Squirrel – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Squirrels are adorable creatures, right? We rarely get the chance to see those cute rodents up close, which makes them even more enjoyable to get a look at.

Culturally, squirrels are generally beloved creatures.s In many different cultures worldwide, these adorable rodents are respected because of their hard-working habits and the ability to survive and thrive, no matter the conditions or obstacles.

In various cultures, squirrels’ meaning and symbolism are strongly associated with lightheartedness and pure fun. Their playful demeanor also has a relaxed and playful side but still a pragmatic look at life.

Throughout history, squirrels had different symbolic meanings depending on the culture and nation. But, their symbolism has always been positive, and it stayed that way until today.

The squirrel totem animal has always carried significant symbolism. It is a symbol of agility, action, balance, activity, resourcefulness, responsibility, caring for the future, preparedness, awareness, adaptability, gathering, energy, playfulness, life, planning, organization, joy, happiness, socializing…

Elementally, squirrels are solar creatures. In correspondence to that, they also symbolize life, zeal, passion, manifestation, and drive. It’s clearly seen that the squirrel carries favorable omens.

The squirrel as a spirit animal

The squirrel totem can have various meanings.


These animals are widely known for their responsibility, planning ahead, and preparedness for the future. They always prepare food and necessities needed for surviving harsh winter months, but they are always ready.

The squirrel totem teaches us about the need to be responsible and care for our obligations to avoid harmful consequences. If your spirit animal is a squirrel, you are a trustworthy and reliable person.

Planning and organization

Squirrels always plan ahead, teaching us the importance of organization in life. This dream should inspire you to plan ahead, always thinking about your future, goals, and what you need to do to achieve them.

To have a squirrel as a spirit animal means being a well-organized person, prone to plan the tiniest details to achieve success.

But, you should still maintain balance. Don’t go overboard with overly organizing and planning every detail so much that you forget to enjoy your life.

Resourcefulness and adaptability


Squirrels are adaptable and very resourceful animals. Their spirit gives you these gifts as well, so you can make something out of almost nothing.

If your spirit animal is a squirrel, it means that you can use your current resources to reach your goals. Since you are adaptable, you don’t need much to be satisfied.

Collecting or hoarding

You could be having a somewhat hoarding personality. Think about your possessions; are you collecting things that don’t really have use for you?

The squirrel totem reminds you to get rid of those things, as well as bad habits because those could make your future reasonably problematic.

Interestingly, the diligent squirrel only finds maybe ten percent of the nuts it hides in the wild. But, this food often turns into plants.


As totem animals, squirrels remind us to be more playful and don’t take life so seriously. That means releasing the stress you feel due to your obligations and responsibilities and taking some time to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and life itself.

This also means spending time with the people that make you feel happy and relaxed. To do that, you will maybe have to detach yourself from people that bring negativity into your life.

Squirrel as your totem animal

If your totem animal is a squirrel, you most likely have an entertaining and loving personality. You enjoy life to the fullest, but that does not mean that you aren’t organized and full of future plans.

The feeling of security is something that you love and need, so you put a lot of effort into securing yourself and your family. Providing for them is in your nature.

But, you could also be prone to hoarding, especially when it comes to food. If you’re often throwing away old food you haven’t eaten, it’s clear that this is a bad habit you should get rid of.

Having a very resourceful personality, you are adaptable, knowing how to get where you want and get what you want in life. You are rarely in a position where you don’t possess everything you need.

Preparedness is a significant trait of your personality.

You are good at balancing private and professional life, but if you happen to overload yourself with tasks, a squirrel is there to remind you to ease up and relax a little.

Maybe you like to do many things at once, but squirrel as a spirit animal teaches you to take one step at a time, focusing on one thing until you finish it.

This totem animal reveals your curious nature and intelligence, as well as interest in many areas. It also shows that you have close relations to the spirit realms and developed inner guidance that you listen to when making important decisions or choices in life.

The squirrel symbolizes your adventurous spirit and desire to travel and explore the world. It also reveals your sociable nature; people enjoy your company because you enjoy helping others and selflessly take care of your people.

Dreaming about squirrels

Dreaming about squirrels is not very often. Squirrels in dreams might indicate a hoarding aspect of your personality, whether you’re collecting past hurt feelings or things you no longer have use of.

If you had this dream, maybe it’s a message to start letting things go and move on with your life.

Squirrels can carry very positive meanings in dreams. For example, they indicate a windfall of abundance coming your way. If you have been working hard, you could soon be rewarded for your efforts.

Alternatively, a squirrel in a dream could signify that your business project, or a relationship, is going nowhere and that you should start looking for other options or solutions.

Since squirrels represent resourcefulness, dreaming about them could signify that you are able to create something out of nothing or find the good in the most unexpected of places.

If a squirrel has visited you in the dream world, it might be to remind you to have some fun and take life a little bit less severe. If you have been all work and no play, the squirrel is here to teach you about balance. Rest helps you work more successfully.

Sometimes, a squirrel appears in a dream to remind you of some important tasks you’re neglecting. Are your bills paid, domestic matters in order? Maybe it’s about your retirement; did you ensure you are ready for anything that the future brings?

Squirrels also appear when it’s time to get rid of negative people in your life or worries you don’t need to think about.

Sometimes things just aren’t in your control, and you should not stress about it anymore. If someone or something is causing you unnecessary stress, remove them from your life.

Dreaming about a squirrel hoarding nuts indicates abundance in the future, as well as your desire to share it with others. Helping others is your thing, and you take comfort in hard work.

Negative omens

On the negative side, a squirrel appearing in your dreams might indicate a loveless relationship or a business failure.

In this sense, you could take this dream as a message to stop pursuing things that won’t result in success.

A squirrel in a dream could also indicate you are hoarding something you are not able to let go of. If that is the case, ask for help from your close people. It is certainly time to let go of the past, hurt, and embrace your new life and support of the people who care for you.

Positive omens

This adorable and resourceful animal is there to remind you that there is nothing that can truly stop you from reaching your goals because you are already prepared for the worst. Because you are so good at balancing your life, you have an innate ability to get so many things done but enjoy your life while doing it.

As we’ve already seen, squirrels represent playfulness, preparedness, fun, abundance, storage, treasure hunting, but also lightness, the ability to completely surrender to destiny and life and on the task on hand. It actually means staying positive, always finding new resources and solutions.

Sometimes, a squirrel in a dream represents lightness, superficial or trivial concern. When you see a squirrel in a dream, it’s a sign that you will have to work hard and put effort, but it will pay off immensely.

Different scenarios

Dreaming of watching a squirrel eat signifies joy in the household, but capturing it could indicate danger.

Dreaming of a squirrel chasing other squirrels, or jumping up and down a tree, signifies that you have to make some investment and plan for the future. It means that you should probably save money for rainy days.

If you dreamt about killing a squirrel, it could mean that you aren’t a friendly person and people don’t really like you.

But, if you have seen many squirrels in a dream, that means that you will soon meet some new friends and have a friendly, fun gathering. Seeing many squirrels also indicates successful investments and a period of abundance, and business progress.

If you have been working on a project that seems unsuccessful, this dream is a message; be persistent because you will reap the rewards.

A dream about a squirrel on a tree

If you dream about a squirrel on a tree, this is a sign of good luck coming your way. This dream indicates that your life is going to go according to your plans and desires. What you have planned will result in success.

Since this period is gonna be fortunate and fruitful for you, make sure to improve your life areas that potentially require some work.

A dream about a dead squirrel

If you have dreamt about a dead squirrel, you should prepare yourself for potential financial loss. This could be a consequence of your lousy management of finances. This crisis won’t be quickly resolved.

A dream about a lot of squirrels

Many squirrels in a dream represent a business you are currently a part of. It could be that you are just now realizing that it was a mistake working with certain people.

This dream indicates that things aren’t exactly going to the plan you formed, and you could experience severe losses.

A dream about a squirrel running to a tree

This dream represents the goals you have set for yourself and the desires you wish to achieve. It could either be related to your personal or professional life.

However, you are ready to put in the work and effort to succeed in your endeavors.


To see these adorable, quirky, intelligent creatures in your dream is generally a really positive sign. It shows your enthusiastic nature, your willingness to prepare and overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Squirrels as spirit animals represent your positive attitude, the power to always land on your feet.

A squirrel’s appearance in a dream typically signifies abundance, whether of money, resources, or ideas. It foretells a bright and safe future, a rich life where you will share your gifts with others.