Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel

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We all have a power animal or totem linked to us, which helps us in the most difficult moments and with which we can identify.

One of the most common and powerful is the squirrel. The squirrel as a spirit animal appears when something new is about to come into your life.

In fact, it appears to help you release the burden of the past and all that accumulated stress and worry. With the squirrel you can easily get rid of all that weight that you no longer need in order to be more open to the future that is to come.

Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel – Meaning

The squirrel is one of the most playful animals there is, so it is an animal that is highly admired by different cultures and civilizations. This is why one of the squirrel’s messages is to take life with more fun, without so much seriousness and tension.

However, when the squirrel appears in our lives it is because a change is coming in our day to day and invites us to be warned or to realize that perhaps we should be the ones who consider the idea of ​​changing something, because it is the ideal moment for it. In general, being preventive is another of the squirrel’s great messages.

On the other hand, the squirrel also helps you to put a little order in your life and to do things with much more self-sufficiency.

If the squirrel appears for this reason, you may be going through a stage where you do things in a carefree and somewhat unconscious way. If you are scattered and feel that time is on you without knowing how, the squirrel could be a good help for you.

However, there is another even deeper and more important message that the squirrel brings to our lives, and that is to find balance and not worry about our carelessness.

The squirrel only finds 10% of the food that it buries and hides.

However, as a result, more trees are born in the forests and, therefore, in the future the squirrels will have more food at their fingertips. This is another clear message from the squirrel: everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

It should also be noted that the squirrel is a very social being, so it can help us communicate better with our friends and close people, in addition to teaching us to take life with more optimism and fun. And if you feel that you have lost joy in your day to day, do not worry, because the squirrel will help you regain it.

Squirrels are usually brown or grayish in color, so we hardly find black squirrels, although they do exist.

Like the panther, black squirrels are a subtype of gray squirrels whose color is due to an excess of melanin. Only 1 in 10 gray squirrels are black, but it is believed that before American colonization there were many more.

It is, therefore, a rare subtype of squirrel that has a number of advantages over other squirrels.

Due to their color, they can go unnoticed in forests (especially in dark ones), or what is the same: they can blend in better with the environment. They also absorb more sun, so they stay warmer and don’t need to eat as much.


If you have seen or dreamed of a black squirrel and you think it may be your power animal, you should know that you have a very special spiritual totem that can help you face what is to come in a much more effective way than the common squirrel.

Many times we know that our totem is an animal or another basically because we identify with it without knowing why, maybe since we were children.

In fact, if we do a little research, we may be surprised to discover how many aspects we have in common with said animal. If you identify with a squirrel, it is likely that you are like this:

Prospective person: squirrels are very farsighted. You just have to see how they store their food for winter and hard times. A person with the squirrel as a power animal will tend to be cautious in various situations in life.

Generally, if your totem is the squirrel, you will tend to be a very social person. Although there is also the possibility that you have a problem relating to relationships, which would be another reason why the squirrel would be with you.

You are very happy and optimistic: like a squirrel, you will probably be a very happy and funny person, who takes life in a relaxed way.

Although, as in the previous point, you may have It is a problem in this aspect, in which the squirrel would come into your life to help you solve it.

You seek balance: surely, you are a person who tries to find balance in your life to live in the happiest and most stable way possible, although that does not mean that you do not take life with humor.

Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel – Symbolism

The squirrel is a versatile creature. The little journeyman teaches you to plan ahead for lean times, agile and fast as lightning, it moves between the branches of the trees and can easily outsmart its pursuers. His nervous nature can also spread a hectic pace and cost the other person a lot of nerves.

Those who own the squirrel as a power animal are generally happy to communicate, full of energy and a passion for collecting.

Squirrel people are not only curious, they also like to face any challenge – every tough nut to crack, so to speak. The squirrel’s energy doesn’t just help what it comes to as a lifelong power animal. Squirrel medicine can also help you temporarily in the form of a helper animal.

Children in particular are fascinated by the cute little rodent, which can escape so quickly, but can also become so tame that it eats the nuts out of your hand.

Perhaps this fascination stems not least from the fact that the squirrel itself seems to have a “child-like” disposition, from which we can learn a lot: for example, its passion for collecting. Enjoy all the little things that you have accumulated in the course of your life.

This does not have to be material; you can also draw on beautiful moments in bad times by remembering them with a smile. The squirrel shows you how to observe your surroundings with an attentive eye and an eye for detail and, in the worst case, quickly disappear onto your tree or wind around every obstacle, like the squirrel around the branch. The power of the squirrel will help you crack even the toughest nut.

If the squirrel appears upside down, it may mean that you have accumulated too much ballast. This ballast does not have to consist of tangible objects, it can also be “soul waste”, too many unnecessary worries, prejudices or too many negative thoughts.

Maybe it is time to shed some of this ballast in order to bring more happiness back into your life. Perhaps the desire to collect things has turned into the urge to hoard. Then you may know that you no longer appreciate things, but only have them in order to own as much as possible. Think carefully about what is really useful to you and what you don’t really need.

The squirrel is a rodent native to parts of Asia and central Europe. The squirrel feels at home anywhere in the northern hemisphere where it finds a moderate climate, sufficient deciduous and coniferous forests with plenty of undergrowth. As a cultural follower, the squirrel now also inhabits urban gardens, parks and cemeteries.

The squirrel was a symbol of the devil in the Christian faith due to its color and its preference for cemeteries. It is said to distract people so much that they miss the service because they enjoy the sight of the squirrel so much before mass.

In mythology there is talk of a red squirrel named Ratatösk. Like all red animals, Ratatösk was dedicated to the fire god Thor. According to the Edda, it lives in the branches of the world tree and constantly jumps back and forth between the different worlds. That is why the squirrel is still closely related to the elements earth and air today.

Furthermore, the squirrel Ratatösk is supposed to rekindle the dispute between the eagle Orn, who sits on the branches of the world tree, and the dragon Niddhöggr, who lives at the roots.

The reason is inaccurate transmission of arguments from the eagle to the dragon and vice versa. Therefore, the squirrel symbolizes a kind of rascal for the Germanic peoples who likes to poke at others.

Due to its reddish color, the squirrel is assigned to the Celtic earth and fertility goddess Mebd. Its reddish color symbolizes the connection of the elements earth and fire and thus also earth connection, fertility and love at the same time.

An encounter with the shy squirrel warns not only of quarrels, but also of avoiding problems and arguments. It’s time to get to the bottom of things and “crack the nut”. And thus it also symbolizes the inner conflict between the intellect (ego) and wisdom (intelligence) in depth psychology.

This means that you want to draw the squirrel’s attention as a power animal to bring both sides under one roof and, in the event of problems, the right degree of interaction between what is good for the self (ego) and what you really need (soul), to find.

When the squirrel enters your life as a power animal, it wants to do more than just mediate. It would like to help you to find new lightness and zest for life. You have sat in the corner for far too long and mourned the past.

Now is the time to let go and jump into life again in one big leap. The squirrel will now help you to put wishes, ideas and plans into practice and to make your dream come true so that you can live it.

Depending on how the squirrel appears to you in a dream, it can be a good, but also a bad omen. Basically, it embodies cunning, innocence and flattery. So it may be that a person wants to gain your trust and is not as innocent as he or she looks.

If you see the squirrel eat in a dream, it promises peace and a harmonious family life. If the squirrel collects supply in her dreams, then you too should dress warmly and prepare for bad times in good time.

At the same time, it draws your attention to an overzealous passion for collecting and advises you that often less is more and that you don’t really need many of the things you have collected. Incidentally, it doesn’t just have to be material goods.

The squirrel is associated with the rune Raidho, which symbolizes travel through other worlds.

With the squirrel as a power animal and raidho, you too can travel the worlds of Yggdrasil and have a good guide in the squirrel.

The squirrel is commonly known for being an animal that hides and saves its food for when the winter months arrive, which we can take as a sign that we must be forward-looking and think ahead.

A summary of symbols with which the squirrel is related are: energy, play, prudence, balance, socialization, be prepared and source of resources.

It is not common to know that the squirrel only finds 10% of the elements that it hides and keeps.

This is another message that we can get from the squirrel and it is that we must work with our head and not be too prudent without thinking about being practical, so we must find a balance.

However, this is a great meaning, we mean the fact that it only finds 10% of things it hides. This is because all the hazelnuts that the squirrel cannot find are going to be the origin of new trees and plants; for which we must be grateful to this animal because on many occasions they are in charge of planting trees and plants.

All this symbolism coincides with an old saying that said “what we sow is what we reap”.

So we must be aware that sometimes we lose or do not find things that may be doing good to others and that may have positive consequences; this would refer to what we sow and even if it seems that we have not reaped it, at some point in the future we will.


Squirrels are very social and can often be seen in pairs or groups.

Any type of observation that we exert on these animals will reveal to us that it is a creature that uses its mouth to know and recognize things and that it communicates energetically, particularly when it plays or feels threatened.

In this way, the symbolism of the squirrel reminds us of the ability we must have to express ourselves and know ourselves through social interaction with others.

Effective communication with others is important and we must always be respectful to those around us.

The symbolism of this animal also has to do with the fact that they are considered solar species, which makes squirrels a unique animal and which has meanings such as: passion, energy, expression and vitality.