Nun – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Nun is a woman that chooses to be a part of catholic community, that woman chooses to live a religious life with sacrifices about certain things.

In a dream seeing a nun could have all sorts of meanings, it could mean that you are suppressing sexual need or that you are making certain sacrifices.

It is also a symbol of spirituality, purity, yes these dreams can be a bad omen for the dreamer depending on the type of the dream.

These dreams can be an indication that something bad is going to happen and at the same time they can represent happiness and wealth.

They are also a warning signs for the dreamer to change certain ways of living that are destroying his or hers life.

To find exact meaning behind this dream you have to analyse it and remember the details from that dream.

The Most Common Dreams About an Nun

Dreaming about an ugly nun- If you had a dream where you are seeing an ugly nun then this dream is a sign of misfortune,  anxiety, depression.

This anxiety, stress is caused by your own actions and choices that you make, perhaps you have a big problem with your daily routine and it is messing up the good things in your life.

It could also mean that you are focusing too much on  the bad things instead of the good things, it is making your life a nightmare.

A message from this dream is to change your routine, habits, way of thinking so you could lose all the unnecessary stress in your life.

Remember sometimes this is caused by the people you surround yourself with, choose wisely who you let inside of your life.

Dreaming about seeing an evil nun- This instantly brings the scary nun from conjuring vibes, this dream can appear as a nightmare for sure and the dreamer can be scared even the day after.

It is shown as devil version of the nun, perhaps she is chasing you or appearing from nowhere.

Firstly this means that you need to change your mind-set as soon as possible because it is starting to damage your life.

Secondly this type of a dream could be an indication on possible lies and betrayal from the people you trust with your own life, that happens even if you hope that it does not.


Dreaming about a nun that is dying- This type of a dream where you see a dying nun is not a good sign at all.

This is an actual indication on death, possibly someone’s you love so dearly.

Perhaps there is an undiscovered illness that is soon to be discovered and you are not really sure what will you do about it if you could even do anything.

It is a bad omen but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to come true just like that perhaps this dream is meaningless and worthless, just in case go and check with your family for their health and their troubles.

Maybe you will prevent something bad from happening or something bad is really coming without your ability to stop it, it is really a tricky dream.

Dreaming about a nun in white- If you had a dream about nun that is in white clothes then this is a sign of clearness, innocence.

It is also a sign that you are focusing too much on finances and not on the things that really matter.

Your selfish actions will lead you to a complete disaster, if you do not step down you will be forced to step back and live a simpler life.

Whatever it is what you did will have major consequences right now so at least prepare yourself for the worst.

And from now on try and love people more than materialistic treasures.

Dreaming about a nun that is a ghost- Again with the conjuring vibes, this dream where a ghost nun is present indicates on lack of control in your life.

This dream is somehow a sign for you to get you back on the right track, you are lost and you have no clue about where you are heading so this dream is a reminder to collect yourself the right way and move in the right direction.

If you do not find a correct purpose everything you have worked on could fail, start finding yourself again try with books or meditation whatever it takes just do it.

Dreaming about your close friend or someone you know wanting to become a nun- If you had a dream like this where you see your friend becoming a nun is a sign of misfortune.

This dream indicates on bad days that are coming, perhaps you will have some trouble with finances and you are not going to be satisfied with outcomes.

It could also mean that you will have problems and conflict with the person from your dream.

Dreaming about an old nun- If you had a dream like this where you are dreaming about an old nun then this dream is a sign of maturity.

It means that you have matured, became less self-centred  person so now you finally hear others and respect their point of view.

This means that you are actually evolving as a person, your relationships aren’t based on nonsense anymore now you search for true values that you need.

If you have some troubles you aren’t being ignorant anymore now you ask others for help and you accept their way of helping you.

Dreaming about you becoming or already being a nun- If you had a dream like this where you are dressed up as a nun then this is actually a positive sign.

It means that you are finally going to experience a period without any stress and worries.

This could be an outcome of your smart decisions, perhaps you have cut out the toxic people out of your life so there isn’t any more drama and unnecessary conflicts or perhaps you have made a decision to work on something and it is paying off finally.

Whatever it is that you did that is going to change you life in a positive way.

Or maybe there are new opportunities and chances just waiting for you to take them and succeed.

Dreaming about a nun that is crying- If you had a dream like this where you see a nun that is soaked up in tears then this dream is a sign of challenging times filled with temptations ahead of you.

Perhaps you are going to go some rough path but you are going to be alright, yes it is going to be challenging and hard but you cannot back down.

Face that challenge the right way.

Dreaming about a pregnant nun- If you had a dream like this where you see a pregnant nun then this dream is a sign of stressful events or your reaction to those events.

Some situations that are coming are going to influence you in a bad way without you even controlling your emotions there will be an outburst because of it.

Your emotions are controlling your life and that is what you need to change as quickly as possible.