Dream About Light – Meaning and Symbolism

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What would we be without light? Not only would we obviously be groping in the dark, no, a life without light would have far-reaching consequences.

Our greatest natural source of light is the sun. Without them, no plants would thrive because they lacked the nutritional basis and thus they could not produce any oxygen.

This would mean that no life on earth would be possible. Neither for plants, nor for animals, nor for us humans.

Dream about Light – Meaning

However, light is indispensable for us human species for completely different reasons. The light controls our day-night rhythm.

It is necessary for the formation of vitamin D, which is important for our immune system. If the body does not produce enough vitamin D, we get sick more quickly – which is particularly evident in the winter months, when we get much less light than in summer due to the dark season.

We also feel how our mood rises in the summer months. It is light for a long time; you are more active and feel fit. If, on the other hand, there is a lack of light, as in winter, we often lack drive or a good mood.

However, we no longer live in the Stone Age, when the sun and fire were the only sources of light. Electric current makes it easy for us to stand in the light or in a glow of light at any time.

Despite the invention of the light bulb and the neon tube, we still like to light a candle to create light, warmth and cosiness at the same time.

However, what about when light plays a central role in your dreams? In what form does it meet us and what does the dream interpretation say about this dream symbol?

Those who dream of a torch as a light source have different thoughts moving in their subconscious than those of those who dream of an LED flashlight or modern LED panels. And the northern lights have a different meaning than the natural phenomenon at the South Pole.

Light dreams can confront us in the most varied of dream situations. The following sections provide helpful information on how to interpret your dream about light.

Look at our most common dreams about the symbol here: If the light does not come on in the dream, something may stand in the way of our knowledge. The lights are not working and we are puzzling what the problem might be. In a figurative sense, an apparently unsolvable problem in the waking world may also give us a headache.

The lights go out and it is absolute darkness – but why? If the light goes out in the dream world, the dreaming should rethink certain plans again and if necessary even discard them completely, since under certain circumstances failures and obstacles can occur.

Turning on the light symbolizes in the dream interpretation that you yourself have the opportunity to give hope and confidence more leeway in life. Turning off the light in the dream can be interpreted as an indication of difficult times, which, however, can ultimately be overcome.

A flickering light can be interpreted both positively and negatively. On the positive side, it stands for projects that can be brought to success with the use of knowledge and strength.


However, if the flickering light is interpreted negatively, an enterprise is in danger of failing. Act quickly because it is not too late!

To see light in his dreams can give the dreaming very different things to understand. The possible interpretations range from an emphasis on one’s own ability to cognize, to a possible new beginning in the real world, to a future marked by happiness and joy.

It is important for the interpretation to consider the dream context and your own life situation ksichtigen.

Have you seen a string of lights in your dream, for example on a Christmas tree? If this was the case, then the dream about the string of lights may indicate a whole host of new realizations that you will soon be faced with. This can also lead to a change in the life situation.

In the general dream interpretation, a light switch is interpreted as a positive dream symbol. Among other things, it stands for the conscious and targeted use of one’s own vitality.

Bringing in thoughts in private and professional life is also likely to be successful. If the dream “light switch does not work” appears, this can indicate a lack of ideas and ideas.

If a flash of light appears to the dreaming in sleep, a certain thing may suddenly become clear to him in the real world. These can be situations and events, but also thoughts or feelings. If there is a lightning strike as part of a storm or thunderstorm, this may indicate impending bad news.

If in the world of dreams a beam of light from a headlight or from the sun could be seen, the attention of the person concerned should be focused on a certain thing. What the light beam points to can contain important information. Is there perhaps something in the waking world that you should devote yourself to more intensively?

Light beings often appear as angels in dreams. If the dreamer has made the encounter with a light being, this is especially from the point of view of the psychological dream interpretation as a call to listen more to his subconscious. Even in difficult situations, unconscious thinking can bring helpful solutions to light.

If lights were seen in the sky in dreams, the hope for a happy and positive time, which may well come true, is hidden behind them.

Furthermore, sky lights like stars symbolize freedom and opportunities that can be seized and used in a good way in the future.

Depending on the concrete dream situation and your own living conditions, a light bulb in a dream can have very different meanings. These range from positive reactions to ideas and a symbol of understanding and knowledge to financial success. Recall your dream and find out which interpretation suits you best!

For the interpretation of a lighter dream, it depends on the handling of this object. If this was responsible, the lighter can indicate successes in love. If it was played around with, it symbolizes thoughtless actions. In addition, the lighter can also be interpreted as a good sign with regard to the partnership.

The lighthouse is a dream image, which figuratively stands for a guide in the life of the dreaming person. The light from the lighthouse can provide an orientation. Perhaps the lighthouse will also illuminate paths that we have not considered treading before.

The lighting of candles in a dream gives us to understand that there is a very high probability that we can look forward to a healthy and long life, as long as we exercise enough and eat healthily. If another person lights the dream candles, the dream interpretation mentioned is applicable to this person.

Light illuminates our life and is therefore in the general interpretation of dreams as a symbol for knowledge and perception. The light can meet us in our dreams in very different ways and should always be viewed and interpreted in the dream context with the individual life situation of the dreaming.

The light is a primal symbol and promises hope and confidence. A new beginning is also represented by the dream image “light”, which may not yet be recognizable for the dreaming, but is already evident through the appearance of the light in his dream event.

They say, “See the light of day” when a new person is born. This description makes it clear to us that something new begins with the light and this should trigger deep trust in the dreaming that worries and problems turn to the good and he looks confidently into the future f.

To discover a light in the far distance in a dream also promises happiness and a happy future. This may also announce a journey that can be started with peace of mind, as it is also under a lucky star.

If the light is only blurred or can be seen unclearly, the dreaming faces an illness under certain circumstances, which weakens him somewhat in his strength, but he will be strong enough to overcome this undamaged.

Weakly glowing light, perhaps also in a vault, can also be shown as a symbol for a company if it will only lead to success in certain areas. On the other hand, if the light goes out in a dream or is hardly recognizable, one should consider discarding one’s plans projects, as these may lead to failure.

Light in the dream can also be represented by the white part of the Yin-Yang symbol. In this context, it should then be shown to the dreaming that probably favorable developments in the waking life are in store for him.

If you see the glow or the light of St. John’s beetles in the dark in a dream, a carefully guarded secret will likely soon be revealed.

If a moth flies into a light source, a malicious person reveals himself to the dreaming, who forges mean plans. The light of a kerosene lamp can indicate an interesting acquaintance as a dream image.

Where there is light, there is also shadow. If the shadow plays a role in the dream event, this should also be taken into account in the interpretation. In principle, this points to the “dark sides” of one’s own character, to those parts of the personality that one would prefer to keep quiet: envy, jealousy, aggression.

Rather, the silhouette of a person points to an uncertain situation in life that should definitely be clarified.

Also on the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image “light” clearly shows us its positive symbolism. If one dreams of light, this can be an indication of the desire for knowledge and clarity. The dreaming arrives at new insights, feels again more vitality and strives for spiritual advancement.

If lights meet us in dreams, according to dream research this can symbolize how it is with one’s own foresight and attitude to life. Such lights can come, for example, from a dreamed traffic light or from candles. Each light source has a slightly different dream meaning, so it is important to remember every detail of a dream.

A bright, clear glow shows fearlessness, whereas a weakly dusk light carries the aspect of fear in itself. Just as you are afraid of something in the dark that you cannot see, but can only guess. In this context, these can be doubts or fears, which burden the dreaming and take away from him the clear sight.

According to the interpretation of the psychological dream interpretation, extremely bright light can also stand for sexual-erotic desires and needs, for the fulfillment of which the dreaming longs with great desire.

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “light” shows the divine and the pure knowledge of the spirit, which reveals itself in the form of light energy in our dreams.

Dream About Light – Symbolism

Dreaming of your beings of light is always interpreted as something positive, it can be a sign of the beyond regarding your present or future life, that is, that being of light brings to you a message of happiness, peace or tranquility.

In some cases the message of your being of light can also be the warning against a danger or problem.

On the other hand, dreaming of your beings of light can be the omen of a stroke of luck, of an important change in your life or it can even be a message from beyond that you will have to interpret.

If you dream that you speak to your beings of light it means that you feel some emptiness in your life or a specific need that until now has not been covered.

It is important that you remember what you say to your being of light or to your beings of light since those words will have a lot to do with the restlessness that invades you or with what worries you.

When you dream that your beings of light speak to you, just as when you speak with them, you must remember what they say to you in order to analyze the meaning more in depth.

However, when you dream that a being of light speaks to you, usually this is to communicate something important, be it good news, a positive omen, a message of peace and tranquility or the warning in front of a change or even before a danger that may stalk you.

If you dream that your beings of light embrace you, this is a wonderful omen of happiness, the embrace of a being of light symbolizes protection against dangers and enemies, it also symbolizes good luck and a possible omen of positive changes in your life.

On the other hand, receiving the embrace of a being of light in dreams represents peace, stability and happiness in general.

To dream that you receive the kiss of your beings of light is associated with prosperity, growth, progress and evolution, in general or in a specific part of your life.

When you have this dream, it means that soon you are going to experience a great change or transformation in your life, that you are going to experience an important advance in your life in general or in some specific area of ​​it.

If you dream that your beings of light laugh, smile or show you a smile, it means that you are going to receive good news that will be cause for celebration and that will bring joy. This is a dream of hope and positivity.

To dream that your beings of light cry or are sad means that you could be the victim of a problem, a conflict with someone close to you or even some danger, either due to your own decisions or the interference of third parties.

This dream above all a warning against some situation that you must avoid or before which you must be prevented or prevented.


As a rule, dreams in which we see one or more bright white lights usually appear in people who have been going through a bad stage of life, and when they do appear, they always do so as a clear announcement of the end of problems.

It is a dream whose symbolism is quite clear and this is none other than to warn us that the period of darkness in our life is about to end to give way to another in which we will see everything much clearer and in the our life and our circumstances will flow in harmony and well-being.

In addition, it is that, seeing a bright white light in dreams is a clear sign of clarity, both mentally and in any matter that was stuck in our life and that was generating doubts and insecurity.

Dreaming of a bright white light is, therefore, a clear indication that we are about to enter a new stage that will be characterized by positivity, joy and happiness, and that will allow us to leave behind any feelings.

Alternatively, negative emotion such as apathy, sadness or melancholy that is dominating our life.