. Poop or feces are surprisingly common dream subjects, and they have relatively significant meanings.

According to dream analysts, dreams about feces are among the ten most common dream scenarios. They are often related to the materiality, finances, and social status of a dream.

Releasing the past, negativity, emotional baggage

Dreams about pooping are often about how we dispose or don’t dispose of, something psychologically challenging. It could be thoughts or memories, a ‘load of shit,’ a burden you are carrying around through life.

Emptying bowels is a symbol of getting rid of harmful and destructive thoughts, psychological burdens. Defecating in a dream is often a representation of getting rid of something that costs you a lot of energy.

One of the most common scenarios within lavatory dreams is needing to pee or poop but not find the bathroom or a suitable place to do it. The dreamer is usually in an unusual, public place.

Hence, this dream is typically accompanied by feelings of embarrassment, shame, and anxiety. This usually makes the dreamer feel exposed and vulnerable.

If you had such a dream, you should ask yourself several important questions; are your feelings in a dream familiar to you? And by that I mean, not the feeling of needing to pee, but more on the symbolic level.

Evaluate your current life situation and think about when and where you feel anxious, desperate for privacy, searching for a ‘suitable spot’?

Society, there was always a cloud of shame that hovers over people going to the bathroom in a public place, even though it’s an entirely normal physical human need.

From a young age, we are raised to believe that the natural behaviors of pooping, burping, farting, and peeing are gross and disgusting and that it needs to be hidden from others.

However, the metaphor of disposing of is common enough. Just think of the idioms ‘our shit,’ ‘being in our shit,’ ‘dealing with other people’s shit.’ Defecating is often a metaphor for feelings we have when caught in our own illusions, acting out, when we are burdened, stuck, lost, or confused.


The message of a poop dream is generally releasing negative emotions like anxiety and embarrassment.

As is defecating, that is a natural process needed for a clear mind and a healthy life. It’s a shame people attach to the process that makes us sometimes feel like we actually don’t have the place to let go of all of our ‘shit.’

On the other hand, if you felt released and relaxed in your pooping dream, that is a terrific sign. Going to the bathroom publicly, without anxiety and concern, provides a sense of empowerment. You should fully embrace that dream.

What is this dream trying to tell you?

If you’ve seen yourself defecating in a dream, this is a sign that you are ready to take a step into a new life and wipe everything lousy inside of you. It means cleaning the slate, keeping the past in the past, and throwing away all sorrows and guilt. You can overcome those by changing some habits of your lifestyle.

Defecating also represents getting rid of negative feelings, emotions, false hopes, and deeds. It signifies redefining your way of life and the way you deal with other people.

In some cases, pooping in a public place shows your selfishness and self-covertness about your work. And if you’ve seen others defecate on you in the dream, this indicates that you feel that you’re worthless to them.

Generally, defecating in a dream represents getting rid of all unwanted, bad, and dirty things you’ve encountered in your life so far. Those are the actions needed to make a fresh start; you have to wash away all the dirt, wipe your slate clean, and make a clean start.

Pooping in a dream is a metaphor for releasing past experiences, and taking consequences, either good or bad, as a base for a new start in your life. This dream is hence a message that you need to overcome your bad habits, negativity, sentiments, emotions, sorrows, and bad memories that are blocking you from making a fresh start, causing you to feel guilty and in pain.

Because feces are related to parts of us we deem disgusting, dreams about pooping often symbolize an inside portion of us we feel is dirty, impure, or gross.

If you have frequent defecating dreams, you should think about what you did that wasn’t very nice or hurt someone? If your pooping dream is reoccurring, you should try to figure out what is causing you to dream about that and try to mend your mistakes.

Dreaming about feces often represents your disgust about some parts of your personality, a character trait, like laziness, a weight problem, hypocrisy… In this sense, poop means something you dislike about yourself.

Dreams about pooping also symbolize the elimination of the unnecessary, toxic feelings you might have, the process of purging you currently experiencing.

These dreams sometimes signify an unhealthy relationship, the one you should get away from and move on.

To dream of not getting rid of feces on your clothes or not being able to flush it down the toilet indicates troubles with letting go of certain emotions that have been suffocating you for a while now.

Hence, if you had this dream, it’s a sign that the time has come to release your emotional baggage and move on with your life. Think about what it is in the life that serves you no purpose anymore, and remove it. If you don’t, you could suffer fairly unpleasant consequences.

Sometimes, pooping dreams are related to money and financial concerns, and fears. In some cases, feces in a dream represents other people’s mess you have been dealing with or problems getting worse because of your interference and reckless behavior.

Dreams about feces also happen to warn you about a situation that is getting worse because you have not been paying attention.

Meaning and interpretation of dreams about defecating

Dreaming about human feces

To dream about human feces usually represents a dilemma you have and that worries you. Maybe you are concerned about someone or something in your reality. In some cases, these dreams reveal your current inability to deal with an issue.

If the poop that appeared in your dreams is your own, this dream might reflect your jealousy of other people’s accomplishments or possessions.

Dreaming about a cow or horse poop

Dreams about manure, horse’s or cow’s, indicates a profit for your company or family business.

Dreaming about a dog poop

If you’ve seen dog feces in a dream, this could signify a problem that was caused by your lack of self-control. This dream might also indicate a situation you need to clear up.

Typically, dreams about dog feces signify getting yourself in bad conditions because of your reckless behavior.

Dreaming about a baby poop

To see a baby poop in a dream is considered to be a good sign. It indicates that your efforts will be paid off, and you will experience substantial financial gains for the hard work you are doing.

Sometimes, this dream signifies your desire to avoid specific responsibilities.

Dreaming about strange colored feces

Seeing feces of unusual color in a dream usually means a warning regarding some issues related to your business or household.

Dreaming about a pile of feces

To see a pile of poop in a dream is an excellent sign; it’s an indication of sudden wealth or profit. It could even be that your past investments are unexpectedly going to turn profitable.

Such a dream might also indicate a sudden increase in the value of your material possessions or earning more than expected. Sometimes, a pile of poop in a dream signifies an unexpected inheritance, wins a prize for something, or becomes more prominent/famous.

In some cases, to dream about a pile of feces signifies your satisfaction with the way your life is going and your current circumstances. It might also indicate progress and achieving your goals more quickly.

Dreaming about eating feces

Yuck, right? This unpleasant dream is certainly not a good sign. Eating feces indicates unwanted situations or problems you’re currently dealing with. A messy situation you’ve found yourself inside is challenging for you to accept.

This dream might also reveal a negative, pessimistic outlook on life in general. Are you full of negativity, always expecting the worst outcome? Precisely this attitude is what is keeping you from reaching your goals.

In some cases, the dream about eating feces reveals your low sense of self-esteem or narcissistic tendencies.

If you had this dream, take it as a message to enjoy life and appreciate everything you have.

Dreaming about eating your own feces

Eating your own poop in a dream might signify that you refuse to listen to what others have to say and turn down advice that could be very useful to you.

Dreaming about cleaning feces off your body

This disgusting scenario reveals that you might be feeling uncomfortable in some situations, potentially because you need to express your personal opinion about something you think is private. You are possibly worried that you would share this information with the people you don’t really trust.

Dreaming of picking up or stepping in animal feces

This dream indicates that you might help someone with advice to help that person overcome some financial difficulties.

Dreaming about cleaning feces

To dream about cleaning poop, either human or of an animal, generally has a positive meaning. It indicates hard work and effort to correct someone else’s mistake. You will be rewarded for this effort.

Dreaming about stepping on poop

This dream is an excellent sign because it indicates unexpected luck, a fortunate event. It will probably be related to your business endeavors or projects, which will significantly improve your financial situation.

Dreaming about feces in your mouth

Such a dream is a bad sign; it indicates possible illness soon. In some cases, it can signify dishonest gains, which will have negative consequences for you.

Dreaming about holding poop in your hand

Holding poop in your hand in a dream might indicate some problems in the near future, possibly related to legal or relationship issues. Sometimes this dream reveals feeling naive or dumb due to failed plans.

In some cases, this dream represents unease because doing something makes you feel uncomfortable at work. In this sense, this dream might mean assignments your find stupid but are forced to do.

Dreaming about throwing poop on someone

This dream is usually not a good sign; it indicates someone taking advantage of you in your waking life.

Dreaming about poop in your bed

To see poop on your sheets or under the covers is not a good sign. This dream indicates approaching troubles in your love life. These problems might come due to financial issues.

Dreaming about feces on a wall

This dream indicates obtaining something, possibly a large sum of money, due to someone’s negligence or carelessness.

Dreaming about a toilet overflowing with feces

A toilet full of poop is considered a bad sign to see in a dream. It usually indicates financial troubles or problems with people you don’t really want to mess with.

It is also possible that this dream indicates new problems emerging or an uncontrollable danger. It could also indicate a lack of control over a particular aspect of your life, an issue which you don’t know how to approach to.

Sometimes it just signifies that it’s time to get rid of some harmful, bad habits. Maybe you should take better care of yourself and your health. This is a dream that often comes during a period of stress and anxiety.

Dreaming about pooping in front of others

This dream is interesting to have; it actually indicates that you’re showing off your wealth to others. It might also suggest that someone is going to borrow money from you.

Dreaming about pooping in your pants

This is an uncomfortable dream to have, and it usually isn’t a good sign. It indicates particular bad, even disgusting habits you are hiding from others, usually related to money and financial losses.