Gift – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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When gifts appear in your dreams, they do so to speak of illusion.

The interpretation of dreams with gifts is varied, but in one way or another it speaks of the illusion lost or recovered in the form of surprise gifts.

Receiving a gift is still a happy moment that you should take advantage of even in dreams.

Gift – Dream Meaning

The most positive meaning of dreaming about gifts is this in which your subconscious encourages you to maintain hope, to continue fighting for your dreams without your spirits falling.

If you are about to let yourself be overcome by difficulties, you may have this dream of gifts that is an incentive to move on.

Gifts in dreams arrive wrapped in magic, a magic that you can take advantage of when you wake up. The meaning of gifts is related to joy, gratitude, good wishes, affection, love, friendship, empathy and complicity.

As you can see, these types of dreams are loaded with good vibrations and a lot of energy, but you can also have nightmares and some dreams with negative meaning.

One thing is that we prioritize the positive interpretation of dreams with gifts and another thing is that we ignore the negative part, which also has it as it happens with all dreams.

In any case, the meaning of the dream will depend on what happens in it, your life context and the emotions it transmits to you.

Dreaming that you receive many gifts – This is a dream with a dual meaning. He talks about feeling loved, about your social relationships, about the place you occupy in your environment, but what he does not say is if you are in a good situation in that regard or if he is talking about your shortcomings.

How do you know? You will have to wake up and reflect on how you have felt when dreaming it, if happy or restless, if safe or with doubts.

Dreaming that they don’t give you anything for your birthday – This is a dream that speaks of frustration. It is not that you are materialistic, because you only needed a detail, a gesture of affection and it has not arrived. When you have this dream, pay special attention to your relationship, because you may be suffering a crisis due to disappointment.

Dreaming of gifts wrapped in shiny papers – It is the glow of illusion. It does not matter if in the dream you are receiving these gifts, you are giving them to another person or even if you are seeing them in a shop window because the intention is the same, fill you with enthusiasm, energy and hope to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams

Dreaming about opening a gift – You know that uneasy but very positive feeling? The one that happens just before opening a gift. You do not know what it is, you do not know what you will find under the packaging or in the box and that is the most positive part of the uncertainty. Anything can happen, there is room for surprise.

Dreaming that you cannot open the gift – It turns out that you have been given something but you can’t open it. What is happening? It is happening that you are in a moment of vital insecurity, of little confidence in yourself, as if you do not deserve that gift or as if you are not able to enjoy what it contains.


Dreaming that you give many things – To your family, your friends, your coworkers, your partner, even your neighbors you have left a gift at the door.

Be careful with this dream because it has its face and its cross. On the one hand, he may be talking about your generosity and your good wishes towards the people around you. On the other hand, it may be talking about your need to be accepted and loved or to be the center of attention.

Dreaming that you give a gift that you don’t like – What a disappointment! Perhaps you have given something to your partner and when he has opened it he has been left with an incredulous face without knowing what to say, but his surprise has not been exactly positive.

Attention to this dream that speaks of your insecurity regarding the person to whom you are giving the gift. Perhaps it is an inferiority complex or a period of misunderstandings in which you seem never to be right.

Dreaming that everyone receives gifts except you – The meaning of this dream speaks of sadness, loneliness, feeling isolated or out of place, your emotional deficiencies. It can be a nightmare, but you can also use it to relocate in your social and family environment. Are you in the place you want to be?

Dreaming of gifts for children – It is a dream full of joy and hope that takes you back to childhood. The same as when you dream of gifts under the Christmas tree, which happens so that you regain your innocence, the childlike gaze towards your surroundings. And above all, so that you regain the ability to get excited about or any reason.

Dream of broken gifts – It is inevitable not to relate this dream with your broken illusions and share meaning with that dream in which you open a gift and you don’t like it at all.

Disappointments are not only loving, most of the time they respond to a situation of vital frustration in which you feel cheated because your vital expectations have not only not been met but have not even come close.

Here are a few dreams about gifts and their meanings that, as you can see, are not always positive.

But we are going to stay with the strength that the symbolism of a gift gives you, the surprise, the illusion, knowing that someone has thought of you. Because after all, a gift is always a reflection of the heart.

Gift – Dream Symbolism

Dreaming about a gift can be very inspiring and comforting for those who dream. It’s a sign that good times may be very close to you.

The symbolism of this dream is related to a sudden change, personal and professional gains. You may receive, in a timely manner, news or recognition of what you were targeting.

When you dream of gifts, it is a specific symbol full of details. Therefore, it is important that you remember several details of this dream.

If, for example, you can dream of a gift being opened, the symbolism explains that there is a possibility that you will have financial difficulties.

Winning a gift in a dream indicates that good things will come. It may be that some distant person gives the news and is surprised.

If you are waiting for news or something from a loved one, this may be the time. Time to revive an old friendship.

So when you dream that you receive gifts, expect good news and surprises. Enjoy the moment. When you dream of Christmas gifts, it may be that at some point in your week someone has shown a mutual interest in you.

If you are single, it is the key you were looking for happiness. If you are married, it means that your relationship, which was going through a bad time, has overcome.

Dreaming about wedding gifts, as well as dreaming about wedding gifts or eventual appointments and situations, are related to the way you have related to another person.

However, marriage is a more mature type of relationship. This is the kind of novelty that is about to come into your life. These are important and important for this stage of life.

Be prepared. Like the gift of dating, it is important to dedicate the relationship, preserve and enjoy the moment that is good.

If you are not in a relationship, it may be the right time to start and improve self-awareness. When you buy gifts in the dream, especially when the intention is a birthday, this reveals sacrifices.

The importance may vary depending on the amount spent on the gift.

If the gift is expensive, the sacrifice belongs to someone in your life for whom you have your full attention. You may not have realized yet that this feeling is not mutual. It may be that you are dedicating yourself too much to someone who does not value you in the same way.

Please note that it should be your priority. Don’t make sacrifices that could harm you for someone else. If the gift is cheap, the meaning is reversed.

There are few sacrifices for the joy and well-being of others. Sacrifice is part of a good relationship, especially when certain people are special in your life.

Therefore, look for attitudes that favor your coexistence with your loved ones. Try to rescue the love, passion, affection and admiration of the other every day.


The dream with a gift is a good omen. It is a positive dream that predicts excellent moments in your life.

It is a vision related to the revelation, the news, and the unexpected surprises. Something I did not imagine is likely to happen.