Garden – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Do gardens appear in your dreams? In mine, on occasion, yes. I especially remember feeling happy in a large, well-kept garden with water, lots of water.

Today, reading about the subject, I have found a curious post on the blog of Jen Diamonds, a psychologist who explains, among other metaphysical issues, the meaning of dreams with gardens.

Garden – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You can read her complete post on her website, it’s in English, but after reading it slowly and enjoying it (everything related to the garden fascinates me) she left you some touches of her theory.

According to Jen, analyzing our dreams about gardens can tell us things about ourselves by answering some questions: What was the garden like?

Was it well cared for? What was in it? What did you find in it? What was the general atmosphere like: pleasant or dark? Did you feel threatened?

Jen tells us that gardens, in dreams, often represent our lives. The answer to the previous questions gives us an approximation to what we feel in our subconscious and that we are not able to appreciate when we are conscious.

Dreaming of a well-kept garden, full of lush flowers and bushes, in which birds sing and the sensation of being in it is pleasant, usually indicates that you are satisfied and happy with the life you lead.

There may be something specific that you need to attend to, but in general everything is in order and prospering. You are probably a person satisfied with your life.

If you dream of a garden in which there are many neglected areas, it may be that certain aspects of your life need attention.

It does not mean that everything is lost, it is just a warning that in some issues you should try a little more, talk to someone or even ask for help.

When the garden you dream of is dry, choked by weeds, or invaded by pests and you can’t find a single flower, just brown leaves and dry stems, you’re probably going through some really desperate times in your life.

The situation seems bleak and lost, you feel remorse for letting it get out of hand and you don’t feel able to fix it again.

You have dreamed of the Garden of Eden, a place so paradisiacal that it seems too good to be true. Careful! Perhaps you are trying to live life in an unrealistic way.

But if you also feel fear, anxiety or anguish even though your garden looks perfect, you may fear that something or someone is trying to destroy what you have achieved.

What you do during the garden dream is as significant as the state of the garden. That means you are starting plans in your life that you hope will prosper and flourish well. You are probably satisfied with the benefits you have achieved with the efforts you have made in your life.


You may be paying attention to problems that you need to attend to when you are awake.

Also, analyzing the dream, you can find symbolisms in it. Did you meet someone in the garden?

Was there a creature that caught your attention? Did you observe any flower, tree or fountain? All these details can have a meaning that can be interpreted in your real life.

Garden – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

If you want to know the meaning of dreaming of a garden, you should know that with the arrival of the Christian era, the garden became the symbol of the sacred place where nature is dominated by the will and virtue of man.

It is the image of our most private, hidden, intimate and personal world, in which we breathe peace and tranquility, and if it’s whole is harmonious, so is our interior.

This is a very positive dream, which reflects great serenity, balance and harmony. The garden symbolizes our thoughts, and the flowers indicate the way we use them.

A useful and interesting job would be to write down the plants that grow in the garden, since each of them has its own symbolic meaning. It would not hurt to pry a little to find a more detailed meaning to our dreams.

It is a dream full of hope in relation to all that until now seemed difficulties in our life. It indicates full affectivity and the end of problems in a future that is already very near.

If it is a fertile and beautiful garden, it represents the ability to make all our projects or desires prosper, but if it is sterile it is not the time to activate our initiatives.

They may end in nothingness, not because they are not good and appropriate to our thinking and effort, but only because it is not the time to carry them out.

Apart from the appearance and characteristics of the garden in our dream vision, the fountain means that at last that which enriches us on a personal level and awakens us begins to consolidate.

Therefore dreaming of gardens and watering the plants implies that we needed the water that emanates from it to be able to quench “the thirst” that the problems of life were worrying us.

Dreaming of arranging or taking care of a garden, or seeing a well-cared garden indicates that we should not let ourselves be influenced by other people when making decisions. We must maintain our independence and spontaneity.

It also gives us a good charge of very positive energy, which allows us to see and differentiate our capacities, desires and attitudes clearly.

If the garden of our dreams is neglected due to our attitude, it reveals a great unconcern towards us and our expectations. We are surely going through a stage in which we hold our environment responsible for everything that happens to us; yes, of everything bad, since we always believe we deserve good things.

If it is another person who takes care of our garden, it means that we are excessively dependent on others that we look to others for the solution of our own life.

When the garden of our dreams is fenced or surrounded by a wall, it means that we like to preserve privacy to the maximum.

It is, in fact, the image of our inner world, a peaceful and reserved place. For this reason, dreaming of a garden where you cannot enter can be reminiscent of these beliefs and symbolizes the feelings of not being worthy or of impurity of the sleeper.

Dreaming of splendid gardens where the sleeper is at ease: they are a reflection of his current good situation, in which he is probably at peace with himself. Dreaming of high-walled gardens: the sleeper considers his mind his redoubt, through which he does not want to let anyone pass.

Dreaming of gardens without doors, from which you cannot get out: the sleeper may consider that he is trapped by his own thoughts. Dreaming of gardens that seem splendid but up close appear withered: the sleeper is discovering that things are not as perfect as they seem.

Dreaming of much neglected gardens or weeds: the sleeper needs to put order in his mind and give more importance to himself. Dreaming of gardens where other people try to enter or enter: the sleeper feels that other people are influencing him or getting too involved in his things.

For Freud, father of psychoanalysis, the vegetable garden was another manifestation of the feminine essence, especially her genitals, which were also represented in flowers and fruits when these were also present.

Thus, for a man, dreaming that he enters a garden can be a representation of the sexual act. Or of his will to cross the borders set by a woman. In the realm of modern psychology, symbolically, it is considered as a presentation of the subconscious stage.

Interpretation of the dream: on the eve, the man is doing a personal process to value himself more and stop suffering so much because of what others say.

There are many types of interpretations of this dream vision and it is possible that you have not deciphered your dream. Don’t worry, in the following video you will see more symbolisms and interpretations of dreaming of a garden.


The garden was the resting place, which was earned through good deeds, and one could be expelled from there if one was wrong.

And it is that a garden is the symbol of orderly nature, sometimes subdued and other domesticated by the human being.

That is, our consciousness versus unconsciousness, which is represented by the jungle.