Dream About Beard – Meaning and Symbolism

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Having a dream about beard has a lot of different meanings.

These dreams can be dreamt by both genders, beards are let’s say worn by men .

Throughout history a lot of male historical figures had beards, some of them had longer some shorter depending on the period of history.

In Islam men should have beards because that represents their masculinity.

Some people love beards the way it suits your face and the way you look while having beard, while other just hate it and that is normal because having a beard is a huge task you have to wash it brush it especially if its longer.

While eating you have to be careful not to spill it on your beard and there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t have a beard.

Some men do not have trouble with growing beard while others pray and do everything every single day to grow it, this depends on several factors like genetics or hormones.

Even women can have beards, if a woman has a hormonal dysfunction then beard grows and she has a lot of different techniques except shaving it to get rid of it.

But a woman with a beard is unusual so when one has a beard it is unbelievable by people who see her, there were a lot of women with beards in circuses before and people watched them because of their uniqueness .

Beards in a dream can be a symbol of masculinity and maturity, it is also connected with wisdom and old fashioned way of thinking.

At the same time these dreams could be a bad signs for the dreamer, they could represent the arrival of the bad times or some misfortune coming soon.

Power is also associated with dreams about beards.

To find a true meaning to your dream about a beard you have to think carefully about your relationship, bonds, situations in your life, past actions that could be a cause for the appearance of this dream.

Sometimes these dreams are just dreams without a certain meaning.

View of a beard or if you know someone that has a beard could affect your dreams, it can be a cause of the appearances of the beard in your dream.


The Most Common Dreams Of Beard

Dreaming of seeing a beard- If you had a dream where you are seeing, looking at a beard then this is an indication on possible fortune coming into your life.

Perhaps you will have a great opportunity that will make you richer than before, or a new job that is profiting well or possible luck with lottery .

At the same time this dream could represent disappointment, desire to have a better life and to be a better person.

You may not like something about yourself your body image or you do not like your personality and character .

Maybe you want to improve and get rid of your bad habits but you are not starting with improvement so that makes you even more miserable.

You can change your life if you truly want to just find the right ways to do so.

Dreaming of a really short beard- If you had a dream like this where you are dreaming about a short beard then this is an indication that you need to evolve.

You are too small at this moment and this is not referred to your height, you are a small person by your way of thinking.

Possibly this dream is caused by your limitations inside of your head that are keeping you from being the best, you are settling to be small just because others are putting you that way.

Your subconscious is alerting you, trying to show you that you have a great potential but you are not using it correctly, you are not using it at all.

Go and improve yourself, be the best stop thinking otherwise.

Dreaming of a heavy beard- If you had a dream about a heavy beard then this is a sign that you are a person with deep thoughts.

Depth is a magical thing if you possess this quality you are a really lucky person.

This dream represents the need for you to go and explore more and more.

Try and read new books, find yourself a new hobby that will help your grow and expand your perspective and vision.

All you need is that drive to go and learn, focus on becoming more open-minded and be open to new experiences with new people that is the only way which will help you to discover new layers of life.

Dreaming of shaving a beard- If you had a dream where either you are shaving a beard or someone else is then this is not the best sign for you.

This type of a dream indicates that you are going to go through a difficult phase in your life in your near future.

These experiences will shake you and fill you with stress, worries, huge disappointments.

It is also a sign that you will possibly have some health issues and if you feel kind of sore then go and check it out immediately at least to know where you stand.

Of course this does not necessarily mean that something bad is going to happen, sometimes a dream is simply just a dream so don’t stress yourself and imagine the worst case scenario.

Be cautious just in case.

Dreaming of a red beard- If you had a dream about colouring your beard or seeing a red beard then this is a great sign.

Red is a fierce colour that is often connected with fire, fearlessness and power.

This dream could mean that you will be more powerful than before and that you will have some new situations that you will never forget for example new romantic partner or a short relationship that will be unforgettable.

Dreaming of a growing beard- If you had a dream about you growing a beard then this is an indication on something positive that you are likely to hear.

This is usually connected with your professional life, so this dream could indicate on a possible promotion very soon that you have waited for a long time.

Growing a beard in a dream is also a message for you to work on yourself a bit more, if you truly want the best you have to know yourself the best way possible so you do not mess up some great opportunities.

Dreaming of someone else’s beard – If you had a dream where you are looking at someone else’s beard then this type of a dream is a sign that you either wish to or you have already talked with someone about your personal issues regarding your love life, finances, family, or other type of an issue.

If you did not realize yet that you sometimes cannot do everything alone them this dream is a message from your subconscious to realize that and to stop acting like you do not need anyone because you do.

No one does everything by themselves constantly, if you do not share your fears, troubles then you are going to explode from supressed feelings and the worst case scenario could be damage to your health.

Everything reflects on our health and every thought makes a mark.

When you are worrying it firstly leads to stress that causes anxiety that could lead to weight loss and other changes in your appearance and then there comes depression which is not that easy to handle.

Slowly you damage yourself instead of asking for help, so stop doing what you are doing and be smarter let your ego slide for this one.

Dreaming of losing your beard- Well this type of a dream where you are losing your beard indicates that you are not speaking up about the things that are important for you.

The reason behind this could be that you have a fear of denial, or a fear that someone will laugh at you because of your beliefs if that is the case you must get rid of this instantly work on it every day if you have to.

Sometimes this could mean that you are missing on the chances to express yourself and that you feel bad about it.

Dreaming of a blond beard – If you had a dream about having a blond beard then this dream is a positive sign.

It represents happiness, positive news and days ahead of you it is also a sign that you are going to learn how enjoy life in a better way.

This is a sign that good days are coming and that you should enjoy them to the fullest.

Dreaming about having or seeing a grey beard- This type of a dream where you have a grey beard is a sign of bad luck and tough road ahead of you.

You will discover new problems, your past actions are going to influence your current state of mind and life not in a good way.

Dreaming of a bearded lady- This is a pretty unusual dream, meaning behind this is not really good.

Perhaps you will have some health issues very soon or another bad case scenario awaits for you.

Dreaming of  touching someone’s beard- This is a pretty important dream if the female population had dreamt about it.

If a woman, girl dreams about touching someone’s beard this is an indication that your relationship or soon to be marriage does not really feel right.

You have some doubts and worries about your partner, you are second-guessing your decisions.