Dream About Rain – Meaning and Symbolism

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Rain is the weather that we often associate with sadness, sadness, and our inner feelings. We also tie it on a more straightforward plan to an umbrella or shelter. Some people like rain, and who like it, awaken creativity in them.

Even those who love to walk in the shower, but another group does not like the rain. They don’t like that weather change, and they want to lock themselves in the house and wait for it to pass. often, with the rain comes a shift in mood for the worse and therefore does not cause them any excitement.

When you dream of rain falling on you, it still has the most to do with the people around you and the lack of communication because the rain tells you that you need to raise communication to a higher level.

On a spiritual level, this means that you are going through development and evolution, that is, that you are part of the process of changing yourself. If you get wet in your sleep, or the wasps feel wet from the rain, it shows that you have many hobbies that fill your free time and make you happy.

If it rains in your sleep and you run, your subconscious tells you to always listen to your heart and not your mind when it comes to friendships.

Although it may seem to you that rain symbolizes something wrong and depressing in a dream, on the contrary, it signifies all the positive things in your life.

If you have interrupted a business project or removed some people from your life, the rain in your sleep shows you the way and tells you that you did the right thing. One should always move on with life because there is no point in living from the past.

The rain in dreams reflects our feelings and emotions. Only in the case of a downpour or heavy rain and storm does this weather symbolize depression. Rainy plans are most often associated with family and some events that you are not yet ready to let go of and move on with.

Some of the dreams most often dreamed of and the main actor in the rain are that you are stuck in a rainstorm, cannot open an umbrella, that raindrops fall on your body, and wear a raincoat in the shower.

Some of the most common positive dreams related to rain are that you feel perfect while walking in the shower, that it was raining, and you are now looking at the sun breaking through the clouds.

Dreaming of rain is always closely related to the strong feelings you have for someone, and it can be a partner or a member of your family. If it rains heavily, it is a sign of your negative feelings that have accumulated.

If you dream of light spring rain, it is a sign of happiness and fulfillment in life. It means the end of a period and the beginning of happiness and well-being. You are waiting for your brighter future.

If the situation in your private and business life is not the best for you now, now is the time to change that, and the dream of rain suggests that. If your secret is bothering you or you need to tell the truth about someone around you, the dream of the rain tells you to do it.

If you are going through a storm in a dream, it means that you have a large dose of anger, rage, aggression, and sadness in you, which you must somehow channel.

Negative energy has overwhelmed you, and this dream tells you that you are on your way to getting rid of it. Just be persistent.


The rain reflects the air events, and if a lot is happening to you, if you are in a phase of significant changes, this dream reflects that. Your plan invites you to face your reality and do something about it. The drive carries the message that change is inevitable and that you should try to solve your problems.

Sometimes dreams of rain are accompanied by lightning, which means your reckless behavior. It usually refers to the feelings of people around you and the fact that you do not pay too much attention to them.

If you are angry at someone or something that happened to you in the recent past and accumulate that anger within yourself, the thunder in your sleep reflects that. If the thunder is accompanied by lightning, it signifies your enlightenment regarding some vital thing.

Maybe you discovered something that shocked you in the air, or you experienced a romance that lasted a short time.

We will try to explain what specific dreams about rain mean in the text lines that follow.

Dreaming about rain in general

When you dream of rain falling, it generally has to do with your attitude towards life. It reflects the fact that you are an introvert who is isolated from others and enjoys solitude.

If you happen to experience some psychological changes, this dream may indicate a disorder.

Dreaming of heavy rain

If it rains heavily in your sleep and you feel the weight of the drops on your body, it is usually a great sign and means the wealth that awaits you in the future. Happiness and happy moments in the family await you soon.

Dreaming of being inside a heavy rainstorm

If you dream of a massive storm with heavy rain and do not establish control in your sleep, if you do not like the feeling you are experiencing in bad weather, that is not a good sign. It marks the arrival and beginning of bad luck, challenging experiences, and events that will result in your sadness and grief.

The dream reflects your current dissatisfaction with life and all the frustrations in the future. If you suppress the anger in yourself, it is manifested by dreaming of a storm with rain.

Also, this dream can represent the conflicts within your family that you are currently facing.

Dreaming of observing the rain from inside

If you are comfortably accommodated in your home and watch the rainfall carelessly from your window, it means that you are suppressing your feelings. You have to learn to express your emotions in the right way because you should not suffocate in unexpressed feelings.

If someone does not allow you to show your feelings, it can already be a big problem. Sometimes these dreams are a reflection of all the challenges you experience in reality.

Dreaming of standing in the rain

If it rains and you stand alone on the road and let your drops get wet, this is a great dream, which shows that you always openly show your emotions and are not afraid of it.

This dream sometimes means tremendous stress that you face and that you do not know how to channel.

Dreaming of being in the rain with someone

If you are outside with someone while it is raining, it has more to do with that person than with you; that is, the dream shows your complicated relationship.

The person from the drive will have some problems to share with you shortly, and you will be the only one who can help her overcome them.

Dreaming of dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain is a splendid omen and shows your current happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life.

Sometimes this dream predicts that you will help someone in the future in terms of his career.

Dreaming of walking in the rain

This dream shows that you rely more on others than yourself and that a lack of self-confidence bothers you. It is easier for you to have individual decisions made by others instead of yours, which is not good.

Think about your behavior and try to be more independent in the future. Maybe a behavior change is what you need.

Dreaming of large and heavy raindrops

If you see large drops falling on you in a dream and feel the slides’ weight on your body, this is a bad sign. You can also see heavy drops falling on the ground in a plan, which means that some people you have crossed paths with in the past have reappeared and disturbed your peace.

Some ugly and gloomy memories that you wanted to get rid of forever come to light again.

Dreaming of cold raindrops

Dreaming of cold raindrops falling on you is never good because it relates to your health and how you take care of yourself.

Often this dream is a sign that you will soon get sick. Take this dream as a reminder to take care of yourself and your health on time, not to go through a bad life.

Dreaming of being in the rain but not feeling the raindrops

If you dream that you are standing on an empty road and that large drops of rainfall on yours, but you do not feel them on your body, that is an excellent sign that predicts recovery from a long and severe illness.

Dreaming of sudden cold rain

If you suddenly catch a cold downpour, you know you need to think about your behavior and do something about it.

It would be best to become more independent because you do not achieve anything by being too attached to other people.

Dreaming of a warm rain

If the downpour is warm and you enjoy the summer downpour, it is an indicator of positive changes in your life. Better days are coming, and this dream is always a good sign.

Dreaming of dark raindrops

If the drops falling on you are black, it is a bad omen and means that they will rather talk ugly about you and gossip yours behind your back in the future.

Dreaming of a light rain

If you dream of light rain that falls tirelessly, it reflects your relationship with someone and is not at all commendable.

Light rain shows that you are maltreating someone in your environment and that it may be time to stop doing that. Change your behavior while there is still time.

Dreaming of rain with wind

If you dream of rain followed by a strong wind that carries everything in front of you, it shows your behavior towards others and how you react to life changes. Your reactions are likely inappropriate and exaggerated.

Maybe you are too busy with everyday life, and you don’t know how to relax, but you shoot under pressure.

Dreaming of rain falling and no clouds in the sky

If you dream of rain and a cloudless sky, it is always a good sign because it shows a bright and promising future. You are waiting for your period of life full of happiness, wealth, and joy.

Dreaming of rain and clouds in the sky

If it rains in your dream and the sky is full of clouds, it is always a bad sign because it shows the conflicts you have with your loved ones.

Dreaming of not getting wet in the rain

This dream refers to your professional career and always predicts improvement. In the future, you will be promoted or promoted. You will successfully overcome all the obstacles you have at work.

Dreaming of others getting wet in the rain

If your friend was wet to the skin in a dream and not you, that is a good and clear indication that you are a loyal and valuable friend.


As is the case with almost all dreams, rain is no exception in terms of meaning. Dreaming of rain can mean both good and evil and can have negative and positive connotations related to our behavior.

Do you have a habit of dreaming of rain, and if so, what type of dream is it? Did you find the meaning you experienced in the vision described above? In the comments, tell us all about your plan for rain and how you felt while dreaming of rain.