Doll, Barbie – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dolls are the favorite toy of girls, but what you will think is strange to dream of dolls, but it is not like that, despite not playing with them, or that they are not part of your day to day, is more common than you believe that dolls are part of adult dreams.

So if this has happened to you, you have come to the right place, where we will explain the true meaning of each of the dreams with dolls, and what they want to tell us for our reality.

Doll, Barbie – Dream Meaning

Dreaming of the doll means that you need, more than ever, to be attentive to sentimental details. You may be surprised by intimate revelations that you have hidden from within your subconscious.

Look for people who are fond of you.

Dream about the doll – When we are children we transform our dolls and dolls into real life characters, it is as if that toy came to life in our hands. If we pay attention to the context created by it, we can discover a lot about its interior.

Children have a lot to tell us during their games, as well as the dreams that reveal to us through one or another object or detail our desires, ideas and even dangers that may be to come our way.

For that same reason, when dreaming of a doll, pay attention to every detail, you may be surprised by intimate revelations that have long been hidden within your subconscious.

Dream About Barbie Doll – The weight of collections made by society in the life of any human being is enormous and dreaming of the Barbie doll represents that you want to fit into the patterns that are imposed on us.

Maybe life was easier when you were a child and now you need to face a harsh reality.

Dreaming of a doll – Your relationships with people may not be what you want them to be. By dreaming that you are playing as a doll you are connecting with your inner world and not your outer world.

It is normal to be afraid of the adversities of life, but you have to mature and face it.

Dream About Cloth Doll – Dreaming of a cloth doll can have two meanings. First of all, if she was a beautiful doll, it represents her innocence and childish sweetness that she still carries in her personality.

But if you are an ugly doll, like a voodoo, be careful who you associate with. Protection piece.

Dream about a porcelain doll – This delicate toy requires a lot of care, so dreaming of a porcelain doll represents the excess of zeal that you can have with your partner or with someone close.

Try to be lighter in your way of conducting this relationship and discover lighter, after all, what is too much does wrong.


Dream of a small doll – Dreaming of a small doll represents that you see childhood in the past, probably you managed to overcome traumas from that phase.

If in the dream you looked over the wrist it is because you see yourself superior to the problem, everything has passed. Thanks for that and keep happy.

Dream of a big doll – Now, dreaming of a large doll, sometimes older than you, represents that you are allowed to be dominated by your childhood and that it nurtures a time that has passed.

Look back only if it is to feel victorious, otherwise keep the focus on the present, it is yourself that will lead you to a happy future.

Dream About Baby Doll – Men or women often dream of the baby doll when they carry the burning desire to be parents. Could it be that this desire has become too great, how about arguing with your partner if the time has come to realize that dream together?

Dream of a dollhouse – As in the previous case, dreaming of a dollhouse refers to the desire to have a family, sometimes perfect as in a child’s joke. Or you may be experiencing family difficulties and are denying this situation.

The conversation is always the best way, look for the words and the opportune moment and come together to solve whatever it is.

Dream of many dolls – Dreaming of many dolls is a way of drawing your attention to the people with whom you are related, either at work or in your circle of friends.

Weigh your words and reevaluate with whom you share your wishes and accomplishments. Caution when speaking is excellent advice.

Dream of living doll – Is there someone in your life easy to manipulate and control actions? Dreaming of a living doll is the indication that this person is getting rid of the ties and starting to think for himself.

Become a partner with that person and don’t try to impose anything on them. They try to walk from side to side and everything will be fine.

Dream About Talking Doll – If you charge too much and do not believe in your qualities, stay elegant, dreaming of a talking doll represents that you are comparing yourself too much with someone who for you is the perfect person. No one has the ideal lifestyle, let me be who they are, trust yourself more.

Dreaming that a doll wins – The arrival of a new member in your family may have been announced by dreaming that you win a doll. If the doll you won was a baby, read the meaning of that dream above.

Doll, Barbie – Dream Symbolism

Dream that gives a doll – Every donation depends on detachment, whatever it is. Dreaming about giving a doll shows that you are ready to leave something behind that does not fit in your current phase.

It is time to reevaluate all areas of your life and say goodbye to old moorings. Believe, you are ready.

Dream About Ugly Doll – This is not a good dream, sorry e mind. Usually it indicates financial or professional problems in sight. However, you will solve these problems calmly and rationally.

See where you may be spending money unnecessarily first and cut down on those superfluous expenses now and use capital to pay for what really matters.

Second comes the professional part, where you can get into trouble if you dream of an ugly doll.

See if you are doing really well at your job. If you decide that you can become a better professional, start changing your behavior at work now.

If you are unemployed, try to review your resume and if you are sending it to the places that can hire you and how you have been performing in job interviews.

In other words, be better prepared to win the professional replacement, okay? Financial organization, patience and faith are the watchwords of those who dream of an ugly doll

Dream of old dolls – Dreaming that we see old or broken dolls suggests that we are going to have a series of problems caused by our wrong attitudes and choices. Think twice before making a decision, because it can affect not only ourselves, but also our loved ones.

Dream about doll clothes – This dream serves as a warning. You must open your eyes to people who are trying to manipulate you, whether at home, at school, or at work. There is a possibility that someone is using you for their own good and does not value you.

Dream of a devil doll – The diabolical dolls in dreams are representations of her loneliness. Even in movies, the evil dolls are usually people with a dark and painful past.

Dreaming of evil dolls signifies your feeling of isolation and helplessness. You suffer deeply because you feel like you are alone and don’t have a shoulder to lean on.

Dreaming of the possessed doll – Annabelle doll is a possessed doll. Dreaming of a possessed doll is an indication of your fear of a certain person, place, things or situation.

You may face unavoidable fears in your waking life, which you must overcome. It is a dream to wake up to face your fears and see the bright side of life.


Dreaming about dolls can be strange, but its meaning can be very varied, which can be positive or negative, related to a variety of areas of your life, so it will be necessary to pay attention to the details of each of these dreams to be able to understand their true meaning.

Where we can say that dreaming about dolls can be related to fragility, vulnerability, problems, bad situations, conflicts, joy, success, happiness, love and innocence, so as we have already mentioned it is a type of both positive dream as negative, so details are the key to understanding the message of our mind in our life.