Hotel – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Clean white sheets and a soft cloud-like pillow are those things that make you love hotel rooms and make you feel like you can’t wait to get back to your room and lay down, just for a little bit.

But the actuality is that you are going to wander off to the dreamland in just minutes after your head touches the pillow. And then when you rise the next morning, you get delighted with the amount of delicious food that has been served for breakfast.

You can see that we love hotels, and who can say that they don’t? Hotels are sanctuaries for many, a synonym for relaxation, enjoyment, goodnight sleep, and peace.

When you think about them, you think of that feeling of pure bliss, the one where you don’t have to do anything. The perfect feeling where someone else is doing everything for you.

Someone else is washing your clothes and sheets, someone else is cleaning your room, and someone else is preparing your food. It’s not forever, but those few days that you get to spend in a hotel are sometimes lifesavers.

But what happens when you start dreaming about hotels? Does it happen when you crave a holiday and your boss anymore? Does it happen after some time you haven’t been on vacation? Or does it have a deeper meaning?

In the dreamworld, hotels can be seen as a provisional place and not as happy places you go to when you are on vacation.

Almost everything that we dream has a profound meaning; we just need to decipher it. And once we do that, we can implement that knowledge into our lives and live them more conscious.

In this article, we will try and decode some of the situations happening to people in their dreams, and they had to do with hotels.

Be sure to read the whole article because we will tackle different situations and details you can experience in a nighttime vision.

Because when it comes to dreams, it’s not only essential to decipher one symbol; you need to take it in and out of context to understand it.

So, it could be that you are simply craving a deserved vacation, but it can be so much more.

Is seeing a hotel in your dreams a negative thing?

Unfortunately, in most cases, it is. Even in real life, hotels are not always those clean, sparkly, and happy places where you don’t have to clean and cook for a while.

When you have a hotel vision, it usually means that you are not satisfied with your current life, situation, or relationship of some kind. And why is that?


It’s because you are in great need of a change in your daily routine in real life, so you are dreaming about a place where you can relax, a run away from your real life, just for a little bit of time.

It would be best if you dealt with your insecurities

You are not feeling comfortable in your body, your home, or you are not feeling comfortable with your current state of mind, and because of that, you have an urge to drift away.

To run away somewhere far away, and stay at a place where nobody knows you, and you don’t know anybody. Sometimes that is the reason why you have dreams about hotels and hotel rooms. You have a desire to take shelter somewhere where it is safer than in your home. And in your vision, that safer place is a hotel room, somewhere in the world.

The only way for you to stop dreaming these kinds of dreams is to deal with the obstacles you are having at the moment.

A good period of life is coming your way

If you’ve had experienced dreams like we previously explained but, in your dreams, you were feeling quite excellent, and the hotel was extraordinary, then that’s a good sign.

It can mean that you will deal with your problems and that a remarkable period in your life is ahead of you. The storm is going to clear, and peaceful times are near.

It’s not going to be easy

There is a chance that you’ve dreamed about a really unpleasant and disgusting hotel. And in that case, a positive change is not coming.

It can mean that your problems are going to continue and even progress. It may also mean that you are going to quarrel with someone that you are in a relationship.

Everything is unpredictable

Sometimes when you sleep in a hotel in your dream, it can manifest the weak stability in your life. It can be that you have some plans in the works, but they are very unstable.

Many problems can arise from your plans, and everything is unpredictable, and the prognosis is not very optimistic. And if you can see yourself sleeping, it means that you need to rise above the whole situation, and look at the difficulties from a new standpoint and come up with a new point of view.

A challenging future is ahead of you

As you know, every mini detail counts, so be sure to note the size of the hotel that you are dreaming of if you have a chance to see it from the outside.

If the hotel is enormous and a skyscraper, it can possibly be that some challenges are waiting for you. The good thing can be if you manage to go up to the top of the building at the end of your dream.

That situation signifies that you are going to succeed in your endeavors. But if you cannot do it, it can mean that you are not trying hard enough and that you are going to fail. It can be a real and intense blow for you.

There is negative energy around you

Fire always signifies something strange and a difficult situation. So, if the hotel from your visions is on fire, it’s not a good sign.

This situation shows that you have a lot of negative energy around you, and it’s all coming from the people you are hanging with and spending your time.

Be sure to think about with whom you spend time the most and how those people behave. Sometimes you spend a lot of time with a specific person, and you can’t notice how they really are. They can drain the energy from you without you being aware of it. Be careful with whom you trust and with who you spend your time. Remember that your time is precious, and you deserve someone that will only give you positive energy.

You are going to excel at work

If by any chance you’ve dreamt about working at a hotel desk, it’s a good sign. It doesn’t matter what kind of work it was; you could be a receptionist, a doorman, work in the kitchen, custodian, it’s a good signal.

A situation like that can imply that you are going to shine at your day job and that success is on its way. But this vision mostly includes those that are planning to work abroad or in another city, planning to move. It can also be significant for those people that plan to apply for a scholarship somewhere abroad or who plan to work while they travel.

All in all, a vision of this kind of dream is always good, and you don’t need to worry.

You are facing tough times in your relationship

You’ve had dreams about you living in a hotel room, and you don’t know what they mean? And you weren’t feeling good at all in your dream.

Unfortunately, we need to tell you that living in a hotel in a dream isn’t a good omen. It means that you are having some difficulties in your relationship with someone close. In most cases, it’s your marriage or a long-term relationship that’s at stake.

A dream of this kind is a symbol of a broken relationship that needs to be fixed or a sign of parting. It’s sad, but it could be that you are facing a divorce in the future or parting with your significant other. It can be challenging but, it doesn’t mean that you won’t solve it.

When they part their ways, people often find a way to make up and get back together. It’s only crucial that you really want it and that you are ready and capable of working hard on your relationship. You can’t mend a bond with another person without hard work and devotion.

Also, you need to know that sometimes the best thing you can do is separate for a few days and think the whole situation through. After a few days of solitude, you will know all of the answers you need to know.

You are doing good

Some slight details can shift meaning from one dream to a total opposite. And on this occasion, it’s the way you live in the hotel and the reason.

If you by any chance know why you are living in a hotel room, and it’s because there isn’t anyplace else to go, due to some higher force, it’s a good sign.

If by any chance your house was destroyed in the dream, by a fire, a flood, or something similar, and now you are living in a hotel, and you are functioning great.

It means that you are doing great in life at this moment. Yes, it may sound strange when we put it like this, but it is what it is.

Many things can go wrong in today’s world in just a matter of seconds, but what’s important is how you handle the situations. If the whole world is burning, but you are calm, have a plan, and know what to do next, you are happy.

This nighttime vision means precisely that; the world may not in a good place right now, but you are.

Your plans are going to be successful

Not every dream is unpleasant; you can also dream that you are a millionaire and own a hotel or several ones. And this pleasant dream brings you also pleasant moments in waking life.

If you have some plans to make that you think will earn you some financial gain, you are right. Everything you plan to do will result in success, and you will be very fortunate.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will become a millionaire overnight or gain ownership over a hotel, but you are on the right track. You just need to focus on your work, make good habits, implement them, and greet success.

So, if you had plans to invest or start your business, now is the time to do it.

Also, be aware that after you become successful, not all the people currently in your life will support you. And some can even try and harm you and your business. Always be careful and alert.

You need to solve the communication problems you are having

Maybe you’ve noticed that you are not good at communicating with the people around you lately, and because of it, you need to work on that problem.

If you are not aware of it, your conscience can show you that having dreams about an abandoned hotel is empty and without any living creatures. Try solving your problems one at a time.