Perfume – Dream Meaning and Biblical Symbolism

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Everyone loves perfumes except the people who have allergies.

People use perfumes at least two times a day so it is not that uncommon for it to appear in our dream state.

A perfume can be used as a fantastic gift, a great air freshener and it gives people that signature scent and charm.

Where would we be without perfumes?

A lot of singers, actors, famous people in general are designing their own signature perfumes.

Prices are not always that low, it depends on the quality.

Some last longer, while others barely last an hour and even that is too long.

There are some conflicts and discussions about which perfume is better male or female kind and the most of the people agree that male perfumes last longer and are more powerful than female ones.

They come in bottles which are designed in many different shapes and sizes.

All of that may appear in your dream even the scent and that is not really explained so it is still a mystery, our mind is so powerful that it the dream state it creates certain scent perhaps some kind that we are already familiar with.

But still it is pretty fascinating.

In a dream perfume has a lot of different interpretations and meanings, it symbolises excellence and something new.

It could have some meanings that are not really positive but still aren’t really negative either.

So if you had a dream about a perfume then find your meaning here, remember your dream and go in search for your meaning.

The Most Common Dreams About Perfume

Dreaming about a perfume scent on other people- If you had a dream like this where there is a perfume scent on other people then this type of a dream indicates on your feelings and opinions about those people that appear in your dream.


So depending on that smell your true feelings about those people are revealed, so for example if the perfume is weak then perhaps you think that person who has it in your dream is not strong or doesn’t have a strong decisions, boundaries, etc.

These dreams are not a good or a bad sign, they are representing a discovery of your own thoughts that perhaps you were not even aware of.

Dreaming about a nice perfume scent- If you had a dream about a perfume that has a nice smell, the one that you like, then this type of a dream is a sign of future opportunities that are likely to bring you a memorable experience.

These opportunities may just pop up into your life without you even realizing what is happening at that moment.

You should accept new challenges that are ahead of you, do not pass up on a great chance to change your life in a positive way.

So maybe if you are a type of a person that fears change then this dream is a sign from your subconscious to try and face that fear finally because it is holding you back from doing amazing things.

Perhaps your squad, group of friends that is not whole for some time is going to get back together and you will make some beautiful memories together.

There are a lot of possible scenarios but no one can tell what exactly is going to happen, what kind of an opportunity will appear in your life that is up to you to discover.

And there is a certain beauty in the unknown, when you know everything there is no magic and excitement there.

Dreaming about overpowering perfume scent- If you had a dream where there is an overpowering perfume smell then this type of a dream is a sign of possible mental breakdown caused by the pressure in your life.

Your circle of people is causing a certain stress indirectly, they are trying to make you do something that is not really bad but it is getting on your last nerve as the time passes.

So perhaps your parents are trying to get you to go into law school and they start talking only about that, there is no other option or topic.

Or for another example let’s use your friends, maybe they are convincing you to go out with a date but you are not up for it so they start pushing you to do it.

All of that leaves a negative effect on your mind and body.

So you can pick up a message from this dream, the main message from it is to make some clear boundaries and express yourself the right way without hesitation.

Of you continue letting everyone disrespect your personal space and wishes then your life will never truly be beautiful or calm.

You have to stand up for yourself because no one else will, everything happens for a certain reason and there are a lot of different scenarios that are just there as a lesson so learn from your mistakes and stop letting people control your life.

You are the one who is in control so start acting like it.

Dreaming about buying a perfume- If you had a dream like this where you are purchasing a certain perfume then this type of a dream is a sign of possible fortune but that fortune is not really promised to you.

Your ways of getting money are not secure or safe so there is a huge chance that you  are not going to get those earnings that you have worked so hard to earn.

Maybe you have started working online on unsafe platform with mysterious people and it is logical to assume that nothing good comes out of that.

So whatever happens do not be too disappointed just accept it the way it is and move on, remember the lesson and do not forget to learn from your mistakes.

Dreaming about spraying perfume into the air- If you had a dream like this where you are spraying  perfume into the air to refresh that room then this type of a dream is a sign that you do not have a strong goal that could bring something good to you.

Your focus at this point right now is on music, art, fame and of course people succeed all the time doing those things but the reality is that you need to have a firm start and then choose something like that to proceed with.

You always have to have a plan B, never rely only on one option but that is not your main problem.

Your main problem is the fact that you are constantly living in your dream world, you have no clear sight and not one goal that is going to pay off in the right way.

So this dream is trying to shake you a little bit so that you could start focusing on something important and firm.

Dreaming about stealing a perfume- If you had a dream in which you are a thief who is stealing a certain perfume then this type of a dream is an indication on your readiness to achieve your desires.

This is truly dangerous trait especially right now where you do not have any chance for fulfilment.

You have to stop chasing temporary pleasures and start acting right, this behaviour is reckless and even childish.

Dreaming about perfume gift- Perfumes are the most common gift, when someone doesn’t know what to get you then you get a perfume.

If you had a dream about getting a perfume as a gift from someone could mean that you are actually going to get a gift in real life also.

Maybe not a materialistic gift but a certain surprise is on your way, perhaps a loved one from your past, a friend.

Dreaming about a perfume bottle- If you had a dream about a perfume bottle then this type of a dream means that you are not the one who is controlling your life.

Someone else is and you are letting that person do that without complaining or maybe you are not realizing that yet.

So you are probably wondering what is happening, how to stop it and you have a lot of questions but the truth is you need to stop and analyse your current situation.

See what is happening and who is there managing your life problems.

It is very important to get back on the right track and to take back the power in your own hands.

Dreaming about a perfume shop- If you had a dream in which you are either seeing or entering a beautiful perfume shop filled with perfumes then this type of a dream can be a sign of possible relationship issues.

Your connection with your partner is weaker than before and there are certain issues that are taking away your inner peace.

So this dream is reminding you that you need to resolve this matter as soon as possible before it affects your health.

Even if you love them more than you love yourself always remember no one is worth your peace and happiness.

Dreaming about spraying a perfume on other people- If you had a dream in which you are spraying a perfume on other people then this type of a dream could be a sign that you are using your charm in order to slip away from difficult situations.

You know when and how to use it which bring the advantage in your hands .

This is a very dangerous quality if used right and if used wrong it is still dangerous but to you.

Be careful at one point you will not be able to just slip away.