Cheese – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of cheese is a symbol of pleasure that you will experience in waking life. Cheese in a dream is known to bring satisfaction and positive feelings to your life.

Seeing a cheese in your dream can also mean that you will soon find a partner or if you are already taken it means that your relationship will improve.

Cheese is a symbol of love between people and is a good sign that indicates an improvement in your love life.

However, the meaning of cheese in a dream depends on the quality of cheese. If cheese was old, unusable it can have a bad meaning.

Rotten cheese symbolizes difficulties in your private relationships and it may mean that you will soon lose a friend or a partner because of your temperament.

Tasty, delicious cheese in a dream symbolizes pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, and joy. You will spend a great time with someone and you will make a strong bond.

If you had a dream about moldy, expensive cheese it means that you might miss a great opportunity because you will at first think that it’s not so great.

The most common dreams about cheese

Dreaming of eating a delicious cheese

If you had a dream about eating tasty cheese it means that you will soon experience positive feelings and someone will make you happy.

You won’t expect that person to act so nice to you and you will be surprised by their actions.

This dream means that your social skills and interactions will improve and you will be happy to enjoy the company of good people.

Also, cheese in a dream can appear as a sign of loneliness and it suggests that you could use some time to spend it with friends or even meet new people.

If you feel lonely and detached from the outside world, you should try to make a connection with someone and engage in social activities.

Dreaming of a swiss cheese

If you saw a swiss cheese with lots of holes in it, it means that your life is not so perfect. You have a lot of imperfections and you have your negative sides which you can’t erase.


Maybe other people think of you as a perfect person who has everything, but deep inside you feel incomplete. There is something missing and you have to find out what it could be.

Also, this dream suggests that you should focus on the good things in life and be grateful for what you have, instead of worrying and thinking about the things you miss.

Cheese with holes in it represents an emptiness that can’t be seen at the first glance. But as you go deeper into your subconscious mind, you realize that you have a lot of things to work on.

Nobody is perfect and that is fine. Just be grateful for what you have and try to change things that bother you.

Dreaming of a melted cheese

If you saw a melted cheese in your dream, it means that you might have some health problems. Melted cheese is not healthy and it represents bad eating habits that might cause you to become ill.

This dream is telling you to be careful with what you eat and that you should do more exercise. Your body needs to work out so try to be physically active.

Your subconscious mind is telling you to eat healthier and stop poisoning your body with unhealthy food. Take care of yourself and eat healthily.

Melted cheese can also be a symbol of disappointment. You might let yourself down or feel incapable of achieving something. Maybe you are insecure and you don’t think you can succeed in your goals.

It is possible that you will soon fail to do some task and it will put your mood down.

Dreaming of moldy cheese

If you saw moldy cheese in your dream, it means that you will achieve great financial success. The time and energy you have put in will be worth it. You can expect to see the results of your hard work and you will be proud of yourself.

Maybe other people can’t see how great you are doing and maybe some of them will judge you, telling you that you are doing the wrong thing.

However, they can’t see how important it is for you to succeed so don’t pay attention to them.

Also, this dream is telling you that some of your accomplishments will be seen after some time so you have to be patient.

The symbol of a moldy cheese is success, financial stability, achievement, and lack of stress.

Dreaming of white cheese

If you saw a white cheese in your dream, it means that someone is telling you lies. Someone doesn’t want you to know about something and they are hiding it from you.

This dream means that you are very close to finding out the truth but it’s not good for you because you will be hurt.

White cheese is a symbol of telling lies and hiding secrets. Someone doesn’t want to tell you the truth, but they might be protecting you.

Don’t jump to conclusions and wait for the explanation. You deserve to know the truth, but don’t overreact if you don’t need to.

Also, it is possible that this dream is related to you lying to someone. If you are lying to someone, know that they are likely to find out the truth and that won’t be good for you.

The truth always finds its way so there is no point in lying.

Dreaming of eating cheese and drinking wine

This is a very good combination and in a dream, it means that you can expect some positive changes in your life.

You will soon meet somebody who will open a whole new world to you and you will enjoy their company. That person will make you feel in a way nobody else before did. You will be very happy and it will feel like a dream.

This dream is a symbol of joy, passion, affection, excitement, and love. If you are taken, this dream means that you will see an improvement in your relationship and it will feel like a new beginning.

This dream is all about pleasure. Both of you will feel pleased by each other and that will take a huge role in making you feel happy.

Dreaming of a sandwich with a cheese

This dream tells you that you will get an answer to some important question or you will hear good news.

Also, this dream means that you will do something at the last minute and it will be a good decision to make. Maybe you will decide something related to your job or relationship.

Another meaning is that something beyond your expectations will happen. You will be surprised how roles can change and how life is unpredictable, and it will be to your benefit.

You will get something great that you didn’t expect and it will change a lot of things in your life.

Dreaming of a slice of cheese

If you saw a piece of cheese, it means that something you hope for will come true. Your wish will be fulfilled according to this dream.

A slice of cheese is a symbol of winning and it can be related to any aspect of your life.

Dreaming of seeing a rat eating cheese

If you saw a rat eating a piece of cheese it means that someone will take privilege for something you did.

Maybe someone will steal your idea or will take a prize for something you did. That will make you angry and you will have a hard time getting over it.

Also, this dream may mean that there is someone who is sabotaging you and that is why you are going through hard times.

Or, this dream can mean that you work too hard for other people and they are taking advantage of you. You should focus on yourself and do your job, not the job of others.

This dream is often related to work and colleagues, so maybe some of your colleagues are relying constantly on you. It is okay to do a favor sometimes, but if it’s a common thing that means that someone is using you.

Be careful and don’t let anyone treat you that way.

Dreaming of pasta with cheese

This dream is related to your childhood and family. You miss the good old days filled with love and happiness and you should be more around your family.

The warmth of a home can’t be replaced with anything so you should make a family reunion or take your family to dinner. That is a good way to bring back old memories and connect with your loved ones.

Dreaming of buying cheese

If you were buying cheese in your dream, it means that you crave expensive things in life. You want to buy something special for yourself and you started saving money for it.

Also, you might want to prove to others that you are successful and that you changed. This dream is related to your ego that wants to be approved by other people.

Dreaming of making a dish with cheese

If you were making a meal with cheese, it means that you might take some risks that will lead you to lose your money.

This dream can be related to gambling or drinking. Don’t give in to these things because you have a lot to lose. Be grateful for what you have and spend your money responsibly.