Dream About Dog Poop – Meaning and Symbolism

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The general judgment that feces dream of money and improved material well-being is only partially true. There are details and nuances that can significantly change the course of predictions.

If you not only saw feces, but also smelled them, then this dream speaks of a rather difficult relationship with others. Did you hear the smell first and get started? It seems that soon someone is going to try to interfere in your life.

At the same time, the interpreter assures you that this will definitely not be of any use to you.

Dream About Dog Poop – Meaning

A dream in which you happened to see animal feces basically promises a profit, but at the same time warns to be extremely careful.

There is a risk of treading the wrong path or getting involved in a dubious business. Good luck awaits the dreamer who had to clean up “cow cake” in the dream. Bird droppings promise that money will come from where it was not expected.

Has the dreamer seen his own feces? In this case, their appearance will help interpretation. So liquid droppings indicate disappointment and betrayal.

It is possible that you will be undeservedly maligned. You should not rely on anyone to appreciate your efforts, as they deserve to be.

Hard feces in a dream indicates that in reality people will refuse your advice and help. Try to keep your opinion to yourself; it will be easier for everyone.

Have you tried to mop up your own excrement? It seems like it is time to reflect on the past and correct mistakes. In addition, someone has already become aware of the most unpleasant details in your life.

A harbinger of financial troubles is a dream in which the dreamer had to donate feces for tests. The one who fell into feces in a dream will get into an awkward situation and quite fell out of favor.

A dream in which you fell into the toilet in the street predicts a difficult time in real life. Unfortunately, no amount of your efforts can influence the course of events.

Even in medieval times, long before the famous psychologist Freud tried to interpret dreams, the dream symbol “feces” was considered something positive.

It is worth thinking about your inner world and your own habits if in a dream you had the opportunity to eat stool. This is a sure sign and a call that the time for great change has come.

A huge heap in a dream is an extremely positive sign. There is a chance of a good raise in the near future. Maybe you can find a new job or win the lottery, which is also possible. The one who dreamed of feces on the bed will be able to solve all financial problems.

Most likely, a very influential person will contribute. Anyone who has seen feces in the toilet will make an easy profit.


Were they on the floor? It means that you are too naive and gullible which is why you are in a difficult situation. If you want to maintain your financial position, you need to be realistic about life.

Heavily soiled with your feces? This means that you are waiting for a win or a loud party. In addition, the interpreter encourages you to be vigilant and attentive. Rough decisions can lead to a variety of problems.

A dream in which you accidentally fell into a cesspool promises a successful conclusion to affairs. Good luck will accompany all endeavors.

It is entirely possible that we can get a very lucrative deal. The interpreter recommends not being afraid of starting new business and making drastic adjustments in your life.

If you have to go to the bathroom without partitions and feel ashamed of yourself, then this is a call to get rid of shame and shyness, to become more determined and confident.

The interpreter is sure that you will soon be able to prove yourself in all its glory and gain respect.

Did you have a big talk with someone while using the toilet? It seems that getting what you want on your own is going to be impossible.

A dream in which you were not embarrassed that many people watched you in the toilet is positive. What he sees promises that in either case the dreamer will gain authority? You need to monitor your health for someone who has been watching other people defecate.

If feces appeared to you in a dream and did not occupy a central place in a dream, then what you saw indicates your weak character.

So far, you have solved all the important questions with the help of other people. Now it is time to rethink yourself and radically change your life. Take the reins in your own hands and decide your own fate.

Dream about Dog Poop – Symbolism

Even in medieval times, long before the famous psychologist Freud tried to interpret dreams, the dream symbol “feces” was considered something positive.

While Freud interprets the appearance of urine in a dream as something spiritual, popular belief describes the dream of feces in connection with a blessing of money.

It is believed that money is traditionally associated with excrement because it was previously used as fertilizer for fieldwork. Therefore, a lot of manure could turn into a lot of money if the farmer only fertilized properly.

From a psychological point of view, the connection between feces in the dream and money can be interpreted in such a way that the dreaming was meticulously urged to be clean as a child.

It can often be observed in practice that people who enjoyed an excessive education on cleanliness as a child later become stingy and try to accumulate possessions.

Defecation can be an experience of loss in childhood, which explains the fact that these people cling to money and property in adulthood.

Feces in the dream do not have to appear as their own excretion. Like all parts of the body concerning the body, the seeing of feces in the dream reveals a lot about the self-image of the dreaming.

Not for every person, seeing the excrement in a dream feels the same, because not with every dreaming the disgust tolerance towards excrement is equally pronounced.

Faecal vision in the dream can only appear marginally, for example through the excretions of animals that play no further role in the dream event.

However, if the dream revolves around the dream symbol of seeing feces, attention should also be paid to the circumstances surrounding the dream.

For example, were all the necessary utensils for going to the toilet available in the dream when seeing excrement was dreamed of?

Feces in the toilet can indicate financial wealth. However, if the mood in the dream was more threatening or uncomfortable than was dreamed of feces in the toilet, this dream symbol can also indicate financial bottlenecks.

People often dream of poop in the toilet when short-time work has been started or when unemployment is imminent.

However, anyone who has just found a new job and is facing important financial increases in private family income often dreams of excrement in the toilet.

The excrement can be a real relief for the dreaming. Wiping off the feces then means that the difficult matter is cleared up down to the smallest detail and leads to complete clarification.

But it can also be that the excrement in the dream was accidentally deposited or in an inappropriate situation.

If in this case an attempt is made to wipe the excrement as quickly as possible, this can indicate that the dreaming would like to cover up a stressful situation.

If so, it can be liberating to face the challenge and live with the consequences rather than continuing to carry the burden with you in secret.

If you dream of being smeared with feces, this dream symbol can be related to a birth. Maybe a friend is pregnant right now or there is a baby in the family?

If the dreaming actively deals with the topic of birth and having children, it occurs increasingly in the dream that the dreaming smeared himself with feces.

This dream symbol is also expressed when a pregnancy has been terminated. Especially when their partner has urged not to have the child, women often, dream of covering themselves with feces.

More important than the feces on the finger itself as a dream symbol is the question: How did the feces get on the finger in a dream?

Playing with excrement in a dream is generally rated positively in the dream analysis. Most of the time, successful people dream of feces on the finger that has been played with in the dream.

It can always be that the feces suddenly turn into something else in the dream. If this is the case, the brain moves on to the next experience, which is to be entered into the long-term memory.

An analysis of this new dream symbol can help to correctly interpret the dream in all its facets.

Dream interpretation of feces from children can mean that the children are doing well and the health situation is in the best possible way.

Not only young or new parents dream of faces in their child. Anyone who takes care of a baby every day understandably dreams of their own child’s poop every now and then.

Especially if the young parents are disgusted with changing diapers, they can often have unpleasant dreams about the child in connection with feces.

However, the dream of having a child can also mean that your own offspring will flourish and that family or professional success will emerge.

However, even if the child has been through a serious illness, the parents sometimes dream of the child’s feces. This can be interpreted as a sign of relief: The difficult times are over, things are looking up again.

Feces in the water is a dream symbol, which can be interpreted in relation to passion or a new love.

The dreaming, who dreams of feces in the water, is currently going through a particularly creative phase, the excrement, which is considered unclean, mixes with the dream symbol for purity, life and health.

Since excrement in the dream can indicate a financial gain, the dream symbol of feces in the water also describes success or an increase in money.

If the water in a dream washes the droppings away, this can be a sign that a stressful situation has dissolved into pleasure.


The external circumstances of the dream can provide information about what exactly it means to dream of feces in the toilet.

Was there enough toilet paper? Did the feces stay in the toilet or did a threatening dream situation arise because it was not possible to remove the feces from the toilet?

While feces sexually stimulate some people, most people find eating the feces gross. This is only natural, because the feces contain many harmful germs.

While in real life it is a taboo for most people to eat excrement, it can feel quite pleasant in a dream.

The dreaming is rightly confused when he awakens. Eating feces in a dream can be an indication that important problems should be kept secret.

The dreaming has been hiding health problems or concerns for a long time, which would cause difficulties in the family circle after becoming known. In such situations, it often happens that one dreams of eating feces.