Jumping Into Water From Great Heights – Dream Meaning

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Water is an element that we need in our lives to survive each day, without water every single person on this person would die.

Our body is made of water, we have to drink it every day and we shower with water.

Throughout summer people go on vacation where there is sea, or they go and have pool parties.

Water is fun, kids love it so parents go with them so they can have fun. You can do a lot of things with water.

Every single person at least once in their life decides to do something crazy, something that fills them with adrenaline and joy after.

Everyone wants to have some funny and cool stories to talk about or at least to think about, no one wants to waste their life living in a boring unremembered life.

That is why people go to look for adventure, they see a cliff they instantly have the urge to go and jump from it.

It is in our nature to push ourselves every single day of our lives.

Most people consider this life as a part where you should try everything so you don’t miss out on something.

Others think that this life is a passing phase this is more of a religious way of thinking so they try to avoid certain temptations.

But in the end everyone wants to have some crazy adventure that they can laugh and think about when they are old.

Jumping into the water from heights is a great way to push yourself if you end up in one piece after that.

It is dangerous and that is what brings out the excitement, you have a lot of places that offer you to do this.

In a dream this action can have several meanings depending on the situation in that person’s life and other several factors.

Sometimes they are a symbol of breaking free from something for example escaping a toxic relationship.


It can also mean that you are letting go of your past and jumping forward without hesitating.

These type of dream could also be an indication that you are jumping into unknown in your life, new job or relationship perhaps.

It is a sign that you are letting go of your fears or facing them.

The Most Common Dreams About Jumping Into Water From Heights

Dreaming about jumping into water from a bridge- This type of a dream is a sign of movement from a certain position or a place to another.

If you had a dream like this where you are jumping into water from a bridge then this dream is a sign of problems that you created, you are losing people you truly love because of your own bad behaviour and decisions.

You are going to go through a really bad period of time and it is all caused by you and only you.

This dream can also be a sign of your trouble while getting out of a certain situation, you are likely to hit rock bottom very soon if you continue with that way of thinking.

Stop being destructive that is the main message from a dream like this, start being careful with how you treat others around you and stop taking people for granted especially those who love you more than they love themselves.

At one point when all is gone you will look back and hate yourself for your current decisions.

It is a strange thing, people do not really know what they have until it is gone that is why people mourn the dead so much, those people were not really that appreciated while they were alive but once they die everyone suffers.

Regret is stronger than gratitude,  for example a child doesn’t speak with his or her parents for a long period of time until one of them gets sick at that point everyone gets together because the thought of losing that person is so scary that you are ready to do everything to be together.

So why don’t we think about this, every day and every movement is a risk, getting up from bed is a risk even brushing teeth is a risk.

You never know what can happen to you, one second is all it takes to completely turn your life around without your approval.

Think about that the next time you say or do something stupid to the people that matter to you.

Dreaming about jumping into water from a cliff- If you had a dream about you jumping from a cliff into a water indicates on bad times that will cause certain scenarios that could be harmful for you.

It could also be an indication on possible health issue that could be fatal for you.

Of course it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a certain accident but you should watch yourself and be careful as much as you can.

Sometimes is can be a sign that everything around you will fall apart but that you will have courage to remain strong while that happens.

But in other cases it can be a sign of you and your emotional state of mind crumbling down, perhaps you will have a nervous breakdown.

Dreaming about rushing into water- This dream is a sign of your fierce nature and your way of doing things without thinking them through enough.

This could be considered to be a warning sign for you to slow down, restrain yourself and at least try to have calmer reactions because they will lead you only to bad destinations.

Having a short temper is a very dangerous thing that a person has, yes it is hard to change your nature but you should think about the damage that can make.

When you make some irrational decisions in the heat of moment it never ends well, that is the main problem with us humans in general we do not see the bigger picture and we do not think about all of those consequences that always come.

Everything is connected and every movement affects someone else or something else, everyone in fact knows everyone else it is a strange world with strange course of actions.

But you have control over yourself and your reactions, control your emotions and discipline your mind.

Dreaming about jumping into the river- If you have a dream about jumping into the river then this is a sign of making some kind of a decision that will lead you through some  fast course of situations you won’t be able to control.

This could be a sudden decision to change your career or to start a new relationship, perhaps end a relationship out of nowhere, leaving your hometown or building a house on your own there are a lot of different scenarios and different decisions that are going to cause a major change in your life.

This can also be connected with living a fast life, or that you are choosing to have a busier life than you had before.

Perhaps you are choosing some kind of a new job that is going to take all of your free time away but you have to take it.

Dreaming about jumping into the sea- If you had a dream about jumping into the sea from some cliff or a boat is a sign that you are going into the unknown.

Sea is a symbol of depth, mystery, it can never be revealed fully.

So perhaps you are going into a new town, starting a family, finding a new love somewhere unexpectedly, having a great adventure.

You are ready for the unknown, maybe you were scared before but now you are ready to do so and you are going to be happy while going out living life.

You want the best out of this life and you are going to take it without hesitation, perhaps you will get a great chance to make something great and you will succeed while doing it.

Or it could go wrong, there is a possibility that it is not going to be the way you plan it to be but you have to be strong and willing to go through it.

At least you are going to have a lesson so you can use it to be better later in life.

Learn from the past and prepare for the future.