Dream About Underwear – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about underwear are usually connected with our bodies. The picture we have about our body, what we think others see us, how we see others.

Also, these kinds of dreams picture our desires and fears, depending on the context of the dream.

It is not unusual to see underwear in our dream especially if you were having wet dreams or you had that dream about being half-naked in the public.

But there are many different dreams about underwear that hide our feelings and how we see ourselves.

Our subconscious mind has a lot of information hidden from us and usually, during the dream, we get that information on the surface.

Many times we don’t understand why we had that particular dream and it confuses us because at first glance it has nothing to do with our reality.

But, trust me, the subconscious mind always finds a way to our conscious mind even through weird dreams and tells us something we didn’t realize before.

Sometimes things we dream about carry different symbolism and meaning. Our mind is big machinery and is not easy to understand.

So, let’s try to understand your dreams and reveal the true meaning behind the symbols!

The Most Common Dreams about Underwear

Dreaming of wearing underwear 

There are many differentiations considering this dream. For example, it could be that you had a dream about wearing sexy lingerie or basic underwear, or you were wearing someone else’s underwear and so on.

So, if you had a dream about wearing your casual underwear then it means you are feeling comfortable with who you are and you don’t want to change yourself.

You accept yourself the way you are and you don’t care about others’ opinions. That is a very good trait and will be helpful in the next few weeks.

You may be in a situation where you will question your attitude towards yourself in order to be more likable to others, but you will realize that is stupid.

If you had a dream about wearing sexy lingerie, the meaning behind that is obvious. You may feel sexually attracted to someone or you are looking for a partner. Even if you keep saying that you like being alone, deep inside you want to find someone to be with.


You are probably having the sexual desire and you want to express that energy because you have been alone for a long period.

Or, it could be that you find someone who you like and now you are trying your best to make them like you.

Dreaming of taking off your pants 

Interestingly, this dream doesn’t actually symbolize sexuality. The meaning of this dream depends on the way you saw your underwear.

If you saw something on your underwear while taking them off, like blood, it means that you are probably going to catch a cold or you will need to take a day off at work because you will be physically exhausted.

But, if you see something of another color like yellow or brown it means that you are worried about your health and you should go to see a doctor if you are suspicious about something.

Maybe you are worried about having an infection and now it came haunting you in your dreams. The best solution is to go to the doctor.

Another way of interpreting this dream is that you feel trapped by someone and this dream means that you want to be free from that. Maybe it’s your partner that suffocates you and makes you feel that way.

Dreaming of seeing red underwear

This dream usually indicates that you have a strong sexual desire. Maybe you don’t want to admit it and you behave like it’s not a big deal, but you can’t get it out of your head.

Also, this dream may suggest that your partner is unfaithful and is having an affair. It may be with someone you know and it will hurt you really bad.

If you are a man who saw red underwear in your dream it means that you are thinking about someone else and you are physically attracted to a woman that is not your partner.

If you are a woman, this dream is telling you that you are hiding your feelings from everyone and you are afraid of being hurt.

That is the reason you don’t want to be in a relationship right now. But, if you have a partner this dream indicates that they may be flirting with someone else.

Dreaming of dirty underwear 

This dream is as uncomfortable as it sounds and is not a good sign. Maybe you will have problems with your genitalia and you will have to see a doctor.

But, don’t worry, this dream is nothing scary because you will solve your problem fast and you will forget that you ever had it.

Dreaming of someone taking off your underwear

If you saw a person you like or your partner in this dream, it may mean that you need more attention from them and you want them to show you that they like you.

If that was someone you don’t know, but you still let that happen, it means that you need physical contact with people. You have been alone for too long and know your mind makes up scenarios with unfamiliar faces.

But, if someone took your panties against your will it means that you are afraid that something bad will happen to you. You feel like no one is protecting you and you feel vulnerable.

Dreaming of a male underwear 

This dream means that you find yourself strong and you can rely on yourself.

However, if this underwear were found dirty, it means that you should take care of your body and be more interested in body care because it is what you need right now.

If a woman has this dream it may mean that you want your partner to pay more attention to you. You feel left out and like you are not good enough for a real relationship with them. Raise your standards.

Dreaming of wearing underwear in public 

When you dream about wearing underwear in public you probably feel ashamed and exposed. You don’t like being in the center of attention and it is what makes you uncomfortable around people.

You can’t open up in front of people and you think others find you boring and unattractive. That is the reason you had this dream because it the thing that scares you the most – being almost naked in front of a big crowd of people.

This dream may also suggest that you will be in an uncomfortable situation in which you will feel embarrassed and many people will laugh at you.

Dreaming of seeing others wear underwear in public 

If you are the only one who doesn’t wear underwear it means that you think that others are being fake and dishonest. You want everyone to be their true self and you hate pretending to be someone else.

You are surrounded by people who can’t stand up for themselves, probably at your job. You want to make a change but you don’t know how to get close with your colleagues.

Maybe you feel misunderstood and you think you are different from other people. You want to be yourself, but you are scared that no one will accept you.

Dreaming that your underwear is not your size 

If you had a dream in which you felt uncomfortable because you wore oversized or too small underwear it means that you will have problems related to your family and relationships.

You are on a slippery road and you don’t know how to express your thoughts. You will get in a complicated fight with someone from your family because they will misunderstand your point of view.

Also, don’t expect your partner to do what you think is right. They won’t listen to your advice and will do things on their own. That may irritate you and make you start a fight.

Dreaming of tearing an underwear 

This dream is telling you that you should try to find another way of dealing with your problems. It has shown that what you have already done is not enough and you should look at things from a different perspective.

It may be that you are tired of the simplicity of your life and you want to change something. You had enough of that boredom and now you want to try something new.

It is possible that you are unsatisfied with some aspects of your life and you are trying to find a way to make a change.

Dreaming of a bra and underwear 

If you are a man, this dream may indicate that you miss a woman in your life and you regret the way you behave. You want to change but now it is too late for that.

If you are a woman, seeing a bra and underwear in your dream means that you are repeating the same mistake from the past. Something you have already gone through is coming back to you and you won’t realize that it is not good for you.

Dreaming of buying underwear 

You don’t like the person you have become. There is something that bothers you and you are trying to distract yourself from negative thinking by going out or having a coffee with your friend.

However, you can’t hide from problems no matter how hard you try. The answer is to face them and resolve them.

Also, it is possible that you feel like you don’t take care of yourself enough and you have put yourself in the last place. It seems like you gave all your attention to others and forget about how important self-love is.

Dreaming of seeing bugs in your underwear

This dream has a bad connotation and means that you or someone close to you might get sick. Tough times are coming to you and you will have to be strong.

It is a really terrible dream and is not bringing a good sign. The symbolism behind this dream is the pain you will have to take and negative situations that might make you feel unwell mentally and physically.

Dreaming of going to school in your underwear

It doesn’t matter if you are too old for high school, because this dream is relevant for anyone.

The symbolism behind this dream is that you have been taking too much negativity from others while you were a teenager. You might recall being laughed at and that is something that still haunts you.

Maybe you can’t get over the fact that you had a hard time in high school and you always wanted that horror to end. Pretty much everyone has a rough time at high school, but what matters is that it is over now.