Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Mother. No person is more important to humans than the woman who carried them for nine months below her heart, birth them, fed them, loved them. Mother is like a god in her children’s eyes, the most crucial person in the world.

In all societies in all civilizations, the mother symbolizes love, dedication, and commitment to their children. A mother is also the symbol of love for humanity, growth, birth, and re-birth.

The mother carries the symbolism of an unreserved support personality and the strength that never allows her child’s hurt or endangerment.

Mothers are lionesses; they will do anything for their children, protect them with all it takes, and give a maximum of their attention and tenderness. She will do whatever it takes and won’t let anyone stay in her way.

It’s not uncommon to dream about your mother, especially if you have conflicts with her, if you have spent some time with her the previous day, or if she is no longer among the living.

But, dreaming about mothers usually holds specific symbolism. As in life, mothers can have essential meanings in dreams.

When you dream about your mother, it may be related to your own relationship with your mother or how you feel about motherhood yourself. Sometimes it’s more symbolic of what a mother means for you in general.

What does a mother represent to you personally? Try and think about that, then reflect on how these attributes relevant in your everyday life.

Mothers are strongly associated with love, appreciation, responsibility, support, protection, sacrifice, control, resentment, guilt, or deep ambivalence.

To successfully decipher the meaning of your dream about Mother, you should evaluate your own relationship because those children-mother relationships are always unique and sometimes very challenging. It’s crucial to honestly examine your feelings.

Mother: The Archetype

The archetype of The Mother in dreams represents pure aspects of what it means to be “mother” or “to mother,” no matter your upbringing. These kinds of dreams could offer a deeply personal feeling and should not be neglected.

Mothers symbolize nurturing, intimacy, attentiveness, gentleness, kindness, commitment, and unconditional love. They often appear in dreams to guide and support the dreamer through challenging times.

The mother as a symbol can also heal troubled relationships by reconnecting to your noblest personality aspects. If the mother appeared in your dream, it might be to make you consider where in life you need to give and where to receive your own nurturing.

A mother can appear in a dream as a symbol of ‘The Great Mother. Think about what that means for you personally. Dream analysis state that this may be t the essence of creativity or even the ultimate “source.”

Your overall feelings about the dream are essential at this moment. If you feel that your dream is bout ‘The Mother’, you should take it as a powerful symbol of feminine divinity that holds the opportunity for profound personal growth or spiritual insight.


This dream might point out that you at the place of great creativity in your life, and you should use that force for the best.

Mothers in dreams could also symbolize or allude to ‘Mother Earth,’ the cradle of all life. Generally, any dream featuring a mother could be considered a representation of female creativity and nourishment, so you can create balance to neglected, repressed, or exploited areas of your life.

Since the dawn of time, in all of the world’s cultures, the mother symbolizes love, sacrifice, and unconditional love. The mother’s love cannot be compared with anything in this world.

Psychologists agree that Mother has deeply rooted meaning for people and that a lot can be found out about a person by watching their relationship with their mother.

If a mother appears as a symbol in your dream realm, you should not neglect this dream because it can reveal so much about you and what your subconscious has been hiding.

Mothers in dreams

People often dream about their mothers, especially if they lost them recently. Such events carry a mighty emotional charge and leave severe scars, so dreaming about a mother after she passes isn’t that unusual.

If that is not the case, your dream about your mother can reflect going through a critical life stage. It reveals that the dreamer requires validation after individual decisions important for personal growth.

The meaning of a dream about a mother

A mother is a dominant figure, so dreaming about her could be interpreted in many different ways. According to some dream analyses, dreaming about mothers implies absolute dependence and the desire to preserve the child within.

On the other hand, some interpreters say that this dream can have both positive and negative interpretations, depending on the particular scenario and current situation in reality. It’s also important to consider how the mother is seen and experienced in the dream.

People can have many different emotions and feelings about their mothers, depending on their relationship. But, what is always genuine and unique is the strength of those emotions.

If you have just seen your mother in a dream without making conversation, this dream implies that deep down, you are still pretty childlike and are still deeply connected to the woman who brought you into this world.

It could be that you still need your mother to make essential decisions in your life and that you seek her approval in anything you’re doing. That does not need to be negative, but it is an aspect of your personality that you should maybe work on.

A dream in which you are talking to your mother, who gives you advice and comforts you, indicates that you face some major and difficult challenges and need to make significant decisions. If you’re feeling a little weak and in doubt, then this dream is a pretty normal one to have.

The time ahead will throw some obstacles your way, and you will have to overcome them and deal with them with maturity.

The symbolism of mother dreams

Generally, the symbol of Mother as a central motive implies numerous positive associations, but in some cases, the dream’s connotation might sound reasonably disturbing.

To see a mother appearing in a dream is an indication that you will get some good news that will give you comfort and reassurance that you don’t need to worry about anything. If you doubt something about your life, and you’re worried, this dream is a message to relax because everything will be fine.

In this sense, this dream indicates favorable circumstances in all aspects of your life. But, some things along the way could become somewhat problematic.

It’s imperative to consider how you communicated with your mother in a dream if there was any communication. To dream about negative contact with your mother isn’t really a good sign. This dream implies that you will face making some difficult decisions, which will make you feel lonely and like the world is on your shoulders.

Sometimes those burdens are actually consequences of your evil behavior and reckless decisions.

Alternatively, this dream could imply that you have insulted and hurt someone important and dear to you. This dream reveals that you are repentant about that, and you should sincerely apologize and ask for forgiveness because you acted rudely.

According to many dream interpretations, a dream where a mother is a central motive often symbolizes sudden fortunate events and significant changes ahead. They indicate hearing some pleasant news that will make you happy and significantly impact your personal and professional situation.

You can expect some unfavorable circumstances in your reality if you dreamt about your mother being angry with you, refusing to speak.

Such a dream is a bad sign; it reveals your mother’s worry about you, her being sad about your choices, or significant troubles and losses in your reality. This could affect your, as well as close family members. Specifically, this dream indicates that someone will try to embarrass or endanger your family.

A disturbing dream to have is about a sick or sleeping mother. Such a vision is terrible news because it carries the connotation that she’s in danger and you’re worried because of her.

But, in reality, this dream is a positive one because it indicates that you have decided to make some positive changes. You are ready to get rid of some of your significant flaws and bad habits, which will make people close to you feel very proud of you.

To dream about a mother’s kiss is an excellent sign because it symbolizes the love others have for you. You are respected and love for your good deeds and the respect you have for others. This dream is a message that you are on the right path, and you should keep up the excellent work.

Dream meaning and symbolism

Eating with your mother

To dream about eating with your other is not a good sign because it indicates failing to make needed changes and important decisions instead of irrational ones that could jeopardize your future.

Being in your mother’s house

If you dreamed about being in your mother’s house, that dream signifies a lesson you should be learning from a situation you’re currently experiencing.

To be in your mother’s house signifies you are making some wrong decisions and moves and that you should do precisely the opposite of what you’re doing.

Your mother giving you advice

This dream is usually about your gut feeling telling you that you should do something a certain way.

If you are making some major life decisions, this dream reveals to you that you intuitively know which choices are the best to take.

Your mother being angry

Dreaming about an angry mother is not a good sign. This dream often happens to signify lousy luck or inevitable disappointments you could experience in the period ahead.

People who feel like they are continually experiencing setbacks and encountering obstacles tend to dream about their mother being angry.

In some cases, this dream indicates regrets due to some choices you made recently.

Making your mother feel angry and frustrated

If you have caused your mother frustration and made her angry in a dream, this is definitely not a good sign. This dream reveals making lousy choices or avoiding confronting some of the issues you have.

Your mother looking sinister

If a mother appeared in your dream looking evil and sinister, you could have guessed it’s not a good omen.

This dream indicates being fooled by your intuition, thus making mistakes and bad decisions. It’s actually a warning regarding future choices which you should make with more care. Think things through before you take action.

Sometimes this dream reveals frustration for always making wrong choices or a feeling that your luck has run out. This dream usually reflects the fear of making wrong moves which will bring horrible consequences.

Your mother feeling happy

To dream about your mother in a good mood and happy is, as you could’ve guessed, a very positive omen. This dream signifies fortunate outcomes of your projects and ideas and generally indicates good luck and fortune.

Sometimes this reveals your satisfaction over winning over your obstacles and successful overcoming of challenges thrown your way. You have probably intuitively avoided a bad situation, so you have a good reason to feel satisfied.

Killing your mother

This is an unpleasant dream to have. I mean, who would want to kill a mother?! This dream generally has a bad meaning; it is usually related to bad choices and missed opportunities.

It often signifies regret about some past decisions and choices. Sometimes this dream comes as a suggestion to accept the responsibility for some terrible decisions you made in the past.

Your mother being pregnant

To dream about your mother being pregnant is good; it indicates feeling happy and content about a specific life situation.

It also shows good luck following your endeavors and sometimes signifies new experiences or a new way of living.

Your mother driving you in a car

If you’ve had this dream, it might reveal that you feel you’re being dominated by your mother in your reality. Alternatively, it exposes your intention to take the dominant role in some situations.

A mother visiting you in your home

To dream about your mother’s visit is an excellent sing. This usually signifies the success of actions and projects. If you had this dream, you should know that now is the best moment to start your endeavors because they will succeed.

Your mother calling you

A call from your mother in a dream signifies potential setbacks and obstacles on your way. Sometimes, indicates abandonment of a person you consider very close. That person might end their relationship with you.

This dream might also be a sign of bad choices and mistakes you could make in the coming period.

Having a fight with your mother

Dream about fighting with your mother is not a good sign; it often announces a difficult phase of life, or an unfortunate event, such as accidents. Those will probably be your own fault.

Your mother crying

To see a mother cry in a dream signifies a bad period of your life, misfortune, or even ill-health. This dream often premonitions things changing for the worse, so it prepares you to be patient and persevere.

Sometimes, this dream indicates family conflicts and disagreements that could affect your family’s stability and relationships.

Your mother dying

As you could’ve guessed, this dream is usually a bad sign; it signifies loss of your sense of intuition and symbolizes terrible choices you’re making. This is your subconscious warning you to be more careful.

This dream is often a sign of big fears you need to resolve. Don’t avoid dealing with those.

Living with your Mother

To dream about living with your mother is a good sign because it indicates satisfaction and happiness. It also signifies the success of some of your current activities.