Dreams About Hiding – Interpretation And Meaning

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When you have a dream about hiding from someone or something that usually is not the best sign.

If a person has personal issues regarding family, partner, their job or any kind of problems then that person has a need to hide and it reflects in his dreams.

This type of a dream is usually connected with running away , avoiding problems in reality that you need to fix and resolve.

So when you have a period where you are in some kind of conflict with yourself or other person these dreams are pretty common.

Escaping reality is not the answer so your subconscious is trying to show you that you have to take some kind of action and resolve issues in your life , but sometimes these dreams may indicate that your current situation can be a threat to your future.

Details in these kind of dreams are really important , where you hide and who you hide from are important  in order to find true meaning behind it.

Danger that you are hiding from in you dream doesn’t necessarily come from other person it could be from a wild animal for example some people dream about hiding from war too. You can dream that you are running away and hiding from bad guys but dreams about hiding from police are also very common.

Sometimes in a dream that danger you are running away from isn’t really harmful it’s just scary to face it for a person which indicates that in reality that person is avoiding something serious because of fear .

The most common dream is dream of just running away and hiding, that is some kind of indication for need to change your lifestyle, path . It is the most common because a lot of people come to that crisis where they are doing something wrong and they are either denying or not ready to face the fact that they should be better or different .

The truth is a lot of factors in our lives are important for us and our mind and even little things cause some kind of change in our heads so everything affects us and everything is connected .

You should not worry too much if you have this kind of dream, you do not have to hide in real life.

The Most Common Dreams About Hiding 

Dreaming about running away and hiding- meaning behind this type of dream is that you wish to change your current story and lifestyle .

Lack of attitude and clear boundaries could make a lot of issues with yourself and unawareness about your responsibilities are actions that lead to bad results.

These dreams indicate need to face things and change them , if you have these kind of dreams then start making better decisions and healthier habits right away.

Dreaming about hiding from danger- if in a dream your are hiding from certain danger then this means you have trouble with depression or anxiety.


These kind of dreams are a reminder of your vulnerability that comes from bad decisions and hurtful experiences .

This could mean that you are afraid of future, new experiences because your past is limiting you to enjoy your life.

This is a big issue you need to resolve so you could live fully and happily.

Dreaming about hiding from a person-  If you had a dream where you are hiding away from a person or running away to find shelter from someone then this could mean that you have real danger in your life or you are living on edge, making really bad decisions that could lead to really scary outcomes .

Or maybe you are avoiding resolving your problems and finding solutions to them. It could be because of stress related to work or your social circle but it could be something deeper like losing yourself.

Dreaming about hiding from a wild animal-  If you are hiding from some kind of dangerous species in your dream than this is indication for a new opportunity, a new view that could make your life better than it currently is.

Maybe you have a boring life , job that is 9 to 5 and your days are all the same well dreaming something like this could be a huge breaking point for you. Do not waste it.

Dreaming about hiding from war- War is a word with terrifying meaning behind it , our history is filled with war and blood so this dream perhaps may be really scary at first but it actually means that you are avoiding conflict that is always in your life.

You are the main reason behind that trouble or fight but you are not doing anything to change it so you just avoid it. In war people fought for their homes, loved ones so why wouldn’t you fight for your own life?

Dreaming about hiding from police- Okay so you are running from police in your dream that must mean you did something wrong and you are not being serious and mature enough to fix your mistakes the right way.

Police is representation for your bad decisions and you are running away from that because you do not want to stay and face the consequences for your own actions.

Dreaming about hiding from bad guys- this dream means that you have a lot on your mind, something is truly bothering you at this moment.

When you have a dream where some kind of murderer, serial killer or even vampire is following you that means you have not resolved some kind of disagreement with yourself or with someone close to you.

This may be work related in most cases it is, working place and colleagues can cause a lot of stress and a lot of self doubt.

Dreaming about hiding under the water- When you dream about hiding under some lake or sea even bathtub filled with water this means that you do not want to meet someone new or start relationship.

This is not exactly bad meaning or something scary it just means that you are not ready and you should probably talk to yourself about the things you need and want in your life.

Dreaming about hiding in some kind of building- If you are running away and hide in a building this means that you have a strong need to protect yourself from that enemy.

It could look like they are out to get your money or to harm you, this dream is a type of dream that warns you that you are not in safe place in reality .

Perhaps your circle is using you in some way for their own selfish needs and you know that subconsciously  but you do not act on it.

Your best friends even may not have the best attentions and you are aware of that so you should act on it because something bad to you may happen you will end up hurt if you do not stand up for yourself.

Dreaming about hiding in a tree- Most people have a strong fear of failing and that fear stops them from doing things they love because they are afraid so much they don’t  even try.

This is the reason why you have had this kind of dream.

Maybe your life is awesome at this moment you are the happiest and you are at the top of everything but you are afraid you are going to fall and lose everything.

This is really important and this dream is telling you to stop ruining your own happiness by imagining worst case scenario.

If you continue thinking that you are going to lose everything then you probably will everything on your mind becomes reality so enjoy this moment right now, you cannot predict future or plan your life everything will be just the way it should be.

Dreaming about hiding in a bathroom- this dream represents guilt.

You have done something bad and you feel sorry about it so much that you are scared and anxious.

Your calmness is gone in reality and you are beating yourself up about that deed .

So dreaming about hiding in restroom or bathroom means that you want to make it better, you are looking for redemption .

Dreaming about hiding in a closet-  if you are hiding in a closet in your dreams it means you have some issues with your work process.

You are expecting fast results and probably thinking too much about this.

Hiding in a closet means that you are trying to protect yourself but your mind set is not helping you with it.

You cannot relax and wait you have to have it all now .

This dream is telling you that you have to wait and trust the timing sometimes because no matter how hard you work and how much you think it will not change the fact that things need time . Take some time to enjoy what you have now , situation will change at certain moment but not right now.

Dreaming about hiding and getting caught-  this kind of dreams is related to romantic relationships.

In a dream you are trying and trying to hide somewhere but you can’t hide and you get caught it means that you are taking your partner for granted and are not hundred percent true with yourself in that relationship.

This could be a fear of commitment or maybe the person is not right for you and deeply you know it but ignore it.

This dream is also one type of warning sign because you do not even understand yourself in this situation with a person that loves you if you continue taking people for granted because you are unsure about what you want then you will have a huge problem in future.

Take some action just decide do you want that relationship or simply not .

Dreaming about hiding under the table- This dream is not very common but it has a message too.

In your life you want to start something new but you are afraid of consequences that could be really bad so this begins a cycle of problems in your life and your head .

If you had this kind of dream you should know that it is trying to tell you that you need a better organization and better plan for your life.