Dream of Being Killed – Meaning and Symbolism

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A dream like a crime thriller: A murder has happened – and you have recognized the murderer in your dream very well!

Alternatively, was it even you yourself? Do not worry: dreams in which we see ourselves as murderers, sometimes even psychopathic serial killers or politically motivated mass murderers, are not that rare!

But even then, if you “only” see another person in the dreamed murderer, your feelings are going crazy – after all, this experience also causes fear and confusion. It is understood that you are wondering what might be behind a killer dream.

One thing first: dreams about one or more murderers must always be interpreted in the larger context.

As in a crime thriller, not only the murderer is to be considered: The circumstances of the crime and the victim killed are also inseparable from the dream story.

For the traditional dream interpretation, it is very important to take a close look at all aspects of the dream.

The victim and the murderer must be viewed in their entire network of relationships – the relationship with the murderer himself is of course particularly decisive.

Dream of Being Killed – Meaning

Dreaming of a murder means that you need to do a self-analysis regarding your attitudes towards people. We are not always in a good moment of our lives, but kindness and respect must be above any circumstance.

When we dream of a murder, it is normal for us to wake up with fear, anguish and sadness, but this dream does not always represent that something bad is going to happen.

Dreaming of a murder has different interpretations and they are open to every situation that you may be experiencing at that moment. In addition, it is also associated with the characteristics that are part of your dream.

For example, if you dream that you commit a murder, it may be an indication that you will experience a situation that will cause you some pain, but it will be temporary and everything will soon return to normal.

If you dream that you are a witness to a murder, hard times may be ahead, prepare yourself.

However, if you dreamed that you were murdered, it is an indication of a life change that will be very beneficial to you, and if you were intimidated or attacked by a homicidal criminal, it represents that a friend may be going through some problem and will soon ask for your help.

In general, the meaning of dreaming about a murder is relative and can depend on how you interpret the dream and consolidate it with the moment in which your life is.

Many people do not know what it means to dream of a murder and end up taking this dream to the extremely negative side, but it is necessary to carefully evaluate the information contained in each dream to obtain a correct and assertive interpretation of the case.


Dreaming that you see a murder is a faithful representation of your interior, that it may be that you are harboring sorrows, resentments and even disgust towards someone.

From a medical point of view, it is not good to have feelings like these stored in our heart, since they can bring us health problems. It is like taking poison and expecting someone else to be poisoned.

This dream usually serves as a warning from the subconscious mind that we must put aside bad feelings and overcome some resentment that we have stored over the years.

To dream that you witness a murder is terrifying and can bring a feeling of anguish, but ultimately, it represents part of who we are intimately as people, the feelings of our soul and what we store in our hearts.

Therefore, if your subconscious has come to bring this to you through the dream, it is time to revalue your emotions and free yourself from those chairs that imprison you.

As we have talked about before, dreams related to murder are not always as bad as you think. For example, dreaming that you commit a murder represents that you may be unconsciously hindering someone’s plans and wishes.

Perhaps because of a decision that you think only interferes in your life, yet it covers someone else’s life as well.

Try to take into account the lives of the people in your coexistence so as not to negatively influence their plans.

Thinking of others is an excellent job of sowing to later be able to enjoy the law of return.

Usually, when we dream that someone commits a crime against us, it means that we have overcome some challenge that we considered too difficult.

Maybe you are going through the end of a relationship, whether it is with a friend, a coworker, or even a boyfriend.

New challenges will be overcome. It may be that your children are going to live alone or that you leave your parents’ house to venture into the world. A new adventure at work, a new position or a business trip.

It is important that you are aware that, although it seems something very bad, dreaming that you are murdered is closely related to the changes and overcoming that you are going to face in your life, and emerge victorious.

As difficult and rugged as it may seem, dreaming about the murder of a relative does not represent anything as bad as it seems.

It can imply that you want the death of that family member, or that you do not have that person in your life, but it is not like that at all.

This dream indicates that you are ready to live a more independent life and start a new stage in your life.

Try getting involved in new projects, a challenging job, a trip, or a change in routine. Invest in yourself; it is the moment of your success!

It may sound strange, but dreaming of a stabbing murder indicates a period of great financial situation and achievements in the personal sphere of your life.

If, during this dream, you have seen blood, it may represent an even better omen and indicates that you will be very successful.

Blood means life, and life means abundance. You are on the right path to realizing the dreams that you have worked so hard for over time, glove and stay on the road!

Dreaming of a shooting murder can represent that you have bad feelings within yourself regarding someone and that you have been feeding what may be anger or antipathy towards that person.

This dream can also represent some conflict that you are witnessing or experiencing within your professional environment and that is causing you discomfort.

If the interpretation related to feelings of anger fits your life, try to keep your mind and heart free from it. Meditate; try to find a way to get rid of it.

If you continue to have contact with that person, try to resolve the conflict wisely and calmly.

If this is not possible, keep as much distance as possible so that your energies are absorbed by the feelings that this person must also feed for you.

Dream of Being Killed – Symbolism

Some dreams are real nightmares and, without a doubt, dreaming of a murder is one of those, which sometimes even makes you wake up sweating and confused.

Regarding its interpretation and meaning, it is not indicative of anything bad even though it is a dream with a previous negative charge that suggests that it is indicative of something bad because it is associated with the fact itself.

For a better interpretation of the dream, try to remember the details of your dream. Below, we have compiled the different dreams about the most repeated murders along with their interpretation.

Witnessing a murder is a manifestation that, inside you, you hold grudges, sorrows or dislike for a person. Feelings like this are very bad and feeding them is like wanting someone to die while you consume the poison.

Dreaming of seeing someone killed is uncomfortable and often terrifying. This dream serves to encourage you to overcome resentments and leave behind old fights and dislikes in exchange for feeling better, although now this does not seem possible.

Certainly, some things have no comfort and even seem unforgivable, but understand that forgiving is not exactly accepting the fact. To forgive is to cast out the displeasure, the torture and the pain.

By doing this you will stop, feeding revenge and bitter gall that can corrode your health.

Acceptance is something else and is not required of anyone. It is not necessary for you to continue living with a person just because you forgive them, but if you do not grant forgiveness, you will be forced to live with useless suffering.

Dreams are interesting, if you dream that you are killing someone, it is not necessarily a bad sign. To dream that you commit a crime means that you may be, without knowing it, sabotaging someone’s plans. How can this happen?

It is simple; sometimes we make decisions that affect other people’s lives, even though we are not consciously aware of it.

For example, imagine that at work you are in charge of deciding on workers’ vacations. Your decisions affect other people’s lives. This is just a small example. We make decisions around the clock and they affect others at all times.

Do not suffer too much for it, worry only about taking into account the people you can affect directly.

Such a dream usually occurs when we go through moments that challenge us as individuals. Perhaps you are starting or ending a love or friendship relationship, or any type of business or cultural association.

It could also be that you are leaving your parents’ house or that your child is leaving yours.

Likewise, a new profession or a layoff is challenging and scary, each in his or her own way.

The important thing is that, contrary to what it may seem, dreaming that you are murdered shows that you are prepared and have the necessary strength to overcome this situation.

Other times this dream may indicate that there is someone in your personal circle to whom you are giving too much confidence and can finally use it against you. We must pay attention to false friends who may use something of ours against us.

To dream that a family member is murdered or that you kill him is a nightmare, a rough dream that is quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, having a dream like this does not mean that you wish the evil of this person, much less that you want them to die.

This simply means that you are ready to start and carry out a new phase in your life. Commit yourself to new projects, do not be afraid to change and face the challenges that arise, the opportunity to be successful is great.

This is not a bad sign, contrary to what you might imagine. If you have dreamed that you stabbed someone to death, this is a sign that economic prosperity and personal achievements may be coming into your life.

In addition, if you have seen blood, the signal is even better, as it represents success in whatever it is that you are working towards a goal. You are about to achieve what you have worked for so long.

If you have shot someone dead, it may be a sign of anger that you have developed towards someone or conflicts that may be appearing in the professional environment.

If it is anger, do not feed this feeling, let it go and focus on the positive aspects of life.

If it is someone who provokes you, avoid as much as possible relating to that person. Often times a frank and open conversation resolves conflicts.

If the conflict is in your work environment, use good sense to resolve the differences and appease the annoyances, always avoiding that the conflicts affect other workers and that everything results in an environment.


The psychological interpretation of the dream symbol murderer concentrates completely on suppressed psychological aspects, which at some point break out almost explosively with murderous force.

Repressed feelings or previously missed opportunities can make their way through a sudden outburst of feelings because we have not consciously dealt with them for too long.

According to findings from dream research, the dream image of the murderer tends to occur more frequently in dreamers with a tendency to aggressive behavior.

This mostly affects personalities who suppress or keep silent about their needs and desires for a very long time until this condition becomes unbearable – after all, like a volcano, it comes to a spontaneous, uncontrolled eruption.

Not infrequently, dreams in which we see a murderer or become a murderer ourselves draw our attention to a violent end or a major change in our life.

Like a murderer, we brutally eliminate our problem – it can be uncomfortable situations, old thought patterns, bad habits or relationships.

If you yourself are murdered in a dream, your life is out of balance: You see yourself in a predicament from which you absolutely want to free yourself

. Perhaps you feel anger directed against yourself or you have the vague feeling that you are no good.

In some cases, the killer dream is based on a solid depression; however, the dream image often also appears in the case of fear of failure, fear of failure, fear of low reputation, lack of self-esteem, auto-aggressive or depressive disorders.

In your dream, you become a murderer yourself. You could soon change your life radically – because apparently, it made a CLICK, and you are wildly determined. It could be, for example, that you never want to repeat a mistake you have made and do everything to prevent it.

It is also possible that you are so jealous or angry with your dreamed victim in the awake life that you would like to see this person dead on the ground.