Dream About Mermaid – Meaning and Symbolism

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The most famous creatures from mythology are mermaids representing beautiful women with enchanting bodies and long hair who have a fishtail instead of legs.

If myths are believed, they live in the sea’s great depths and seduce sailors with their songs, which they meet while sailing carefree through restless seas.

These creatures, which are half women, half fish, are at the same time beautiful and life-threatening because they drive sailors crazy with their songs, enchant them, and often take them off a certain path. Sailors think that mermaids are a bad sign and often to blame for accidents on the water.

As far as the mermaid’s symbolism is concerned, they represent life’s temptation and the human inability to resist various temptations.

Most often, when people cannot resist temptations, they run into problems and accidents. Also, these sea creatures can symbolize distraction and deception.

Sometimes in a dream, they can have a sexual meaning and signify forbidden loves and pleasures. Most often, such pleasures lead to huge disasters because they relate to love affairs.

This is not a common dream, and when you dream them, you know that they usually have a bad meaning.

Dreams like this are a sign that hard times full of challenges await you. It often happens that you caused these problems yourself and that yours is not a concern.

You can’t deal with problems that will give you many headaches, but you don’t really care about that.

Often these mythical creatures symbolize your suspicion of something that may be a good life choice for you.

If you dream of mermaids, it means that you are suspicious about someone or something in your life. You may suspect someone close who wants to help you.

Mermaids are mythical sea creatures that have intrigued humans’ minds, especially men and sailors, for centuries. Sailors have always described them as powerful sea creatures that they feared more than waves and wind.

If a mermaid or more were seen at sea by sailors, it was never a good sign for sailors. That always meant that he would get lost on the road or that he would get hurt, and the ship would be wrecked. Man, in a way, wanted to get closer to the sea world and thus created the female fish as a symbol of deception, danger, and misfortune.

The Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids

We will start with the fact that this mythical creature is half female and half fish, and it is represented in absolutely all cultures from Europe through Africa to Asia.

Interestingly, different cultures have their own vision of these beautiful sea creatures. This mythical creature has the upper part of a woman’s body and the lower part of a fish; this woman has a fishtail instead of legs.


The first legends mentioning mermaids say that they are dangerous creatures that hunt men to seduce them and then kill them.

No interpretation of these mythical creatures had a positive connotation, and every accident at sea or the disappearance of a ship was tied to them. They were also responsible for the floods and if any of the ship’s crew drowned.

Later, a cult developed in the cultures that believed that mermaids were good and noble creatures and that it was a great gift if you met them on the water. Some sailors considered mermaids to be good omen and protectors of ships.

How these mythical creatures arrived in Western culture is not fully known, and one theory is that they arrived from the ancient Greek myth of the mermaid.

Sirens, like mermaids, were being’s half-human, half-animal, for example, half-human, half-bird. Sirens, as well as mermaids, sang enchanting songs and, in that way, seduced men who wanted to kill later when they played with them. They also lived near water, and sailors were their most common prey. In many European languages, mermaids are called “mermaids.”

One of the oldest records mentioning mermaids is from 1000 BC in Mesopotamia. Mermaids and stories about them are related to ancient myths and legends, but there is a record that Christopher Columbus saw one in the Caribbean in 1493.

The truth behind this claim is that it was a sea mammal whom Christopher Columbus saw for the first time in his life, so he confused it with a mermaid.

Sirens are still the subject of books, series, and movies; today, they encourage a mystery that is interesting to everyone because of their appearance.

One of the most famous recordings about these mythical creatures is Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” which garnered all the little ones’ sympathy.

The spiritual meaning of mermaids is a little different from the mythical one because it means that we follow our instinct and get out of our comfort zone.

Sirens mean accepting a challenge and letting go of life. They sing their seductive songs so that we can hear them and respond to that seductive call. For many, this is frightening and dangerous because that path is difficult, unknown, and mysterious; only a few decide to follow it. This is proof that not all waters are calm and that we have to go through the turbulent sea if we want to taste life.

While listening to the siren song, the water’s feelings are messy, in chaos, and very turbulent. Our sirens encourage us to jump freely into the water and have no reason to worry. They will be our guide through the turbulent sea.

These mythical beings’ spiritual meaning is to free ourselves from social restraints and let the whirlpool of life.

The dual nature of the mermaid

Just as physically half a woman is half a fish, mermaids are dual psychic beings who are sometimes a great protector for a man and sometimes just seductress who will eventually kill him. Our sirens remind us that every story has two sides and that we face different dualities every day in a life and make decisions accordingly.

These sea creatures are at the same time a curse and a blessing because they can cause all accidents at sea, floods, storms, and shipwrecks. If we look from this angle, these creatures are very evil and bad for people.

In Greek mythology, mermaids are associated with Aphrodite and Venus and are considered their cousins, which is why they are so beautiful. This type of beauty that is characteristic of mermaids has always been celebrated and considered a great gift.

The most often depicted scene in books, songs, and movies is when mermaids sit on a stone embankment half-submerged in water and comb their hair with laughter and laugh in the mirror.

The Christian church frightened its flock with mermaids and thus distracted men from sin. All interpretations of this mythical sea creature have in common that they are beautiful with their long hair and enchanting curves.

The notion of mermaids certainly got a bad connotation in Christianity through different interpretations of the church, and in the Victorian era, it became very pronounced.

In the Victorian era, mermaids were portrayed as evil beings to be feared, only beautiful outside, while bad on the inside. Slowly over the years, the mermaid became a bad sea sign even though it was good initially.

She is increasingly portrayed as a dangerous seductress who cannot be trusted because, in the end, she will kill every victim.

Soon the sirens were transcribed by weather disasters such as strong winds, storms, and floods. Every shipwreck was attributed to these sea creatures because they sang songs that seduced sailors and turned the ship’s course. They would sink the boards and drown the sailors who were fascinated by their seductive singing.

Spiritual Meaning of The Mermaid Spirit Animal

Here, all meanings are related to the depth of feeling because they live in deep waters and swim in turbulent seas. Mermaids are protectors and guides to all who set out on a mysterious life journey on which they will get to know themselves and get to know their peculiarities.

The mermaid spirit animal is associated with healing and rebirth. That spirit helps you go through life more relaxed, and that tells you to indulge. If you understand this in time and in the right way, you will spare yourself a lot of pain.

Mermaids will help you only if you are honest with yourself and always say out loud your intentions; otherwise, your mermaids will not lead you through troubled waters.

The Spiritual Meaning of Mermaids in Dreams

To better understand your dream about the mermaid, you need to remember all the details, the atmosphere in the dream, and how you felt while dreaming because the dream’s interpretation depends on it all.

The most important thing to remember is what exactly the mermaid did in her dream because they are associated with illusion and deception. The interpretation of this dream is usually that you trust one person in your environment too much, and you shouldn’t because yours only benefits.

That person is bad for you and does not wish you well. In this case, the mermaid comes to you in a dream to tell you to come to your senses and take care of that person and not to trust her so much. You don’t want to be hurt again by that person, so you need to make a distance.

If a man dreams of a mermaid, it always has a sexual connotation because he likes a woman who is not good for him. The next most famous interpretation of mermaids’ dream is that they signify our hidden weaknesses and repressed emotions that can turn into serious addictions. Addictions like alcohol and drugs are most often related to people around you who are not good.

If a woman dreams of a mermaid, it means that she has such a view of herself; that is, she wants to force a certain man to do something he does not want. This most often refers to pregnancy, marriage, or some relationship. If you felt positive or happy in the dream, it means that the dream has the opposite meaning: it marks love and success shortly.

In the following lines, we will write about a couple of possible interpretations of the dream about mermaids.

Seeing a mermaid in your dreams

What you hide from your surroundings, that is, your secrets show the dream of mermaids. This type of dream is closely related to the secrets you keep in yourself, and you should face these problems.

It can also mean that you have a problem with intimacy and with your female side.

Being a mermaid in your dreams

If you dreamed that you were a mermaid, it means that the dream shows you and your qualities that are not very praiseworthy. The dream shows that you are an empty manipulator who only exploits other people.

Turning into a mermaid in your dreams

If you turn into a mermaid in a dream, you want to be a more attractive woman in reality and not satisfied with your appearance.

A mermaid luring you into the water in your dreams

If you have dreamed this dream, it means that you are on your way to discovering your sexuality. You also think that you are not attractive enough to men and should be more seductive and sensual.

Brushing a mermaid’s hair in your dreams

If you have dreamed of this, it means that you are running away from responsibilities and not fulfilling your obligations on time.

Seeing a friendly mermaid in your dreams

If the mermaid was friendly towards you in your dream, it means that your future awaits wealth, love, and success. This type of dream always carries a good omen.

Seeing an evil mermaid in your dreams

If the mermaid was evil towards you in a dream, it means only one thing; your partner is not faithful to you in a relationship.

Kissing a mermaid in your dreams

If you kissed a mermaid in a dream, it means that the person you want in the waking state does not want to protect you and has evil intentions.

Seeing someone, you know, as a mermaid in your dreams

If you recognize a person from your environment as a mermaid in a dream, it indicates your secret desires. In the wake, try to think about your wishes and fulfill them for yourself.

Have you ever dreamed of mermaids, and how did you feel in your sleep? Did they enchant you with their song and enchant you with their beauty? Feel free to write us your experiences in the comments. We hope this text has made your dreams a little clearer.