Dream About Tea – Meaning and Symbolism

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Strictly speaking, only the infusion drink made from the tea plant is considered tea. Today it is grown in Asian countries such as China, India and Japan, but also in Kenya and Argentina.

There is black, green, white and yellow tea or earth-colored purer tea.

In our language area, infusions made from herbs and spices such as mint, fruits and flowers, for example from chamomile, peppermint, and cranberry or rose hip, are also referred to as tea. You can also make tea from elder flowers, daisies or the flowers of the heather.

Dream about Tea – Meaning

There is tea in bags and loose. Connoisseurs pour loose tea in a special teapot, let the free-floating tea leaves steep briefly and pour the hot, steaming drink into another, preferably preheated, pot or into a thermos.

The preparation is a real ceremony in many countries, and they also take time there to drink tea.

Afternoon tea is an important meal in the UK, as is dinner or lunch here. Even those who are not in the know have to learn how to properly handle the used teaspoon.

The saying “wait and see and drink tea” shows that quiet hours of leisure are also combined with hot drinks in our country.

If someone dreams of drinking tea, they will certainly combine the sleeping experience with comfort and enjoyment.

Because the hot drink warms you up, tastes good and creates a cozy atmosphere. In dream interpretation, it is important whether the tea is traded as a commodity or consumed as a luxury item.

Have you dreamed of a pot for tea or a teapot? Then you have experienced a dream image with a positive meaning. You can hope for better luck than usual in the near future.

New friendships can also develop, which go deeper and will probably last for a long time. If there is tea in the teapot in the dream, then the satisfaction comes with great probability through the society dear people.

If the teacup is broken in the dream, the broken glass or porcelain actually does not indicate bad luck, but extraordinary luck!

Likewise, the breakage of the jug can indicate that the dreaming sees an interpersonal error and will not commit it again in the future.

Did you have an argument with someone close to you? The broken tea kettle in the dream generally signals that the sleeper is just learning to be more considerate with his loved ones.

In the general interpretation of dreams, the teaspoon stands as a symbol of consequences that the dreamer has to bear. The person behaved wrongly and now has to live with the consequences.


This problem usually affects dealing with several people, as this spoon is often used when drinking tea in a cozy group.

The flame of a tea light keeps the tea warm in the pot over it, and the light creates a pleasant atmosphere. The interpretation here is correspondingly positive: the tea light as a dream image can indicate a long and quiet life with good health conditions.

The tea dishes in the dream, which can consist of cup, saucer, jug and teaspoon as well as sugar and milk jugs, symbolizes in the traditional dream interpretation the relationship between the dreaming and the environment.

If the crockery is made of the finest porcelain, is well-kept and clean, a financial gain can also be announced. If parts of the tea set are defective, for example if the cup has jumped, a real streak of luck can come to the dreamer!

If you buy tea in the dream experience, a warning can be hidden behind it. Those affected could run the risk of being too patient and waiting – and therefore missing out on important things. A comfortable lifestyle shouldn’t get out of hand. After all, duty calls regularly!

Boiling, making and preparing tea usually means in dreams that one is mentally attuned to a quieter phase of life. That might be a planned vacation or the retirement or pension.

Sometimes a long weekend is a highlight that you – consciously and unconsciously – look forward to. Preparations for this time may already be underway!

Anyone who dreams of sitting in front of a teapot or tea cup and lets the tea brew in peace for a while will show a lot of patience in the waking world.

With difficult decisions, however, the dreaming finds it just as difficult: He or she usually waits. Letting the tea brew for a long time symbolizes, in a figurative sense, that decision-making is unnecessarily protracted at the moment.

In many dreams we experience a set table at which guests have taken their seats. If you serve people a tea in a dream, then you appreciate the company and good conversations with friends and relatives.

Such get-togethers are however more likely to be perceived as pleasant by the dreaming if they take place in a relaxed manner without deadline pressure. Maybe it is time to invite visitors again?

If one takes and drinks a liquid in a dream, then this usually happens against the background that one has a need that is to be met.

When drinking tea in a dream, this longing relates to more rest and relaxation. You should try to take a break if possible. This interpretation can also be used if you drink your tea to warm up when you have chills.

Dreamers who like to drink tea often see very specific types and types of tea in their sleep experiences. If you see green tea in a dream, this symbol can be interpreted as a good sign for the future.

To which area of ​​life this omen relates, further images experienced in dreams sometimes provide information.

Dream about Tea – Symbolism

The dream symbol “tea” is in the dream interpretation an expression for the patience of the dreaming. He realized that certain things cannot be artificially accelerated and that you simply have to wait and see how things develop.

In addition, in a tea round in the dream sociability and satisfaction are reflected. The dreaming should ask himself with this dream symbol in which area of ​​life he would like to take more time.

If the tea is a commodity in the dream, business damage can herald itself in the dream interpretation.

As a medium of exchange, the dream symbol “tea” also means that the dreaming should hold on to his wishes and hopes.

Sweet tea promises happiness in life and love, bitter tea herald’s unhappiness and worries. The sugar or honey that sweetens the tea in a dream accordingly stands for the sweet side of life.

The sweeteners in the infusion symbolize happiness and fun in life, while the tea means the times when rest also plays a role.

If the tea is seasoned with the sweetness just right in the dream, there is an optimal balance between lively and quiet times.

If biscuits or biscuits are served with tea in the dream, this indicates necessary sensual pleasures in the waking world.

The dreaming should then ask himself whether the fun of life is currently being neglected because the duties in life take up too much time. Here it is important to create the right balance.

Anyone who prepares the tea themselves in a dream can either count on pleasant pleasures or on slander.

If the dreaming drinks tea, the dream symbol indicates good health as well as an interesting exchange of ideas with other people.

However, he should be careful not to get involved in unmanageable matters. Calm and prudence are required.

If you drink tea made from herbs, the dream symbol in the dream interpretation indicates a slight illness, but also that worries can be remedied relatively easily.

If the dreaming spills the tea, domestic difficulties are reflected in the dream image.

Social pleasures and social skills show up if one watches friends drinking tea in a dream. If you take part in a tea party yourself, there is a risk of business delays in the dream interpretation.

If you dream that there is no more tea in a tea caddy, the dream symbol announces news, but also gossip stories and disagreements in the social environment.

If a sediment can be seen in the teacup, this indicates lovesickness and anger in the social environment.

From a psychological point of view, the question of under what circumstances the tea is drunk is an important factor for the dream interpretation of the dream symbol “tea”.

If one takes part in a dream in a tea round, as it corresponds to the typical English afternoon tea, it is a fixed ritual in the daily routine, for which family and visitors usually come together.

The dream symbol then stands for communication skills, but also for worry and nourishment.

If the tea is drunk in the dream during a work break, this can be an indication in the dream interpretation that the dreaming lacks moments for relaxation and recovery. His subconscious signals to him with the dream symbol that he suffers from professional stress and should take care to keep regular rest periods.


Were the leaves brownish, red, green, black or even whitish in color? Our interpretations of the colors provide detailed information on this.

In general, it can be said that the dried tea leaves can point to defeats. Whether these disappointments arise in professional or private life can be read from the rest of the dream situation.

If tea bags pop up in dream events instead of loose tea, then a surprise should be waiting for the sleeper. Due to the dream symbol “tea”, this is usually related to a time of relaxation, a short vacation or an excursion that one would not have expected. A happy, content stage is waiting for the person!