Head Injury – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of having a head injury often indicates that someone or something will make you change your point of view and it will affect your judgment.

Maybe you feel start losing your own thoughts and opinions because someone will try to make you believe in what they say and think.

This dream is related to manipulation and bad intentions someone might have towards you. If you want to avoid getting in that situation, you should firstly think about who that person might be.

It is often the people close to us who try to manipulate us for their own good.

Dreaming of having a head injury is a symbol of the inability to see the real picture or make a decision on your own.

If you had a dream about getting hit on the head, it might be that your actions and thoughts will get back at you and you will need to face the consequences of your actions.

Also, someone may want to fraud you and take advantage of you by manipulating you and lying to you.

Let’s see some of the interpretations of the most common dream about head injuries.

The most common dreams about head injury

Dreaming of getting your head injured

If you had a dream in which your head was injured by someone or something, a sharp tool, or anything similar, it means that you are suspicious about something. You don’t trust someone and you are worried that they might fraud you and take advantage of you.

Also, this dream indicates that your subconscious mind is worried about your well-being and that you suffer from too much stress.

You need to stop worrying and forget about negative things you think about constantly.

Another meaning of this dream is that someone is trying to make you believe them so they can take advantage of you in the future. Someone needs something from you and they are trying hard to get it.

Dreaming of injuring your own head

If you had a dream about hurting yourself by punching your head to the wall or something similar, it means that you regret doing something in the past.


You need to let the past go and focus on the present moment and the future. If you can find a way to make things right and stop regretting the past, then do it.

Injuring yourself in a dream has a negative meaning and it is related to the way you see yourself. You might feel like you deserve to be punished for your actions or to feel pain, but that is just your vision.

It’s better to start working on yourself and try to fix your mistakes.

Dreaming of bleeding from your head

If you had a dream about blood and it came from your head, it means that your perception is blurred.

Possibly you can’t see the reality and you constantly push yourself to believe something that’s not true.

Maybe you can’t stop thinking about a person from the past and it is hard for you to face the truth and accept that they are no longer with you right now.

It is also possible that this dream is a sign of a broken heart of yours and you just can’t move on.

This dream is a symbol of pain that comes from missing someone and you are probably craving for someone that is gone a long time ago. Being heartbroken is hard to handle, but life always goes on.

Dreaming of a scar on your head

If you saw a scar on your head, it means that you are still not over something that happened in the past.

Maybe you feel better and you know you are doing well, but that thing still haunts you. This dream represents memories that you can’t let go of.

A scar on your head is a symbol of something you suffered from in the past and even tho you are over it, it didn’t stop showing in your head and mind.

Maybe time will show you that you can forget anything, but since you had this dream, it means that ghosts from the past are still haunting you.

Also, this dream may mean that you will regret saying or thinking about something when you realize that you are wrong.

Dreaming of a wound on your head

If you had a dream about a big, open wound on your head it means that you are scared of something.

Maybe you are scared of death or something really bad, and it is pictured in your dream.

When people are scared and have suppressed fears, they often dream about bad things that happen to them.

Dreaming of having your head injured is a serious sign that you are anxious because of your fears and this dream is showing you that these fears are taking over you.

You should first accept your fears and then start trying to get rid of them because they can’t bring you anything good.

Dreaming of having an object stuck in your head

If you got injured by someone or accidentally in your dream and you have an object stuck in your head, it may mean that someone is trying to convince you that you are wrong about something.

But that person has negative reasons and they want to take advantage of you.

Maybe someone from your work is trying to make you look bad so they can look smart in front of your boss, or something similar.

You should be aware that not everyone is your friend and you shouldn’t trust everyone.

This dream is a warning for you to be more careful with who you trust and make smart decisions so you don’t get scammed.

Dreaming of having bruises on your head

This dream is related to your love life and relationships.

If you had many bruises on your head, it means that you had some bad relationships that hurt you and probably make you think people are bad.

You have lost faith in love and you don’t have enough energy to look for someone new.

However, this dream is not so bad because those bruises indicate that you are now ready to commit to someone.

An injury to the head is not always a negative sign and can be a symbol of healing and recovery from the past.

You may soon meet someone who will try to get closer to you and will show interest in you. If that happens, this dream is telling you to give it a shot and stop crying over your destiny because you can change it.

Dreaming of cracking your skull

If you had a dream about breaking bones in your head, it means that you will start something new.

This dream is a symbol of new chances and plans and it indicates a new beginning. You might start having hobbies or doing sports or even start learning new skills that will bring you money.

This dream is positive because it indicates that you will stop what you are doing now and start all over again. Change is good and inevitable. You will feel much better once you start doing things you like.

The meaning of this dream is that you will finally start changing your life and rearranging thoughts in your head.

Maybe you will feel insecure at the beginning, but you should know that every change is difficult. However, once you get rid of the things that are stopping you from enjoying your life, the bad times will end for you.

Dreaming of injuring someones’ head

If you hurt someone in your dream and you hit them in the head, it means that you are angry with someone. You are probably annoyed by their choices and the way they think. You likely think their actions and thoughts are stupid and you are irritated because their actions affect your life.

Hurting someone in the head is a symbol of the anger that you feel and you don’t know how to cool down.

You don’t want to get in a fight with that person, but they keep annoying you and making you look like a fool so you may stop talking to that person.

Dreaming of seeing blood on someone’s head

If you saw someone bleeding from their head in your dream, it means that you are worried about them.