Dream About Boss – Meaning and Symbolism

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At some point, all of us who have had the opportunity to have a job have had a boss who is aware of our every move.

In many cases, the boss can be better or worse, depending on how we visualize him, but if series and movies have taught us something, it is that they are usually terrible people.

The truth is that this does not happen in one hundred percent of the cases, but something that does happen very often is that we have dreams that involve our boss and our workplace. In this post we will discover the meanings that dreaming of a boss has for our lives.

Dreams about Boss – Biblical Meaning

Dreaming about your boss is quite common nowadays, especially when you start a new job. This dream usually occurs when we feel much pressured or we are loaded with work. It is interpreted as that the dreamer feels insecure by the presence of the boss for some reason that he considers valid.

In some cases, this dream may be due to the sleeper feeling a real physical attraction towards her boss, and that is why she dreams of him / her. There is nothing to worry about. It is just your subconscious telling you how you feel.

It is important in these cases that you determine the reason why you have these dreams, because that way you can act in consideration of this and continue with your work in a natural and satisfactory way.

If you feel overloaded with work, maybe you should talk to your boss and see what can be done, and if you feel any attraction towards him / her then you will have to see for yourself which way to go.

If you dream that your boss criticizes your work, it means that you do not believe that your work is valued in the place where you work. Maybe this is an idea that you have and it is not really the case, but you feel that you are of little value and not at all necessary in the place where you work.

Dreaming of your boss being promoted means that soon you will be enjoying a well-deserved promotion or a significant bonus for a job well done. It is also possible that the departure of your boss puts you in a better job position.

If in your dream you dream of former boss, it can be interpreted as that there will be moments of tension and problems in your work and it could endanger your financial stability. There may be times of heavy workload or your boss could be having a bad time, causing it to become tense and the work environment to become hostile.

If you dream that you are the boss, this is interpreted as that soon you will progress in the place where you work and you will be able to obtain a better position with financial bonuses.

It also means that you are skilled enough to run a business on your own and to keep many employees under your command. This dream is a good omen almost always.

If you dream of boss talking to you, but you see that he is a friend whom you already know, this dream means that you feel that that person, that friend, handles you as he pleases, and that he feels the leader of his social group. Maybe he’s an authoritarian person who just gets you in trouble.

Dreaming that your boss is one of your parents tells us that in the family environment you have great respect for your family and that you feel comfortable with submitting to his authority. This is if during sleep you agree with the mandate, because if you are not, it is interpreted as that your family life is suffocating because of the constant rules imposed.

A dream of a boss in a more personal sphere can mean that you need a person of authority by your side constantly because you alone do not have enough discipline to carry out the tasks that are presented to you, and your subconscious tries to tell you that you need change that.


Dreams with bosses can also mean that changes will come to your life in the work environment. It can be a job change, a new and deserved promotion, or that your boss is changed for another and you have to adjust to this new one. In short, it is a dream that promises you knew things and that you should not consider as something disastrous, as it could be beneficial.

Dreaming under the command of a boss or foreman is a representation that the dreamer recognizes himself incapable of carrying out his tasks and duties on his own, and needs someone who constantly tells him what to do.

A dream in which we carry out the duties of the boss could be interpreted as that people in our work environment, our colleagues and colleagues, distrust us, because they feel that we are more on the side of the boss than of the employees themselves.

If during the dream you have several bosses this translates as that the dreamer has a very busy and full of work life, and that it would be good if he took a little time for himself for a well-deserved rest.

Dream about boss of the opposite gender or that you are attracted to in the dream regardless of sex, it may mean that you are feeling truly attracted to your boss. This dream can also signify your desire to do your job well to impress the boss, without any physical attraction.

Dreaming that your boss suddenly arrives hugs you means that in your work you are doing things very well, and soon you will receive news about it.

If you dream that your boss offers you or gives you an increase in your salary, it means that your financial life will improve considerably in the coming months. Dreaming that your boss kisses you is interpreted as that he is really growing an attraction towards him.

Dreams about Boss – Interpretation

Unfortunately, when we talk about the boss of your dreams we are not talking about the ideal boss, but about your real boss, with his defects and virtues (if he has any) that sneaks into your night’s rest to continue to frighten you while you sleep.

Most of the time, dreaming of the boss is nothing more than a product of your day-to-day fears; if tomorrow you have to confront your boss to ask for a raise or a few days off, it is very possible that tonight will appear in your dreams.

But how your boss appears in your dream is also important for the interpretation of him. If in your dream the boss is reproaching you for something, it means that you yourself are unhappy with the work done. It may be a matter that worries you more than your boss, because of that desire for perfectionism that you have.

Dreaming of the boss can also mean that you need a power figure by your side because you do not feel qualified to do your job. And that insecurity is reflected in your dreams like so many other fears that you had not realized in your conscious life.

One of the most frequent interpretations of dreaming about the boss is that it is a premonitory dream. A kind of warning that a job change is coming, something that can be positive or negative, depending on your personal situation.

In any case, dreaming of the boss tells us about changes, job change, job change, boss change or change in your work attitude, so you should not take your dream of the boss as something disastrous.

Nor should you worry if your dream with the boss turns into an erotic dream, because its meaning focuses more on your desire to do your job well than on your desire to have an affair with him.

Dreams about Boss – Spiritual Meaning

The dream in which the boss is present is quite ambiguous. It can be prophetic, talk about hidden desires, or simply be the result of experiences at work. But, one way or another, it means something.

Finding out what he dreamed of is pretty simple. It is only necessary to remember the circumstances of the dream. Especially those that were vibrant and realistic. And compare them with what the dream books say. So what is the boss dreaming about?

A dream in which the boss is a woman means that in life the dreamer does not have confidence in himself. She constantly compares herself with other representatives of the fair sex. She believes that other girls are superior to her in beauty, mental abilities, and everything else. And also that dream can mean doubts, doubts about her attractiveness.

If a girl had a dream about a female boss, then she should work to increase her self-esteem. She stops comparing you to others and tries to be less critical of yourself.

But there is another interpretation of this dream. The appearance of the boss in a dream portends many new feelings and emotions. Meeting an interesting man who will bring the dreamer a lot of positive aspects.

A dream in which the boss is a woman means that in life the dreamer does not have confidence in himself

A pregnant boss – a dream portends unexpected benefits. Improved financial situation and increased salaries. And also possibly a romantic acquaintance leading to a happy marriage. Therefore, it is recommended not to miss the opportunity and not to look at members of the opposite sex too biased.

What does a male boss dream of? – If a dreamer sees a man in a dream in a dream, then in reality he will have to face a difficult situation.

It will require attention, concentration, resistance to stress, and perseverance. How quickly the dreamer can cope with difficulties will show how prosperous and promising the near future will be. It is recommended to use the current situation to the maximum. Do not waste time and energy to achieve the goal, then success will be guaranteed?

What does it mean if in a dream the head embraces – A hug with a leader in a dream is a sign of action. Such a dream means that the time for active actions at work has come. At this time, the dreamer will be able to carry out her plans. Perhaps this is a promotion or an increase in salary. In any case, if you miss the chance given by fate, the second will appear soon.

Why dream of kissing the director in a dream? – A dream in which the dreamer kisses her boss portends material losses.

The reason for this will be expensive purchases and thoughtless spending of money. A certain period you will have to save money and slightly reduce the list of expenses. But this moment of life will only slightly outshine life and it will end quickly.

A dream in which the dreamer sees a boss flirting or a passionate kiss with the director on the lips in all the details and colors means discontent on the part of the management. Perhaps you will not like the result of the work done or the carelessness of the dreamer. But, nevertheless, the situation will quickly recover and everything will go as it should.


What we dream reflects our daily worries and work is an aspect of our lives that often takes us off sleep.

But that doesn’t feel as bad for us as when work, or even the boss, gets into our dreams to make us even more uneasy about our work situation.