Dream of Losing Purse – Meaning and Symbolism

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If there is an accessory that is loved by practically all women in Italy and the world, this is undoubtedly the bag.

An inevitable object for the daily life of girls and adult women, more and more often it also happens to dream of this accessory, also and above all because it formalizes situations or personal desires.

If you are curious to understand what it means to dream of a bag, you are in the right place: we have in fact thought to enclose all the most common interpretations of this dream, thus helping you to decipher the messages of your psyche. Let us start with what seems to be one of the most common visions related to the bag dream.

Dream of Losing Purse – Meaning

If you have ever dreamed of losing your bag, know that this can be synonymous with strong psycho-physiological stress, perhaps for an emotional or professional moment that is not exactly peaceful in your life, but also a symptom of having your head somewhere else. , which is driving you out of focus on the things that really matter.

If, on the other hand, we have happened to dream of finding a bag, we must try to remember the objects contained in it, which, very often, can represent the qualities we would need, while if the bag is closed the meaning is to be found in the possible potential of which each woman disposes.

If, in the dream, the bag is signed, it could reflect one’s own insecurity or sense of inferiority, an alleged inability that is reflected in the continuous need for external support.

A heavy bag, on the other hand, is generally linked to the way we present ourselves or demonstrate our femininity.

Dreaming of a full bag, on the other hand, has a meaning that refers to possible complications that may occur both in the material and in the emotional field; if empty, however, what is needed is a total change in one’s life and a break with relationships that have now ended.

It is to be considered a possible eventuality, however, the betrayal by one’s partner when a stolen bag appears in the dream.

This situation, however, can also refer to probable problems in the family.

Dreaming of a broken bag, again, is emblematic of a repeated behavior on the part of the dreamer who insists on relating to a person, even knowing that it is not worth her attention.

A brand new bag is an omen that what you most desire will come true, while a small bag means that despite the predictions of dreaming, things are not going the right way.

Colors in dreams have an important value as they determine the meaning of the message sent by your mind. That said, a red colored bag indicates the desire of the one who dreams of having fun and relaxing.

The black color, on the other hand, is representative of stress and complications; therefore, it becomes necessary to devise a way to relieve you of work and responsibilities.

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Have you ever dreamed of bags, a single bag, a handbag or a duffel bag? You are probably wondering what this dream you just had means, what is its meaning. It is not easy.

Just like the bag, the elements of a dream are like containers: what you put inside depends on the dream, on the context.

In the case of the bag, as in any other dream, it depends on what happens, the situation you dreamed of and the sensations you experienced. The meaning is not the bag itself, but how you have “lived” the bag.

In general, the bag is something to keep your things safe. Symbolically, therefore, it evokes responsibility, given that we use it to guard something of our own or of others, it can be money, or simply something, we care about.

It may happen to dream of finding a bag with someone else’s objects inside, a stolen bag, or of dreaming of losing the bag, or of looking for something inside the bag and not finding it (as often happens in reality!),

Or of carrying a heavy bag, which could indicate a feeling of worry related to heavy responsibilities. That is not all.

To understand what this dream means, you must therefore try to remember how the bag was made or how you interacted with the bag in the dream. Was it an old bag? It can be a symptom of insecurity. Was it a nice new bag?

Maybe you have experienced self-esteem and confidence, it is a positive dream.

For example, if you dream of buying a new purse or handbag, it is probably because you have experienced a change that you feel as positive, or that this change is about to take place.

Dream of Losing Purse – Symbolism

Seeing an old and / or worn bag in a dream could mean that you lack self-esteem and / or that you do not know how to value yourself.

Dreaming of changing bags, or dreaming of buying a new bag, heralds a positive change or, that there is something new that is about to emerge.

Losing your bag in dreams, or dreaming that the bag is stolen, could derive from a truly lived experience or, from the fear of losing something important or, it could also express a moment of profound insecurity in the dreamer.

Dreaming of losing it means that soon it will be necessary to take care of something or someone. It is a very common dream, often associated with feelings of anxiety and agitation and indicates that it is necessary to reflect on one’s qualities.

It represents a moment of profound insecurity. Dreaming of it empty warns that a radical change in life is needed.

Dreaming of losing the bag or the wallet could also indicate a confusion towards one’s identity or one’s work skills.

Not being able to find your bag in a dream, it could signal that you are going through a critical moment or period of your existence and / or that you are afraid of losing your identity, value and / or prestige. Dreaming of finding your bag again could indicate that problems will soon be solved.

Dreaming of finding another person’s bag, could make you fear the looming of sudden expenses or the nullification of a project.

Finding a full one could denote that the dreamer is surrounded by false and / or unscrupulous people.

The dream bag full, reveals the generosity of the dreamer, but could also herald complications on the material and / or emotional level.

Dreaming of an empty bag could express the need for a radical change of life and / or the desire to sever ties that are now worn out and / or sterile.

Stealing a bag in dreams could make you fear the betrayal of your partner or family sorrows. Dreaming of snatching a bag could express the dreamer’s aggression or the desire for violent and / or fleeting relationships.

Dreaming of a bag full of stones could promise a good lotto win. Dreaming of the stock exchange building, it could warn of a probable theft. The bag game in dreams: if you win in the dream, it could herald misfortunes, if instead you dream of losing it predicts happiness.

According to Freud, the purse or handbag recalls the female sexual organ and is an expression of femininity in general, precisely because of its function as a “container”. For a man, seeing one in a dream represents some aspects of his “inner feminine” or of his relationship with the woman both in a physical and mental sense.

Although in the past men who wore bags were considered as effeminate, today this is no longer the case and in dreams, a man with a bag can symbolize his attitude towards his responsibilities. In the dream, a woman holding a bag is more likely to go to represent her own inner feelings.

Dreaming of an “old bag” can metaphorically refer to someone who is elderly present in the dreamer’s real life.

Dreaming of being carrying a torn or torn one means that the dreamer has been given too many responsibilities. Things that you cannot handle at once and you are starting to feel stress and feel pressured.

Dreaming of one that is stolen can refer to purely sexual situations; the dreamer (usually female) feels too reckless or feels penalized in her being her woman.

Dreaming of one full of garbage symbolizes that you are burdened with worries and problems; a way must therefore be found to unload part of this burden.

Dreaming of losing it means that soon it will be necessary to take care of something or someone. It is a very common dream, often associated with feelings of anxiety and agitation and indicates that it is necessary to reflect on one’s qualities.

It represents a moment of profound insecurity. Dreaming of it empty warns that a radical change in life is needed.

Opening a door and seeing an empty bag on the door means that you need to try to be less kind and sensitive.

Forgetting her at home in a dream means that one’s expectations are unfounded, circumstances can turn against the dreamer.

Dreaming of finding a bag portends unexpected expenses. If walking or entering an elevator, you find an abandoned one, and you notice wads of money or valuables in it and pay attention to it, the dream portends that some people are trying to slander or go against the dreamer.

Leaving it unattended in dreams and not finding it indicates that it is necessary to reflect on the lack of self-enhancement. Dreaming of a stolen bag predicts the possibility of a betrayal.

Dreaming of a full bag portends economic and emotional complications. Dreaming of a new bag predicts your dreams will come true. A small bag indicates that something is not going, as it should.

Dreaming of a red bag symbolizes the desire for fun and relaxation. A black bag indicates stress and complications.

Dreaming of rummaging through a bag symbolizes a large amount of work to be done. A leather bag symbolizes a sudden journey, while a bag full of food symbolizes creativity and new ideas.

Dreaming that someone rings the bell and that when you open the door, you find a rope bag thrown on the ground, the dream predicts that you will suffer for your kindness and compassion.

Dreaming that you are traveling and while sitting, something dripping onto you from a bag of a standing passenger portends that the circumstances are not profitable for the dreamer.

If you walk with a backpack in your dream, it is an indication that you can be happy with the little things, and do not worry about fashion.

Dreaming of walking with a shopping bag in one hand, it means that in real life, simple pleasures are preferred, not fashion or the modern world.


What does it mean to dream of a bag? Generally, the bag, when it appears in dreams, is associated with femininity and possession.

Bags hold everything that tells our story and who we are. Usually we dream of putting objects inside a bag.

This type of dream could indicate that you are putting away your possessions for use in the future or that you are trying to get rid of some things to ignore them. Dreaming of a beautiful bag means that you have a good opinion of yourself.