Dreaming of Flies – Meaning and Symbolism

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Flies. As necessary as they are to the food cycle and balance of nature, nobody actually likes those annoying insects. Although they aren’t terrifying for most people, pop-culture sometimes made flies pretty frightening.

Take an American science fiction horror film from 1958, ‘The Fly’ by Kurt Neumann. If you have watched Geena Davis fall to pieces as Jeff Goldblum turns into a creepy human-sized insect, I’m sure it was horrifying to you as well.

If you didn’t happen to watch this movie before falling asleep, chances are your dream about flies holds a specific meaning.

Since flies are generally annoying creatures, if you have dreamt about them, it might mean that you have to deal with some minor irritations in the future.

Flies usually share something with you in your dreams; you just have to use knowledge about fly symbolism, which will list below, and consider the details, scenario, and overall sense of the dream.

In the movie ‘The Fly,’ the main character Goldblum turns from an average human to an anxious and jittery insect. Dreams about flies could indicate that you may feel nervous, unsettled, scared, or anxious in your reality.

Flies can carry various meanings

Dreams about flies do not have to carry bad meanings. Those insects are also associated with persistence, determination, strong will, and pursuit. If you have ever chased a fly, you certainly know how challenging this can be.

Flies may also represent a bothering or pestering person—someone with aggravating, nagging personality. If the fly in your dreams was bothering you, this is probably a message of it. You should be careful not to fall victim to someone aggravating, harassing you. Dreaming about flies could also be seen as a suggestion to lighten up on the nagging.

Sometimes, dreams about flies represent issues you’re postponing to deal with. On the other hand, flies could represent a company or visitors you don’t really want in your home.

Some idiom could be used to assess additional meanings for the flies appearing in your dreams.

“A shut mouth catches no flies”; this idiom aligned with a dream about flies suggests keeping quiet about something and not talk about it because that is the best solution to the actual situation.

Alternatively, if your fly dream had a significantly negative sense, the idiom “dropping like flies” could be a warning of potential health problems.

A dream could also be a ‘fly in the ointment warning; it suggests there might be people in your life that you need to worry about in your waking life.

The fly symbolism in different cultures

The symbolism of the fly in different cultures includes both positive and negative aspects. Depending on the dreamer’s current situation and feelings, those insects could symbolize a lurking danger or indicate gossip.

On the other hand, they can also represent the abundance in life.


Although people consider flies city and ‘corrupted,’ those persisting insects hold a potent symbolism. Spiritually, flies sometimes warn you to pay attention to anything that could potentially harm you.

Flies also represent malice, blame, or hate. It annoyingly flies around, obnoxiously buzzing until you manage to slap it. It’s rarely quickly done.

Another symbolic meaning of flies might be that you are spending too much time with a person that might have a harmful influence on you or your life.

However, these insects also hold positive symbolism; it’s related to flexibility, ability to adapt to thrive.

Fly is a symbol of motivation, for pushing forward no matter what, to achieve your goals and desires. Flies also symbolize wealth and abundance. No matter the harshness of the environment they find themselves inside of, they managed to triumph, feed, and reproduce.

For instance, fruit symbolism is closely associated with the ability to persevere, survive, transform, and rebirth.

The spiritual meaning of the gnat is perseverance, determination, and endurance.

It is also related to sharp vision and intuition. If your spirit animal is a gnat, it means that you are able to see every situation from different angles, which is a remarkable ability to have.

Spiritual meanings of flies


A fly in a dream can represent a sense of underlying anxiety of the dreamer. This dream is often with people who feel that something bad is about to happen and feel anxious about it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will.

Anxiety is often symbolized in dreams when there is a situation in your waking life that you are pushing to the back of your mind because it somehow scares you.


This emotion is commonly associated with flies, and it usually relates to everyday encounters with annoying people that irritate us. As you continue along the day, you push this irritation to the subconscious, so it’s not that weird to meet it again in the dream world.

The best way to get rid of the flies in your dream, meaning the irritating people in your life, is to address the problems. You don’t need unresolved issues distracting you.


Nobody is immune to this feeling, especially when it comes from something or someone standing on the way to our success.

Enormous obstacles also tend to trigger frustration; it’s a perfectly normal but intense emotion that often reflects in our dreams.


Flies also symbolize guilt that you have to address because it carries to heavyweight, even if you push it to the back of your mind. Guilt is associated with flies because the swarms can engulf a person and trigger incredibly unpleasant feelings.


Flies in dreams represent a person’s fear or anxiety that fears impending doom, a bad occurrence. Fear is strongly associated with flies because they swarm around rotten areas.

Fly as a spirit animal

As already mentioned, fly spirit meaning is perseverance, transformation, vision, adaptability. A gnat spiritual symbolism is related to rebirth and the ability to adapt and seething from different perspectives.

To dream about fly animal medicine is to be considered a warning that some things in your life will go through a process of change. But the good thing is that the fly as a spirit animal has appeared to help you find the cause of your pain and happiness.

If you or someone else is doing something harmful to you, something that makes you feel bad, a fly comes to help you. There is another valuable lesson it teaches you; it’s the lesson of humility.

You should try to find the balance between self-importance and modesty. The fly as a spirit guide comes when you have to be tough, despite feeling helpless. It appears when you need to stand up for yourself or your beliefs or when a new challenge is presented to you in life.

Sometimes flies come as messengers of heavenly forces that strive to teach you about humility or simply provide guidance.

If you dreamt about the fly medicine, it suggests using your sharp instincts, your ‘eyesight’ to see the path, and stick to it. You will get to your goals and reach success, whether it annoys some people or not.

Fly as a totem animal

This insect as a totem animal can increase one’s prosperity at limitless rates. These people have the determination to obtain what they need at the time they need it.

Such people act fast; they rarely miss opportunities. They are unique because they can see the beauty in the strangest of places.

On the negative side, fly spirit people should learn about humility. It’s not precisely lovely the be the kind of perfect survivor that uses anything to feed on.

Fly spirit people are also quick to think and act, move from an environment to another to reach their goals.

On the negative side, the fly totem also represents negative things such as gossip, lies, anything impure and dirty.

Fly symbolism in Christianity

Fly symbolism in Christianity is not so positive; it’s rather grim. Let’s just say that Satan is being known as theLord of the Flies’. In this sense, flies represent evil since their insects are basically parasites feeding on rotten flesh and carcass.

Flies are a usual appearance everywhere where it smells bad and is associated with impure and dirty everything.

Flies in the Bible are related to the presence of evil. Both the Old and New Testament depict numerous scenes of a swarm of flies tormenting people.

Flies were the instrument of God’s wrath towards Egyptians who refused to release the Israelites from slavery. God had sent a plague against Pharaoh and his people and livestock.

Hence, the spiritual meaning of flies in Christianity holds negative connotations.

Dreaming about flies

Dreams about flies are usually associated with unrest, difficulties, and doubt. If you had a dream about flies, it might indicate that something unpleasant is about to happen to you in your waking life.

Flies in dreams represent annoying people, or even unfriendly ones, trying to do you harm.

Sometimes, a dream about flies might suggest that you are neglecting someone or something important. It could also mean that you should let go of whatever you’re still grasping. Evaluate your current life situation and revise your plans if you have to. Maybe you should allow new things to enter your life.

If your dream of flies is reoccurring, that might be a warning of possibly losing someone or something important.

The prophetic meaning of flies in a dream could also be a sign of a death threat, but don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean the death of a person. It could be the death of a relationship, business, or a suggestion to let go of something and look into the future.

A dream of dead flies is a favorable omen; it indicates overcoming the most challenging obstacles on your path. A dead fly symbolizes the end of a confusing situation and signifies a more peaceful and tranquil time ahead.

Not getting rid of a fly is considered a bad omen, a warning of an unpleasant event in the near future.

A swarm of bad flies, as you have maybe guessed, also is a bad sign. These insects are seen as harbingers of disaster. Seeing a swarm of flies might suggest that it’s time to kill the harmful influences in your waking life.

According to the biblical meaning of swarming flies, they symbolize the dullness in your life, lack of development. If you have dreamt about a swarm of flies in a house, that could be considered a warning of chaos and confusing times ahead. These events will affect your family.

The swarm of flies in the house is typically related to bad omens. To see a sudden blow of flies in a house in your dreams means that something terrible is about to happen to you or your close people.

To dream about flies following you means that there is a stranger who wants to meet you.

Fly is a powerful animal that seeks to remind you of your wrongdoings and to guide you towards fixing your mistakes. The fly here carries a message; you reap what you sow. Actions come with consequences; you should acknowledge them and deal with them.

The totem of the fly medicine appears to warn you of challenges in your life happening at this moment. You should think fast and act quickly. Be ready to deal with unexpected obstacles.

Despite there are some terrible omens associated with flies, you don’t need to be too concerned. Although there are some changes ahead, the fly indicates that you will abundance, even in the dirty or forsaken places. Assuming you’re following fly’s guidance.

To see a fly power animal appearing in your dreams is a sign that you have to act on impulse, even if it’s different from your usual way of thinking.

If you see a fly on the wall, it is a sign that it’s better to just observe the situation for the moment. Take the time to diligently plan your actions.

Dream dictionary of dreams about flies

According to many dream dictionaries, the presence of flies typically symbolizes dirt, both physical or emotional. It also represents unrest and fertility, and sometimes, feeling of guilt or madness.

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s essential to inspect the dream’s context and think about how it implies your current personal situation. Can you remember how you felt during the dream or the sensations? Consider your feelings and personality, as well as emotions that these insects trigger in you generally.

Dreaming about flies sometimes comes as a warning against the risk of infection in reality. It is also referenced to physical and psychological teasing. Hence, flies appear in the dreams of nervous people reasonably often.

Being bitten by a fly

You should watch your back; you could be surrounded by potential enemies. Watch out for the people who might want to take revenge on you, or merely the ones who enjoy harming others.

A dream about small flies

This dream is also related to enemies, but they are weak and generally insignificant in this case. You should not worry about them or even waste your time on protection from them.

Killing a fly

Killing a fly in your dream symbolizes unrest or a feeling of guilt. If you happen to kill a fly in your dream, it’s an indication that you will overcome obstacles on your way.

Squashing a fly

Killing a fly by squashing it is a good sign; your dealing with envious and toxic people who wish to harm you will be successful for you. You will win.

A dream about big dead flies

This dream holds positive meaning, even though big dead flies’ image is not a pleasant one to see. This dream indicates that you will overcome even the most significant obstacles on your path, and you will reach success – on a personal and professional level.

Flies in your house

This dream might reflect some concerns you have about your household situation. It could be related to financial troubles or worries about a specific member of your family.

Flies in your food

Ugh, this is a disgusting one. Seeing a fly on your plate is terrible, considering all the awful and dirty places they’ve been to.

Dreaming about flies in your food, or maybe even your lips and mouth represents an arising concern in your mind. Some disturbing circumstances are bothering you, and you aren’t really sure how to set them aside.

Dreaming about green flies

Flies are usually black, so seeing them green colored in a dream is quite impressive. Typically, green flies are related to economic problems, troubles associated with money.

If you have dreamt about green flies, maybe you should check your account to reduce additional expenses. To dream about being bitten by flies indicates even more severe problems.

Flies on a carcass

This dream could be related to the inheritance of a dead relative or the death of a person you still haven’t settled a score with.

Swallowing a fly

Although unpleasant, this disgusting dream is an excellent sign. The fly in this dream symbolizes fortune or chance.

Swallowing a fly in a dream is an indication that you will gain profit and better your financial situation.