Spiritual Meaning of Blue

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Color is a form of non-verbal communication. It surrounds us on all sides. Each color has a meaning and is associated with different emotions and values.

Blue is said to be preferred by most. This is usually the case because it is linked to good qualities that are proven over time.

The color blue is associated with feelings such as sympathy, harmony, friendship, and trust.

Spiritual Meaning of Blue – Meaning

Color psychology studies the meanings of colors and how they influence our feelings and our daily behavior. The impact that colors have on our mind is different in each case.

In this Psychology-Online article, we tell you what the color blue means in psychology and the feelings it transmits.

The psychology of color is the field of study that analyzes the effect of colors on the perception of human emotions and behaviors.

Color has the ability to convey sensations and its meaning is very broad. It should be noted that the same color can be perceived differently depending on the values ​​of each culture.

The psychology of color is used in situations of daily life such as work, in how we decorate our house or in the way we dress.

In this article, you will find more information about the perception of color and its effects on human behavior.

What does the color blue convey? Blue is a primary color, that is, it is not the product of a mixture of other colors, as affirmed by the color theory postulated by the scientist von Goethe. And what does the color blue convey in psychology?

According to the study of color psychology, the color blue has many connotations, but it is usually associated with people’s intellectual abilities.

So what does the color blue mean in psychology? This is associated with qualities such as trust, friendship, sympathy and fidelity.

Blue also denotes purity, respect, and wisdom.

Furthermore, in color psychology, blue is associated with rational thinking, through the feelings just mentioned, but it also has spiritual connotations and is often linked to fantasy and the illusion of the unreal such as dreams.

The psychological meaning of blue varies according to its hue. There are approximately 110 shades of blue.


Next, we will show you the meanings of some of the most representative shades of the color blue:

Sky blue or clear: it is associated with the states of stillness, protection, generosity and tranquility. It is a color that favors states of relaxation and concentration ideal for study or meditation.

Navy blue: it is a color that represents fidelity, commitment and the order of the sacred. Formerly it was a representative color of divinities and virgins so it is also associated with the infinite and the eternal.

Dark Blue – The meaning of the color dark blue in psychology is associated with truth, stability, and restraint. Turquoise blue: the meaning of turquoise blue in psychology is creativity, inspiration towards other people and self-control of emotions.

Color is a key element in communication. The color blue tends to be the favorite of the majority and appears constantly in our lives through marketing.

The meaning of the color blue in marketing is broad and is used frequently because it conveys positive qualities and is usually liked by everyone.

Companies or corporations often use the color blue to convey stability, responsibility and trust. It is also used to promote products around the wellness sector because it connotes peace and harmony.

On the other hand, the color blue is also often used in the professional field of technology, health and science because it is associated with professionalism and effectiveness.

In general, in the business world the color blue is used to convey feelings associated with the proper functioning of companies with the aim of generating an image of productivity and security in customers.

In this article, you can find more information about the psychology of color in marketing and advertising.

The color blue represents inspiration and is a spiritual color. The color blue in the bible is associated with justice and obedience to the divine and the eternal.

Specifically, it was associated with the commandments of Jehovah.

The stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written were made of sapphire, a blue gemstone.

The spiritual meaning of the color blue in the bible represents strict obedience to the law, since without it purity cannot exist.

On the other hand, the spiritual meaning of the color blue is different depending on the culture.

For example, in China it is associated with healing and harmony, but sometimes it can also be seen as evil. In Muslim countries, blue represents the protection of the sky and economic power.

It is well known that colors (for example blue) are used successfully in many day-to-day activities such as mental relaxation, yoga or Feng shui.

Many people have favorite colors but they do not understand the meaning that this can have by connecting them with them so, in this article, we are going to learn more about the meaning of the color blue, representative of water.

The color blue is related to water, the oceans and the planet earth (that blue ball), which instills tranquility and serenity.

It is known to be one of the favorite colors of many people, due to its positive nature and the tranquility it transmits.

When we see something blue or think about it, we immediately recognize it with the sea, the sky and the air, that is why it is considered a fresh color, which reflects calm, tranquility and melancholy.

The main color for the representation of everything masculine, however, is such a positive color that many women consider it their favorite.

In health, the color blue represents being refreshing and relaxing, flowing like the sea, the sky and the water, and many use blue tones to balance the respiratory system, although they also consider it ideal to improve blood pressure.

Blue in combination with white is symbolism of fantasy, but also of technological evolution.

But in turn, the color blue has several weaknesses in its path, such as the association with coldness, being passive and calm.

In England the term “blue pencil” or blue brush is widely used, as a symbolism of censorship, as everything that cannot be brought to light, is commonly used for works of art such as paintings.

In music what we know as “blues”, a musical trend created by a black community that lived in the United States and, as is known, in English blue means sad and melancholic, and that is why blues songs commonly convey nostalgia and melancholy.

Long ago, the blue flag was used as a symbol of peace by some countries, and today the blue band is used in recognition of certain honorees. Bluish is recognized as the favorite color by many, and commonly people who are attracted to this color have great sympathy, their life is harmonious and faithful.

In addition, it is the meaning of the color that most connects with spirituality, so it is recommended to meditate thinking about it, transmitting peace and serenity.

It is the color most accepted by the community in which, commonly, they care about their well-being, but also about the well-being of others.

These social groups usually live and respect their beliefs, with independent but secure traditions, and stand out for their serenity and optimism and, of course, they do not care much what others may think of them.

They are internally focused people, the aspects of sea, air and wind that accompany it meet and manage to create relaxing environments in the person.

In the lighter shades of blue they are associated with purity, faith, optimism but, in turn, with distraction and immaturity.

Some experts recommend that, if you find yourself in a hostile and stressed environment, surround yourself and imagine the color blue, as it is the right color to help you rest deeply, full of serenity and peace.

Spiritual Meaning of Blue – Symbolism

Blue, in addition to being a primary color, is a cold color, it is commonly associated with the most intellectual part of the mind, and it is between the color violet and the color green within the spectrum of visible light.

This color has become something very important for everyone, not for nothing does it contain many of the living beings, things and designs as the main characteristic of each of them, making it in most cases the favorite of many.

In addition to being one of the primary colors, this color has a lot of history and derivations, content that we will show you below, that you enjoy it.

There is no exact definition for being one of the colors with the most presence in the world, but it is very likely that blue is a derivative of Hispanic Arabic “lazawárd”.

Cleanliness and purity is the association that they give to this color, with a different meaning in each area in which the human being, nature, modernity and technology develop.

In many cultures blue is the color of divinity, because it is the closest in appearance to the sky, at the same time eternity is shown as the meaning of the color blue, so in it we define the infinite and great as, for example: the sea.

This color is a reference to kindness, trust and charm, at the same time we can associate it with fantasy, psychologists have created quite a few references based on this color due to human behavior when they see it, when they are close or when they perceive it.

Whether at work, home or wherever you are, the presence of this color can greatly alleviate the burden of bad vibes or bad energies, although this color is cold, it is one of those that gives you peace and calm, therefore, if it is inside your house, room, living room or bedroom, it will persuade you to be more relaxed and optimistic.

When you are at work or office, this color will provide energy and creativity and if you are about to interact with other people this color will help to maintain a pleasant conversation, without stress or worries.

As we mentioned before, blue is one of the colors that is associated with peace, tranquility and calm, that is, if your environment is surrounded with this color, your creative works will be very fluid.

Where you are always influences both when thinking, interacting or creating some intellectual content, that is why psychologists recommend an environment free of distractions and as comfortable as possible, without contamination and that is what this color can do for you.

But that does not mean that just by painting or decorating the place where you are, you will be a genius, but it will help you improve your mental health.

Establish connections with yourself, create a deep and stable mental health, meet the fluidity of the soul and the touch of all your senses, this color in a few words reflects everything that you can feel, but not touch.

What does the color blue represent according to the story? In the United States Civil War, blue was the predominant color in the uniforms of the soldiers.

During the Argentine revolutions in the 60s and 70s, after the departure of President Juan Domingo and the cry of triumph of the liberating revolution, the seditious military became they would identify with the color blue.

This color was selected by royalty, Egyptian pharaohs and by Roman emperors

The blues, a musical genre that was created by the American black community, has as its translation “Blue” which remains with a meaning of sadness, melancholy and longing.

When the Olympic flag was created, it was decided to put one of its hoops blue for the simple reason that it is a color that characterizes peace.


If you look distressed, we recommend using this color in your garment, with the sole purpose of being able to balance yourself mentally and spiritually.

Other people believe it to be the ideal color for the most restless and active children, who behave in an aggressive or impulsive way, and this because this tone connects directly with nature and the most relaxing aspects such as water, sky and wind.