Dream About Iguana – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many nights we dream of animals and most of the time they arrive with strong messages that stir us inside. This occurs because dreams about animals come directly from nature and instinct, so their intensity is greater.

And you don’t always dream of adorable animals like koalas, cats, or dogs, do you?

Do not be scared of dreaming of an iguana, even if the reptiles produce a certain rejection because it is a dream of tranquility and satisfaction. You want to know more? We tell you about it in our dream dictionary.

Dream About Iguana – Meaning

Although the iguana is like a lizard but larger and that implies a general rejection like all reptiles, the truth is that the symbolism of this animal in dreams is most encouraging.

Aspects such as tranquility, life satisfaction, happiness, reflection, introspection and awareness are present in this dream that may surprise you.

And we explain ourselves. Because if you know how the iguana lives, you will realize how much you can learn from this animal. An iguana spends its life lying in the sun to warm itself, since its blood is quite cold.

This is how time passes, lying in the sun as you would like to do on the beach, for example. Thinking, resting, appreciating the present moment, and moving solely to find food.

Add the reading of a good book, something that the iguana cannot do, and you will find the height of happiness.

We are not suggesting that you dedicate yourself to the contemplative life like iguanas but, if you can afford it, it would not be bad either.

The meaning of the dream is a vital learning that can bring you a little closer to happiness.

When you dream of an iguana you are in luck because your mind wants you to be aware of a great secret, the secret of happiness.

It is not something that you do not know, deep down you know that it is in your hand, but sometimes you have to take some time to reflect to discover everything that makes you feel good. More than to discover it, to appreciate it.

By now everyone knows that happiness is a goal in life but it is not a constant state of joy. Happiness also includes emotional discomfort, sadness, or even pain.

And once you accept this, it only remains to appreciate the wonderful gifts that life offers you every day. What they call gratitude. But how do you get to this state?

Well, taking time, disconnecting, thinking and reflecting. Do like the iguana and sit in the sun for a while to observe everything you have achieved in your life, to appreciate the family you have, your friends, your partner if you have one.


To feel comfortable in your own skin, to show yourself as you are, to not be afraid to be authentic. Don’t you feel happy when you realize everything you have?

There is an aspect of the iguana that is equally interesting and that at first may seem contradictory. Imagine an iguana lying in the sun doing absolutely nothing.

It is the very picture of tranquility and relaxation, right? But it turns out that this animal is surprisingly quick to react to danger. And here we come to the anxiety aspect.

Because you can have this dream with iguanas when you are having trouble managing your anxiety. Like the iguana, you do not need to be constantly alert.

In fact, you will have already verified that this state of continuous alarm produces the opposite effect, that you cannot even react. Well then you will have to look at the power of this animal that your dream sends you.

Do you know that you deserve to take a moment to enjoy life and yourself? Do you know that you have the right not to be constantly worried despite the problems you have?

Do you know that learning to enjoy even in the midst of difficulties can reduce your anxiety problems?

So slow down, lower your self-criticism and self-demand. You don’t have to be always on your guard.

Because when danger or problem appears, it would be better for him to find you well rested and relaxed, so you will better cope with it.

Dream About Iguana – Symbolism

Reptiles since ancient times have been related to mysticism, for this reason dreaming of iguanas has very serious meanings. Iguanas are diurnal animals, that is, they are not easily found at night.

Dreaming of iguanas is a positive but serious dream so you don’t have to worry.

Dreams do not happen by chance, because the subconscious sometimes uses common elements of your life to send you signals or warnings that you are not able to see in everyday life, so if you have recently been dreaming about iguanas and do not know what your Subconscious you are in the right place, because below we will provide you with all the information you need to know what your subconscious wants to tell you with this dream.

Experts in the world of dreams affirm that dreaming of iguanas is associated with the search for knowledge, these animals are very patient, which means that you do not rush things either, you wait for it to arrive when the time decides.

Dreams with iguanas also predict that you are close to success and that you must be very cautious and patient until you get what you want. This dream usually occurs when you are going through significant moments in your life.

Next we will provide you with a list of the most common meanings of dreaming about iguanas so that you can know what your subconscious wants to tell you, you will be able to know if it wants to send you a signal or a warning.

Green iguanas may warn you to fear something, but this is not always the case. If green iguanas are close to someone who is not to your liking, it means that you should be careful with those people because they want to hurt you or they are not a positive person in your life.

If the green iguanas are drinking, it only means that you patiently wait to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. If the green iguanas are in the trees this is a clear reflection that you are taking the right path to achieve success.

This dream tries to warn you that something is to come, perhaps iguanas seem like harmless animals but often fearful, so this dream warns that a situation that will cause you a lot of fear is about to come into your life.

Use this dream to your advantage and stay alert, so that when this situation arrives it does not take you by surprise.

Other experts in the world of dreams affirm that dreaming of large iguanas predicts that someone is threatening your life, so you must be very attentive and not trust everyone, as this threat will come from those who least expect it.

In dreams, colored iguanas turn out to be very showy and striking. This dream predicts that situations are about to come into your life that will cause you joy and happiness.

This dream also predicts that people will come into your life who will want to help you achieve success.

You may think that this dream is negative, but this or it is the case, the dead iguanas in the dream world mean that you have not achieved the path to the wisdom you were looking for.

It is important that you always remember where you want to go, this will be the only way that you do not make wrong decisions and stay on the path that will lead you to success.

If you dream of giving a dead iguana to another person, it means that you are irresponsible, you do not fulfill what you promise.

It also means that you are giving all your responsibilities to others, you are avoiding the things that correspond to you and you prefer that someone else does them to avoid commitment.

Now if you have dreamed of many dead iguanas, it means that you are not taking the right path.

Choose your friends better, because you are deviating from the right path by following in the footsteps of others, always remember what your goal is and do not go off the path that leads you to it.

It means that we feel calm and capable of achieving everything we set out to do, we are not afraid of the obstacles that may come our way, because you trust yourself and know that you can overcome anything.

It is important that you maintain the patience and calm that you have until now, you may sometimes feel that you despair, but remember that patience is the virtue of the wise, remember that patience and tranquility have taken you far if you do not lose focus.


This dream represents indecision, because you have many offers on the table but you do not know which one to choose, if the iguanas are calm it means that you are not clear about the path you should follow.

Now if on your floors there are many iguanas that are threatening, it means that you fear being in public, you are a shy person and you feel fear when you are surrounded by many people.