Dream of Sweeping Floor – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sweeping the floors of our households are one of the chores we have to do reasonably often. Cleaning in dreams has no negative meaning; it actually provides a good aspect for your future.

Sweeping with a broom in your dream suggests that you are currently clearing away behaviors and concepts that no longer suit you.

Idioms such as ‘making a clean sweep,’ ‘sweeping something under the carpet,’ or ‘sweeping somebody off their feet’ relate to that meaning.

Think about your current life circumstances in order to successfully decipher your sweeping dream. The true meaning always lies behind the details, feelings, and overall sense of the dream.

Sweeping dreams generally carry positive meanings

To dream about sweeping indicates a quick improvement regarding your financial situation. In this sense, this dream is really positive.

Sweeping floors in a dream often indicates new beginnings in your professional life. This dream also suggests that your life was complicated until now, but things are soon going to change for the better.

Sometimes people dream about sweeping the floor with a broom when there are some untrustworthy friends in their lives. They are people that behave like friends but actually have a negative opinion of you. You should stay away from them.

To use a new broom in a dream signifies that you will be lucky if you remain abstinent. Old broom predicts losses in business, and it’s not a good sign generally. A wooden broom suggests complications in business.

A broom in your dream might also be foretelling an unpleasant visit.

If you used the broom to sweep your floor or your path, this means that soon you will overcome whatever obstacles blocking your course at the moment.

The sweeping is sometimes an omen of quarrel in a household, but using the sweep represents reconciliation.

If you saw yourself sweeping with a broom, this dream is an indication that you will soon be free from those that are annoying and boring you. To sweep the streets signifies contempt.

A new and modern broom indicates new love experiences. But, be careful; a new broom generally represents unreliable friends and marital problems.

Seeing an old broom in a dream suggests that you will soon meet friends you have forgotten about.

If you dreamt about a broken broom with which the sweeping was hard, you might soon experience immense sorrow.


Sweeping in a traditional way signifies loss of money and your desire to get rid of some people.

Generally, sweeping in a dream represents getting rid of old ideas and attitudes. This dream is considered a message to set aside worthless things to begin a new life stage.

Depending on where you’re doing the sweeping, dreaming about it can have different meanings.

If you were sweeping a room in the dream, it predicted a positive result to romantic endeavors. To clean a house in a dream signifies the need to address an everyday problem.

To clean a business space indicates exhaustion from work overload. In case you dreamt that you need to sweep the office, but you haven’t done it yet, that could mean that you’ll soon be very upset.

Analysis of the sweeping dream

Many people dream about sweeping the house, but the more they do it, the more dust they collect. It’s a frustrating and unpleasant dream that signifies the lack of motivation due to wasting energy on worthless issues.

Using a broom to sweep a house in a dream may reflect the process of cleaning up the mess in your family or work. In this sense, sweeping represents emotional cleansing from which you will benefit.

The dream of sweeping denotes you will gain favor in your husband’s eyes and that your kids will be happy at home.

If you remember, you had to sweep the floors in your dream but neglected to do it, indicating distress and disappointments in the approaching days.

The dream of sweeping often indicates clearing outmoded attitudes and emotions away. Putting your life in order. Sweeping also represents good management and clearing of the environment.

Psychologically, sweeping suggests attention to detail and correctness, as well as cleanliness.

Spiritually, sweeping signifies spiritual knowledge on which the dreamer is currently reflecting. There is possibly some confusion present that will require some time to clear away.

Sweeping sometimes indicates the dreamers need to please others. Sometimes it serves as a warning against wild schemes and chances.

When it comes to emotional perspective, the dream about sweeping indicates that you are currently clearing your mind of emotional and mental clutter. It is an indication that you decided to take a new stance and have developed a fresh attitude towards life.

Alternatively, these dreams could indicate that you are going against your instinct and intuition.

Sweeping in a dream sometimes signifies that you need to clean out smaller pieces of your life and focus on tangible and more essential things.

Generally, sweeping with a broom is a positive sign, indicating improvements in the dreamer’s life. Sweeping brooms often signify improvements on a financial plan, finding a new job, promotions, career changes, etc.

If you have been struggling lately, this dream is a sign of improving your situation and change for the better. In some cases, to reach that, you will have to resolve some issues from the past.

A broom often signifies getting out of depression and bad moods, overcoming challenges. Sometimes it indicates clearing your debts and getting rid of fears and insecurities. To use a broom in a dream often reflects setting yourself free from the things that aren’t useful to you anymore.

In some cases, a broom symbolizes your neglected and unsatisfied sexual needs.

Sometimes, sweeping with a broom signifies that you ignore something, and you’re doing it purposefully. It’s something or someone you are refusing to confront and deal with. This dream could be an indication that you are pushing problems away instead of trying to find solutions.

Some people have this dream when they are hiding an absolute truth in their reality. Something that they don’t like because it makes them uncomfortable.

Different dream scenarios

Using a broom to sweep floors

I’ve already mentioned different interpretations of this dream, but it’s good to note it again because it’s an incredibly positive dream to have.

If you were using a broom to sweep floors, this is an indication that soon your problems will be over.

This also indicates getting rid of things or people that are bothering or annoying you. In some cases, this dream is a clear sign that you don’t have problems in your life.

Sweeping the floor with a broom also indicates overcoming obstacles, but this dream can also signify a job change or a move to another place of living.

Sweeping the streets symbolizes contempt for someone or something.

A dream about sweeping the floor could signify a too complicated relationship, involvement with too many people, or an uncharitable personality for women.

For men, sweeping the floor reflects the pressure they feel at work, the pressure to have power and highlight their abilities.

For people dealing with some sort of illness or disease, a dream about sweeping could be indicating improvement and healing of the body.

If a child dreams about sweeping floors, that indicates good luck and fortune.

Sweeping floors in someone’s house

This dream is one of the few bad ones about sweeping. To sweep the floor of someone else’s house indicates poverty. It could also mean the death of a person that lives in that house.

Dream about a magical sweeping broom

If you have seen a broom sweeping the floors by itself in a dream, this is not a good sign. This dream indicates problems that could get out of your control. You aren’t really sure how to proceed.

Dream about a broom breaking in your hands

This dream is a warning not to trust anyone at this point.

Dreaming about using a new broom

Using a new broom for sweeping the floors is a good omen. This dream is considered to be a message to keep restrained because that is the behavior that will bring you good luck.

A new broom in a dream sometimes signifies contemporary love affairs, but it can also indicate having untrustworthy friends.

Sometimes a new broom in a dream signifies marital or relationship problems.

Dreaming about an old broom

Seeing an old broom in a dream is usually a bad sign because it signifies business losses. On the other hand, this dream also indicates meeting some friends you haven’t seen in a while.

Dreaming about a wooden broom

This dream is also u lousy sign. A wooden broom indicates business problems or problems at work.

Dreaming about a broken broom

A broken broom in a dream is a bad omen. This dream is a terrible sign, indicating grief and sorrow in the near future.

Dreaming about someone giving you a broom

If someone gave you a broom in your sleep, you should be satisfied because this dream is a positive sign. It indicates promotion in the near future.

Dreaming about riding a broom

This dream might not be a good sign. Riding a broom in a dream indicates troubles and difficulties in your future.

Dreaming about sweeping a strange house

This dream does not hold particular positive nor negative meaning.

If you dreamt about sweeping the floors of a strange house, a house of your employee, or a friend, it’s an indication that a friend will soon ask for your advice. Don’t hesitate to give it to them.

Dreaming about a dirty broom

A dirty broom in a dream represents gossip; you could become a victim of vicious talks by close people.

Maybe there is something that you did that sparked the story, so you will just have to suffer through the consequences of your actions.

But, if you don’t think you have done anything terrible, it’s best to ignore their talks and live your life.

Dreaming about several brooms

Dreaming about several brooms indicates financial stability and the success of projects that you may have been working on lately. If you’re currently negotiating a new business deal, this dream is an indication that it will end really well for you.

Your work will be paid off, and you will finally be able to pay off debts you accumulated over the years and even spend some money on yourself.

Just remember, make sure to make the best out of the upcoming favorable period. Don’t stop working on new ideas and concepts because almost everything you will touch, you will turn into gold. Good luck!