Dream About Former Coworkers – Meaning and Symbolism

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Every single person spends huge amount of time at work surrounded by partners, co-workers and after some time they simply become a family.

Sometimes people don’t even like their co-workers, they could be a reason why that person asks for transition to another work place.

And sometimes those people are a reason why someone stays working at a certain place.

Whether we want to accept it or not people do play a huge role in our little lives.

But it is up to us to accept them or let them go, colleagues are important to us more than we think they are because they are the ones we spend everyday with.

When you spend a lot of time with someone you start acting like them, you absorb their energy and their vibes.

Seeing your former co-worker in a dream could mean a lot of different things, that depends on the type of that dream, their appearance and action in that dream, small things.

Everything you see in your dream matters so be careful with details, try to remember as much details as possible so that you could find a true meaning behind your dream about a former co-worker.

Dream about a former co-worker symbolises past desires and feelings that are still affecting your life.

It may be a sign that you are still not over that part of your life, this happens after you get fired for example.

This type of a dream may also be a sign that you are closing a certain chapter of your life, so now your are finally focusing on the good without looking back at past mistakes and regrets.

These dreams often are an indication that you are thinking about your mistakes non stop and this right there is an extremely unhealthy habit which your subconscious is warning you about.

So these dreams are not really a good or a bad sign, they show you where you stand in your life mentally.

The Most Common Dreams About Former Co-workers

Dreaming about having an argument with a former co-worker- If you had this type of a dream in which you are having a conflict or an argument with your former co-worker then this dream is an indication on a new opportunity regarding your profession.

Perhaps you think that this dream is a bad sign because there is conflict involved but actually this dream is a sign of new chances and tasks.


These new tasks may appear troubling to you but you will soon realize that you are made for that job and you will start acting like it.

For females this type of a dream may be a sign of sexual tension from your work place, perhaps your current colleague is good-looking so your subconscious is just reflecting on your current state of mind.

This tension is starting to mess with your head, you are having an argument with yourself actually because of these feelings and desires.

You know that your thinking is bad but you are still wondering if it really is that bad.

This dream also represents possible reunion with your former partner or current partner if they were away for some time and now they are coming back it is possible that this dream is caused by this situation.

Dreaming about your former co-worker dying- This dream may appear scary and unpleasant for the people who have it.

If you had a dream about your former co-worker dying or being killed in your dream then this is a sign that you are letting go of that part of your life.

So this means that you are finally setting yourself free from your past, especially if you were holding on to that part for too long.

Sometimes people from your past are a reminder where you were at that point of life, what your mind-set was like and what kind of perspective you had.

So when you dream about old co-worker dying it means that that part where you were working with them is gone from your head.

You are realizing that the past is gone so you are ready to focus on the future.

It can also be a sign that you no longer have the same goals, perhaps you wanted to be a doctor and that was your main purpose but right now you are falling in love with architecture and that is your new goal.

Your past desires are dying and new ones are coming.

And you shouldn’t fear change and new beginnings, just go with the flow and see what happens.

Dreaming about your boss loving your former co-worker-   This type of a dream in which your boss is just loving your former co-worker and is not really paying attention to you could have multiple meanings.

Perhaps you are still not over the fact that someone choose someone else and not you, this doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with your work area.

It can be an indication on your love life, family life, friendships in which you were the one who choose others but they left you behind.

So this dream can be a sign of possible trauma going on, if that is the case you should consider talking with someone maybe even a professional.

But first allow yourself to feel everything, do not supress your feelings or ignore them.

If you do not feel like you have the support from the people you love then tell them that, stop acting like someone knows what is going on inside of your head and start taking control of your life.

So tell people how you feel, what you want and set some clear boundaries and then watch your life get better instantly.

Dreaming about your former co-workers gossiping about something- If you had a dream like this where you are witnessing your co-workers gossiping about a certain topic then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are avoiding certain issues in your life.

These issues may be coming from your deep past but you are still not working on resolving them and moving on with your life.

Perhaps you are afraid to face those problems after all this time or that you think that everything will be alright if you ignore problems in your life.

Your subconscious is telling you through this dream that you need to stop running away from your problems and that you should start focusing on resolutions.

If you continue living this way then at some point everything will get to you when you least expect it to, when that happens everything will be a disaster.

Dreaming about being angry at your former co-worker- So if you had this type of a dream where you are angry at your former partner because of something they have done then this dream is a sign that you have consequences from supressing your emotions in your past.

If you were type of a person that constantly hides his or hers true feelings because of the thought that no one cares then you will have huge consequences throughout your life.

This dream is a reminder for you to start dealing with your problems and communication skills.

Start with therapy or counselling, your mental health is not something to joke about or to ignore especially if you had these problems through your past.

Everything will follow you in your life whatever you do is going to be still there unless you deal with it at the right time and then you release all of your troubles.

That is what our past is about, you learn your lesson and then you move on but you are not able to move on unless you learn what you need at that time.

If you don’t then that situation will repeat itself until you realize what you need to do.

Dreaming about your former co-worker killing you- Well this also can be a frightening dream for the dreamer.

If you had a dream where your former partner is trying to kill you or has already killed you then this type of a dream is a sign of possible confidence issues.

This also can be a product from something that happened in your near past, for example a break up.

After breaking up with someone most people experience confidence issues and low self esteem which is normal especially if the other one was a cheater or a liar.

If you do have some issues with confidence then start doing certain activities  that can boost it or just start being yourself and if you don’t know who you are then start a journey of finding yourself.

Everything can be fixed and improved if a person really wants that improvement.

Dreaming about a former co-worker stealing your position at a job- This dream also can be connected with your confidence.

It often represents self doubt because of other people’s expectations.

Perhaps your family is having high standards that you need to maintain and you are failing at it.

Or if you have siblings and if they are more successful than you are then this dream is not really that uncommon, it doesn’t mean that you are jealous it just means that you are not feeling like you are good enough like they are.

Maybe you are not receiving enough affirmation that is needed for a person to act confident.

It can also be a sign that someone is taking your place in awakening life, perhaps your ex has a new partner or that you have been replaced at a former job position there are a lot of different examples for that but only you know your own situation.