White Snake Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Snakes are symbols of disloyalty, long tongue, gossips, betrayal, evil. They are mentioned in the Bible which represents them as manipulators who made Eva take the forbidden fruit from a tree in Heaven.

Snakes are often considered to be a symbol of people who are not honest and who doesn’t want the best for you.

Dreaming about a white snake may indicate that you have an enemy who pretends to be your friend, or it can be someone who is telling you everything you want to hear just to get what they need from you.

Snakes are dangerous animals and have a poisonous bite, just like some people have poisonous mouth and words. You have to be careful with who you trust and always pay attention to the signs of dishonesty.

Sometimes dreams about snakes may indicate that someone will hurt you when you least expect, or that someone sees you as a potential threat and wants to see you fail.

If you saw a white snake in your dream it may be that you will have a hard time at your job or school because there are people who are jealous of you and will do anything to make you look bad.

Also, seeing a snake in your dream doesn’t have to be a negative thing since it also symbolizes health and strength.

Let’s see the most common dreams about white snakes and figure out why you had that dream!

The Most Common Dreams about White Snakes 

Dreaming of seeing a white snake 

If you only saw a white snake in your dream without any other content, it means that you will be healthy and everything around you will be peaceful and positive.

The white snake that doesn’t attack symbolizes peace and good energy that will come into your life.

In the next couple of weeks, you will have motivation and inspiration for everything you plan to do and things will go smooth.

You should utilize those good days and make something out of them. Meaning, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary things.

Dreaming of holding a white snake

This is a very positive sign for you because you are strong and fearless. You can even hold a snake without your hands shaking.


This dream means that you can deal with any situation and make snakes your pets! Of course, not in a literal way, but in a way that you can always adjust yourself to any situation and nobody can bring you down.

You are that kind of person that always finds positive things in negative situations and you can hold any burden life throws at you.

You know how they say, keep your friend close, but your enemies even closer! And that is exactly what you are good at.

Dreaming of running from a white snake 

Our dreams are a representation of our subconscious, so running from our problems equals running from snakes according to your subconscious mind.

You have to face your fears and not hide from them, because they will never leave you alone unless you work them out.

Also, it may be that someone doesn’t want the best for you and they are trying to set you up.

Another meaning is that some problems from your past will show up again and you will have to confront them.

Dreaming of getting bitten by a white snake

This dream suggests that you will be betrayed by someone you trusted a lot. It can be either someone from your family or close friends.

This will hurt you a lot but you have to get stronger from this and learn to be more careful.

It is possible that they will tell you a secret and won’t respect your privacy. It will be like a stab in your back when you are not paying attention.

If you have a journal, it may be that someone will not respect it and will try to read it. You will find that out because he/she will tell everyone your deepest secrets.

Dreaming of being strangled by a white snake 

This dream suggests that there is someone open about not liking you. That person doesn’t even pretend to be nice and will take advantage of any possible moment to make you look like an idiot.

Prepare to be put in an uncomfortable situation and don’t let it put you down.

Someone is jealous of your work and sees you as a potential threat to their success. People who can’t be great on their own tend to put others down to look better in public.

It may be that someone you work with will talk about you behind your back and make various malversations to make you look guilty. But, they won’t succeed in that if you stand up for yourself and prove that they are wrong.

Dreaming of a white snake in a cage

You know that there are people out there who don’t like you and want to see you down, but you don’t care about that. You are above them and you know your worth.

Also, seeing a white snake in a cage may mean that you are finally free from problems from your past and they can’t hurt you anymore. You had a long battle to fight and you finally won.

Another meaning is that you took preventive steps in order to stop some bad things from happening to the people you love the most.

Dreaming of many snakes in a cage

This dream suggests that you are the person people talk about. You are the subject of many topics and people find you interesting.

It may be that your colleagues find you controversial because you always stand up for your opinion and they wonder how you do it.

These snakes don’t necessarily represent people who talk bad about you behind your back, but rather people who wish they can be like you.

Or, this dream may mean that you have lots of enemies but they can’t hurt you, because you are smart enough not to let them be involved in your life.

Also, it is possible that you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and you are trying to accomplish them all in one breath, but you will have to deal with them one by one.

Dreaming of getting attacked by many white snakes 

Sadly, this dream means that you are suffocating in problems and you are hopeless.

Maybe you will have a hard week at a job or school and it will seem like neverending horror. But, you will make it through and be proud of yourself.

This dream also says that nothing lasts forever and you should pay more attention to the people you love and appreciate life more.

Don’t act like nothing matters to you because it does, you just hide from reality and instead of seeing its beauty you only focus on negative things.

Dreaming of finding a white snake in your house

That means you will get in a fight with someone from your family. You will try to get your point, but that person won’t listen to you and doesn’t take you seriously which is really stressing you out.

Snake in the house is a symbol for problems within the family and may also mean that others will get in a fight. Maybe the situation in your house isn’t the best and it is what makes you angry.

You feel like there is nothing you can do and you are tired of trying to solve things out.

Dreaming of a white snake crawling into your house

This is a bad sign and it suggests that someone from outside will get inside your family and make problems. There is a person who wants to be a part of the family because he/she wants your privilege and might take advantage of your family.

Also, it can be someone you are friends with that is trying to get benefits from you and your family. It can be either financial support or your house as a place to stay.

It is okay to help others, but you have to make a difference between a person in need and a person who wants to take advantage of you and your family.

Dreaming of killing a white snake 

This can either be a good or a bad sign depending on the feeling you had through the dream.

If you were scared and thought it will bite you, then this dream is a positive one because you will stop something bad from happening.

On the other hand, if you killed it for no reason it can mean sickness and mental instability because a peaceful white snake is a symbol of health and well-being.

Also, this dream suggests that your actions will put you in a bad situation. So, be careful with what you do and how you do it in order to prevent making a wrong decision.

Dreaming of a headless white snake 

This is an interesting dream because some snakes can live without its head for few hours.

So, this dream may mean that no matter how hard you are trying to get rid of someone from your life you can’t seem to make them go away.

There is someone who is constantly trying to be near you and it is getting on your nerves. You don’t know how to politely tell them to leave. Try to be honest with them.

Or, a headless snake can be a symbol of something missing in your life. It can be financial stability, but it is more likely to be something you can’t control.

Maybe you can’t find a true friend and no matter how hard you try, you always end up being alone.

Dreaming of a dead white snake 

You have lost all hopes and you are feeling worthless. You had a big plan that didn’t work out and now you think you are a failure.

Maybe something happened which stopped you from achieving your goal and now you can’t find a way to make your real dream come true.

You feel like you have lost a battle with something bigger than you and it is leaving you feeling incompetent.

Dreaming of a big white snake 

If you had a dream about an enormous white snake then it means that you are making big plans for the future, but you are quite unsure if they will work out.

That is why you should always first make the small ones come true and then start working on the big plans.

It’s easier to eat your food when you chew it than when you try to swallow it whole. That is exactly what you should do with your plans – do them little by little, not the whole at once.

Dreaming of seeing a white snake eating a big animal

This dream suggests that you are not ready for what is coming. You took a too big step and now you won’t be able to comprehend the pressure.

That bite was a lot more than you can swallow and that is why you will have hard times ahead of you.

But, on the other hand, this dream may be a symbol that is telling you that everything is possible. Even the small ones can eat the big ones.

So, the meaning of this dream depends on how you felt through the dream. If you felt scared by that snake, then it is the first meaning. But, if you felt amazed, then the second one is about you.

Dreaming of seeing a white snake take off its skin

It’s time for big changes and you are ready for that. You have worked so hard on yourself and now life will give you an award.

There are lots of positive things you will experience shortly and you will receive as much as you gave.

You will soon hear good news which will be a great turning point for you in your life.