Nail Polish – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Nail polish is mostly used by female population but in this generation it is not unusual for guys to colour their nails also.

Nails look prettier with nail polish, that is why girls spend a lot of money on manicures and pedicures they want their hands to look feminine and nice.

But why does nails polish appear in our dream?

It is, in most cases, a symbol of beauty, or creativity.

Sometimes it could be a sign that you are simply not on a right track in your life so it is warning you to change your way.

It isn’t very likely that it is connected with appearance but it can be especially if you are considering making a big change in your appearance,  perhaps dying your hair or losing weight.

It may be a reflection of your negative outlook on yourself, you may be pushing your potential back or you are hating your body image, maybe you are comparing yourself too much with others that don’t have anything with your life but you keep doing that.

So this dream can be a sign to change your mind-set and perspective, your habits dictate your future.

Perhaps a dream like this could be connected with your ability to express yourself and your feelings, desires.

Exact meaning behind a dream like this can become tricky because there are a lot of different interpretations of these kinds of dreams so you have to remember that nail polish really well if you want to find a true meaning behind your dream.

Colours are important and play a huge role in your dream, your actions also are important so are you standing while putting nail polish perhaps someone else is putting your nail polish, etc.

And of course these dreams are not only present with female population, male population can also dream about nail polish.

If a man does dream about a nail polish it represents his well feminine side or his insecurities regards work, body image, character, or something else.

The Most Common Dreams About Nail Polish

Dreaming about applying nail polish- If you had a dream like this where you are applying nail polish all on your own then this dream is connected with rumours about you.

Perhaps you are aware that people around you don’t like you or that they are pretending to in front of you so they can use you while they can.


Or you are simply scared that your group of friends is not that friendly at all, you are afraid that they are going to leave you or betray you.

Maybe you have heard something that you didn’t expect coming, maybe your partner is cheating on you and you have realised that.

Or this kind of a dream could be connected with fear of abandonment and loneliness that appears with people who have experienced trauma in their childhood or past.

Dreaming about your nail polish being ruined by your hand or fingers- If you had a dream like this where you dream about your nail polish that is ruined because you were clumsy and you rubbed it down to your fingers or hand then this dream is a sign of false information.

Perhaps you will hear something from someone that simply is not true, there is no real evidence and you cannot really know that at first but you are going to find out sooner or later.

It could be a sign from your subconscious that you are naive person and it is a warning sign for you to change that even if you don’t see that as a bad trait.

People are going to use you and make a fool out of you while they are at it so don’t let them it is pretty simple if you realize that not one person on this planet is truly your friend .

Be cautious because a fraud may come very soon in your future, and this is going to be a painful lesson for you if you don’t learn it right away.

Dreaming about  seeing nail polish on your nails – If you had a dream like this where you are seeing your nails coloured with a certain nail polish then this kind of a dream is a sign for you but firstly if you want to know true meaning your gender here plays a big role.

If you are a part of female population then this dream is a message from your subconscious that you are too quick to judge others without a strong reason behind that.

Perhaps you are not seeing the depth in people and that is a big which causes a lot of unnecessary problems in your life.

If you are a man then having polished nails in a dream is an indication of your betrayal coming to an end, the person that you are lying to or talking about will find out about this very soon so they are going to face you to resolve this issue.

It may end well or it may not it is up to you and your reactions to this situation.

You should suck it up and apologise instead of acting like a fool who knows nothing about that, be honest and be fair at least with yourself because everything in life turns around in the strangest ways possible.

Dreaming about you removing nail polish in your dream- If you had a dream like this where you are removing your current nail polish then this dream is connected with you coming clean about something.

It may be a sign that you will resolve a huge misunderstanding about your character and actions so you are likely to be relieved after that act.

Or you are going to be brave enough to come out with your goals and desires in front of everybody, this could be about your choice of partner especially if you are gay this dream is not unusual in that case because you have everyday stress about your family and their standards that you are pushing your true self inside of you trying to ignore your own wishes.

Dreaming about that smell of nail polish- This is a very uncommon dream but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to appear in a person’s dream world.

If you had a dream about smelling nail polish in your room or at some place in your dream then this means that you are going to leave a positive impression on someone you care about.

Or this could be connected with your professional side, perhaps you are trying to leave a good impression on your co-workers and now you are likely to succeed at it..

But if you have a dream about feeling like suffocating because of the smell of that nail polish then this is a sign that your efforts to leave a positive mark are likely to fail.

You are going to do something that will cause a negative effect in your life.

Dreaming about buying nail polish- If you had a dream where you are at a certain store picking and buying yourself a new nail polish then this dream is a sign that you are going to have some big issues caused by your enemies.

Perhaps you are going to discover something that will leave you shocked and it will cause a lot of troubles.

Your enemy will be ahead of you in this game that you are playing with them so a message from this dream is to stop messing around and do the right thing even if it means that you are going to lose especially then.

If you have that desire to win every little fight with your rival then what on earth are you doing with your life?