Umbrella – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Umbrella was designed to protect us from the rain so we do not get wet.

So when it rains you wither carry one or you wear a raincoat, it may be easy to forget your umbrella along the way somewhere that happens a lot to most people but in the end you are glad that you carry it around.

Umbrella in a dream can be a symbol of protection, it may represent a certain shield that you put up so you don’t get hurt.

Missing an umbrella in your dream could be an indication that you are feeling vulnerable,  scared or unprotected.

It may also be a sign that you are in a search for help from someone but you are not asking for it properly, dreams about an umbrella could also be red flags to the things that are happening in your life.

There are religious meanings behind this kind of a dream, it is connected with God and our beliefs about the life after death.

Sometimes this type of a dream is actually a positive sign, perhaps you are close to achieve something big or that your health is improving, etc.

To find yourself a true meaning look through possible umbrella dream scenarios and see which one was yours, every single thing you do affects your state of mind and it is normal to have a lot of strange objects appear in a dream.

We see umbrellas very often so it is not really that unusual for it to be a part of our dream world.

It may be just a reflection of our everyday views but it could mean something so pay attention to everything that is happening in your life and analyse your dream.

If you had a dream like this you should not be concerned it is not a bad omen.

The Most Common Dreams About Umbrella

Dreaming about holding an umbrella- If you had a dream like this where you are holding an umbrella then this is a sign that you are prepared to finally express your emotions.

There were a lot of situations that made you feel everything but you said nothing about it and you are done with that, now you are ready to tell everyone exactly how you fee without being scared or anxious about it.

If you are planning on telling someone you love them or care about them be careful because it may not be great as you think, just because you feel that way does not really mean that those feelings are mutual.

Dreaming about holding an umbrella for someone else- If you had a dream like this where you are holding an umbrella for someone so that they stay dry then this is an indication that you should talk about your problems with another person to find a good solution.


Someone else may be a better problem solver than you even if you think that they will not understand you.

Sometimes it is better for another person to look at things from a different perspective in an objective way, their advice could work wonders for you if you ask for it of course.

Dreaming about buying an umbrella- A dream like this where you are purchasing a certain umbrella is a sign that you will probably feel overwhelmed in your next period of life.

Perhaps people around you are burdening you with their personal issues and you are not cutting it, you let them do that to you and then you feel bad because it burdens your mind.

Remember the real ones in your life are going to listen to you too, they will not only speak about themselves.

In most cases people are selfish and they choose let’s say their victim that seems nice and task free so they can speak to them about something that is troubling them.

You do not need to put up with this, what you do need is to put an end to this cut them off without feeling guilty about it.

Your peace should be your number one priority.

Dreaming about flying with an umbrella- If you had a dream where you are flying with an umbrella then this dream is a sign of fortune and achievements.

You will rise to be number one very soon but there will be troubles that come with being the best.

Possible betrayal, risks, failures, lack of time are coming with it so be ready to make some sacrifices to remain number one if you want that.

Dreaming about losing an umbrella- As said earlier everyone at least once in their life loses an umbrella.

It is very common and easy to lose it, having a dream about losing it is not so common and it means that you have problems with self-esteem.

Perhaps if you lost an umbrella in your house then you are having some troubles with fitting in with your family members, if you lost it in a certain area where you spend time working or studying then you will have some troubles with adjustment of your routine.

Dreaming about lost umbrella- If you had a dream about an already lost umbrella this could be connected with feeling that you are exposed to danger.

This is not necessarily life-threatening situation but it can make some serious damage for example a heartbreak or being lied to and manipulated by those you trust.

It can also mean that someone is leaving you or that he or she is already gone so you are having hard time with acceptance.

Dreaming about broken umbrella- Umbrellas are in fact fragile not like glass but they are very easy to break or to mess up.

Having a dream about a broken umbrella could be a reflection from your life if you have broken it or if you were with someone while they broke it.

But the meaning behind this dream is misfortune, bad days.

Your rainy days are coming and you do not have your shield against them so be prepared and do your best.

Dreaming about leaking umbrella- If you had a dream like this where your umbrella is leaking then this means that something from your plans is leaking also.

Perhaps you are starting a business and you haven’t covered everything up the right way, maybe you did not include your money the right way or people that are working with you.

This could appear as a major problem very soon so be smart and work it out better this time, if the damage is already done focus on making it better than it was.

Dreaming about opening an umbrella while being inside somewhere- If you had a dream like this where you are opening an umbrella while being inside of your apartment or somewhere else then this is a sign that you are going to meet someone that will change your life.

Perhaps this is someone from your past or this could be a complete stranger but this encounter will be truly important for you, perhaps it will lead you down the different road.

Dreaming about a stitched umbrella- Having a dream like this about a stitched umbrella is connected with conflicts inside of your home.

Perhaps your family members or roommates are constantly arguing with you or with each other and this is because of bad choice of words.

You need to sit down calmly during tea time and talk but in the right way, let everyone say how they feel and what they wish to change focus on problem solving and not the problems itself.

Dreaming about a closed umbrella- If you had a dream where your umbrella is closed while raining then this dream is that you have trouble with communicating about your desires.

This is usually referred to your relationship with a romantic partner, perhaps you are still stuck with expressing yourself to that person and it causes for you to distance yourself from her or him.

Relationships are hard and the main thing is communication so try and practise it, but remember sometimes this is not really a problem in you perhaps this person is not really the one for you especially if in earlier stages you were ignored while talking about yourself.

Dreaming about a white umbrella- If you had a dream about a white umbrella then this is a positive sign.

Your love life is blossoming, you will have a great love story with your partner.

With them everything is better and easier so you are not worried for the first time in forever whether it is going to last or is it going to break you just want to enjoy these moments with your partner.

Dreaming about a yellow umbrella- Yellow colour of the umbrella is used by some series to portray “the love of your life” that is in How I Met Your Mother.

But in a dream the meaning behind a yellow umbrella is different, it indicates on future fortune and improvement of your finances.

Money is on its way.

Dreaming about a transparent umbrella- A dream like this is usually a sign that you will go through dangerous situations but you will have protection while they are happening.

Nothing bad should happen to you but you will witness a lot of troubling scenarios.

Dreaming about a red umbrella – This dream is a sign that you are stressing too much about your future.

Everything will happen when it happens, you can relax and live your life the way you want it.

Focus on your happiness more and focus on the present moment so it doesn’t slip away while you are worrying about what could happen.