Soap – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Soap is a hand cleanser, so the dream of soap often has the meaning of washing the conscience or ending something, some relationship, or some situation.

It is very likely that you want something to disappear, some feelings or bad memories.

You want to end up with something so you can move forward unburdened.

However, in today’s pandemic, this dream may be related to your fear of the virus or your desire to return to the pre-pandemic state.

Read below what are the most common dreams about soap and what they mean.

The most common dreams about the soap

Dreaming of looking at soap

If you dreamed of looking at the soap, it means that you need soap, that is, you need something to cleanse your feelings and bad memories.

You want to forget the bad things that happened to you because you feel them as a burden.

The best way to forget bad things and get rid of bad feelings is to forgive those who have hurt you.

Forgiveness is the best way to “wash” your feelings and be happy again.

As long as you cultivate hatred, anger, and intolerance in your soul, you cannot be truly happy and relaxed. This is the fact of life.

Dreaming of washing your hands with soap

If you dreamed of washing your hands with soap, this means that you want to be free. You want to get out of a relationship that no longer fulfills you or terminate a business project that you no longer want to work on.

You don’t want to be responsible anymore. You feel that you need the freedom to explore the world and your abilities and talents.

Maybe it’s better to take sick leave or unpaid leave from work to think in peace about what you really want with your life.


Dreaming of washing your body with soap

If you dreamed of washing your body with soap, this means that you feel some shame because of your actions.

Maybe you were in an adulterous love affair or your tongue was faster than your mind, so you said something you didn’t want to say.

Either way, shame is a feeling like any other. To get rid of the feeling of shame, you have to dive into it. You have to indulge in that feeling completely in order to overcome it at one moment and understand its purpose.

All our feelings tell us something, that is, they aim at something, some lesson or insight. Shame is there for you to learn something, and you need to find out why.

Dreaming of drinking soap

If you have dreamed of drinking soap, this is a conscious decision to purify your life and your past.

As you take in the soap in your sleep, your goal is to cleanse something in your life. For example, quit smoking if you have smoked all your life.

However, this particular cleaning will be hard and you will feel great frustration doing it. However, do not hesitate to do so.

Once you get rid of the vice, that is, the “impurity” from your life, your life will be much more beautiful and fulfilled. You will be glad that you made a difficult decision to get rid of the vice.

Dreaming of making soap

If you have dreamed of making soap, it means that you will probably advise someone or even warn other people about something or someone.

You have noticed that one person is saying one thing and doing something else and you want to warn people you care about about that person. Don’t hesitate. Do what you think you should.

This dream can also mean that you believe that your work will be able to fix other people’s problems. This is not that simple. Most people can fix their lives or reduce their difficulties, but they are not ready to take the steps to be taken to that end.

Be prepared to know that people don’t really want what they sometimes say they want. People can be complicated.

Dreaming of eating soap

If you dreamed of eating soap, this predicts that you will overreact and lose control of yourself in a situation. Be prepared to verbally deal with someone without raising your voice or flapping your hands.

Show dignity in every situation. This way, you will respect yourself more, and others will appreciate you more too.

You will probably protest against some form of injustice and in the end, you will do yourself harm without any progress, or what we would say, more harm than good. It is certainly not rational, but humans are also emotional beings. Don’t be too hard on yourself either.

Dreaming of buying soap

If you dreamed of buying soap, this means that your behavior has not been commendable lately.

Someone will warn you that your behavior is out of place. It may be about your finances and irrational spending. It is possible that the warning will come from someone from the bank or your financial advisor.

Also think about your investments, whether they are reasonable and whether you have valid evidence for them. Lately, you have been behaving carelessly towards your finances. You have to stop doing that.

Dream of cleaning your shoes with soap

If you have dreamed of cleaning your shoes with soap, this means that you are aware of some of your mistakes and want to correct them.

Don’t wait for the “right time” because the time is always right when it comes to correcting mistakes. No, people you have hurt in some way or been unfair to them have not forgotten that. They are waiting for your apology and acknowledgment of the mistake.

When you do that, it will dawn on everyone. Especially to you.

Dreaming of two people washing each other with soap

This is a very unusual dream that speaks of the intimate relationship of the persons in the dream. This relationship does not have to be physical.

These two people may be extremely spiritually connected. It would be good not to interfere in their relationship as they love each other very much.

Dreaming of white soap

White soap can mean that your financial situation will suddenly improve. The second meaning is that you will make the same mistake again that you vowed never to make again. Watch what you do!

Dreaming of green soap

If you dreamed of green soap, it means that you will listen to someone’s well-intentioned advice and thus avoid some trouble. Keep this in mind when someone advises you. Don’t be stubborn.

Dreaming of pink soap

Pink soap in a dream means that you will work successfully with someone you will not like at first sight. Don’t judge people quickly. Give them time to show up.

Dreaming of red soap

This dream means that you have to be careful in the next few days so as not to start an argument.

If you start arguing with your partner or superior, you will not be well. You will be hurt in some way. Do your best not to quarrel.

Dreaming of black soap

This dream is negative. Black soap means that you will use some cunning that will cost someone dearly. Don’t do that!

Dreaming of fragrant soap

If you dream of fragrant soap, it means that you will be lucky in love.

Accept courtship and an invitation to go out, because you will have a good time.

Forget past failures in love and enjoy the present.

Dreaming of soap bubbles

This dream signifies a comfortable and carefree life ahead of you. Although you still have some fears and doubts, they will quickly disappear.

Yes, you will live nicely with the good person you have chosen as your life partner. Indulge yourself and enjoy! This is your golden period.