Dream of Baby Fingernails Falling Off – Meaning and Symbolism

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It is really extremely strange to dream of a baby whose nails fall off, but it happens! What our brain will not think of in a dream to come up with a solution or discover something we hide from ourselves!

Of course, as with all other dreams, the accompanying feeling is very important here as well. Sometimes we dream something that is thematically awful, and we feel nice in a dream and vice versa.

In a dream, everything is definitely possible, even to dream of a baby whose nails are falling off! What does that mean?! What does that dream tell us?

The baby is unprotected and innocent and every dream about a baby speaks of something like that. Maybe it’s about your unspoiled nature or you have a feeling that the people you love are neglecting you.

Certainly, the dream of a baby can be connected with the desire to create offspring. The dream of a baby usually announces a beginning.

That beginning does not necessarily mean something good and positive. Sometimes it also marks the beginning of some problems or bad interpersonal relationships.

The complete interpretation of a dream depends a lot on the details in the dream as well as the feeling that the dream caused in you.

If, for example, you felt happiness and fulfillment while the baby’s nails were falling off in your dream, you will definitely have a good period regardless of the topic of the dream.

The most common dreams about the baby fingernails falling off

Dreaming of watching a baby whose fingernails are falling off

If the baby in your dream is crying a lot and you think it hurts because her nails are falling off, this is a dream that speaks of your mental wound.

You were injured a long time ago and that wound never healed. Maybe it’s about your childhood.

Basically, you are aware that you have to deal with it and heal that wound. You also have to face your grief and forgive those who hurt you because they did not know what they were doing.

Forgiveness is something that will help you lead a more peaceful and quality life. Forgiveness basically has nothing to do with those who hurt you. You are the one who hides the anger and pain in yourself.

Dreaming of arranging baby fingernails that fall off

If you dreamed of arranging a baby’s nails, and they fall off along the way, it means that you are dealing with the little things in life instead of the important things.


You spend a lot of time on matters that are not so serious, talking and thinking about them. Why do you do it all the time? Probably because it’s hard for you to deal with the real problems. This way you are just lying to yourself that you are solving something.

The problem is that your difficulties accumulate as you pretend to deal with them. Be careful not to ruin a loved one who depends on you in some way by living like this.

Dreaming of cutting baby fingernails that fall off

If you dreamed of cutting a baby’s fingernails, and they fall off along the way, it means that you want people to think well of you, but you do not have much success in that.

You may put a lot of effort into pleasing people who are suspicious of that. Some people think that you are doing it with bad intentions, in order to use them in the future or something similar.

You have to find the measure and put yourself first. No matter how hard you try for some people, they will never be grateful to you.

Simply put, some people think they deserve everything you do for them. They do not see your sacrifice and struggle.

Think a little about this and about unnecessarily pampering people, especially those who don’t know how to say thank you.

Dreaming of a baby biting her fingernails that fall off

This dream predicts some bad events in the future. Basically, you already know what could go wrong, but you don’t do anything about it.

Whether it’s your family or your job, you need to be more flexible and hardworking. You must not allow bad things to happen before your eyes without you replying.

If it concerns a younger family member, you need to be sharper and more determined in communicating with them. You have to show them who has the main say in the family.

The same goes for your business partners and associates. Open your eyes well so that you would not be sorry in the future that you did not react.

Dreaming of a baby whose fingernail on a little finger has fallen off

This dream speaks of your current feeling of helplessness and fear.

You have slipped into a minor mental crisis and are constantly complaining to dear people. You are continually whining about your destiny. They are already a bit annoyed by your constant complaints.

You try to provoke pity from close people, but you don’t know how to act very well neither. Don’t annoy the people around you anymore.

Your family and friends love and care for you. Don’t ask for their attention in the wrong way, because in that case you could be left without it.

Think about what is really bothering you and face it. In this way, you will save your family and friends, but also your mental health.

Dreaming of a baby whose fingernail on a ring finger has fallen off

This dream means that you have been in a relationship for a long time that you do not like anymore, whether it is a friendship or a love relationship.

Simply, the habit has become stronger than a sincere desire to spend time with someone.

This relationship will soon end abruptly which will bring you great relief. You will wonder why you did not end this unsatisfactory relationship with that person earlier.

Also, this situation will inspire you to think about what else you could change in your life.

Dreaming of a baby whose fingernail on a middle finger has fallen off

To dream that a baby has lost a fingernail on the middle finger means some sadness soon. You will soon be sad about something.

You may lose a friend or something will happen that will make you very miserable. You may even cry although you haven’t cried for a long time.

Maybe someone close to you will lose someone or get sick.

You will be sad for a while because of that, but that is life! Ups and downs, joy and sorrow alternate as day and night.

Dreaming of a baby whose fingernail on an index finger has fallen off

This dream foretells some quarrel with close business associates.

You have a habit of ordering people what to do and this will ultimately provoke the person you work closely with in connection with a project or business.

You should think a bit about your behavior and not treat people as if they are all your servants and as if they are stupider than you.

Someone will finally oppose you, and it would be best for you to apologize to that person and show them respect.

That way, your relationship will greatly improve, so all your joint ventures will be more successful. Put your ego in the background.

Dreaming of a baby whose fingernail on a thumb has fallen off

You will soon face some major material loss. It is possible that you will lose your job or something similar.

You must not despair, but you must do everything to get out of trouble. If you are brave and resourceful, it will pay off handsomely. Never give up!