Time Travel – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Time is a very strange concept, it is created by humans so that we can feel like we are in some kind of control of this life.

The truth is we cannot control ourselves all the time so why do we think that we could possibly control time?

We have a clock that shows us hours, minutes, seconds every single day or night.

That clock is some kind of a compass for us so that we know when to go to school, that meeting, date or anything that we need to do.

Tonight you make a decision that you will wake up at exactly nine o’clock in the morning, you make an alarm that is going to wake you and you do that every night well sometimes you don’t have to do that because you have a day off.

But we make a plan to wake up in the morning, drink coffee and have a big or quick breakfast by ten so we have time to go to the gym around twelve but we never really stop and think are we even going to be alive in those few hours that are going to pass.

We think that our routine keeps us safe and alive, that is wrong and simply not true.

We have no control over anything, we are ignorant so we think we are some kind of a centre in this universe but the sad truth is we are not.

In just a second your life can be completely different, people spend their whole life learning that and accepting that.

At any single moment everything you know can be gone forever, if you stand in the same place that doesn’t mean that everything around you is going to wait for you not at all.

For example now this situation with this virus can be used for an explanation about this topic.

You wake up sick, then the test comes and you are positive so you have to go into isolation to beat that virus and to make sure you don’t put others in danger.

So you are isolated from the world for well approximately two weeks, you are torn out of the world for two weeks and you think the world stopped moving when you did.

Then you get better and go out see your friends, family and discover that everything moved on without you everyone has changed so much and you feel like your are stuck .

Sad truth is we are nothing and by being nothing we are everything , it is a very complex topic to discuss.


In the end we all need time, we wish we had more time to tell someone how we feel about them, we wish to go back to that happy part of our lives where there were no worries.

We just want more time but time waits for no man or woman, it heals every wound and cures our pain.

For the longest period of time people have discussed about time machines, you see that in movies or cartoon throughout funny or strange ways.

Doctor Who and his time machine is one of the iconic ones for sure, that show is the best way to understand the complexity of time.

What could we do with time machines, at what part of our history could it take us?

Perhaps we could go back before war started and stop it before happening, or some people would use it for their selfish reason just to make their selfish goals come true.

There are a lot of actions we could make in order to change the course of history, the thing is you mature with time and challenges ahead of you now we now what should have been done before hundred years ago so shall the generations in front of us.

Everything clears up with time.

But why do time machines appear in our dreams, meaning behind that are a difficult to explain almost as the time itself.

These dreams may appear because you are thinking about your past too much and the things you wished to change in order to have a better present.

They may appear because you are watching something that revolves around time machines, our mind is a strange place that works wonders.

These dream could also be a reflection of our truest selves, we all have different versions that we show to others but we have our deepest thoughts that we never tell anyone only we know about it.

Remember the details from your dreams so you can find an exact meaning behind it.

The Most Common Dreams About Time Travel

Dreaming about travelling to the past-  Well it depends how far have you travelled.

If you had a dream about travelling to a very far past then this is a sign that you are not letting something or someone go.

You are still clinging to hope, this dream may appear after a breakup with your romantic partner or after ending a certain friendship.

You have these feelings which are causing a big mess inside of your head, you have to let go because everything is passing so fast and you will lose a lot of opportunities for new love or happiness if you don’t start living in the present moment.

If you had a dream about going to your past that is well fresh then this is a sign of your soft side, you are a soft person with not so fearless goals.

Dreaming about travelling through time- If you had a dream like this where you are a traveller travelling through time then this is a sign of you evolving as a person.

It means that you are searching for yourself, dreams and desires.

This dream is a great sign, you have the courage to decide on what you truly want.

So decide, do not waste any more time do it right away it is pretty simple if you know who you are but if you don’t then focus on discovering who you are.

Once you mark your goals and focus on the right things your whole life will be so much better, surround yourself with positivity and see the progress in your life.

Everything will be alright just don’t stress too much about it.

Dreaming about going back in time to a certain historical event- If you had a dream like this where you are travelling to a historical event then this is an interesting sign for the person who dreams about this kind of a dream.

You are realizing that you every move has a certain affect on something else, whatever you do has consequences and everything around you is connected somehow.

This realization is scary and at the same time peaceful for you, acceptance is becoming a part of your life.

You accept the fact that you can’t truly control what is going to happen to you but you can control your emotions, decisions.

You are always one decision away from a completely different life, so make those decisions wisely with awareness of your surroundings.

Dreaming about traveling into the future- If you had a dream like this where you are a time traveller travelling into the future yours or in general then this dream is connected with your unrealistic wishes and thoughts.

You are a type of a person that spends whole day daydreaming about certain scenarios you have made up while you were resting.

You crave for something more, something bigger, you want your life to be like a certain type of a movie where there is excitement every single day but unfortunately that is not how it works.

If you truly want more adventure in your life then you should add it into your life.

Your thoughts won’t really make some difference without action.

If you spend too much time escaping your current life situation then you are probably going to have a big problem sooner or later.

By that it is meant that your life is going to pass you can’t stop it, it will feel like it is only one day but everything is just a moment and when you turn around it is already over.

Live your life the best way possible, message from this dream is simple concentrate on your current life situation not on those unrealistic dreams of how you want it to be.

Face your troubles and change your life by changing daily habits.

Dreaming about travelling into the “scary” future- Perhaps you had a dream where you are travelling through time and now you are in the future but the view is terrifying.

Maybe you see an apocalypse,  end of the world another horrific pandemic, etc.

This is a sign that you are suppressing your fears and troubles without working on solving them.

It is also connected with your fear of the future, you are not a person that handles change lightly so a thought of tomorrow not being the way you plan it to be is too scary for you to handle.