Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Meaning and Symbolism

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In order to arrest a person, a legal warrant, a form of authorization, must be in place. Only with this, the police are authorized to take this measure.

Most of us are more familiar with arrests or arrests from action films on television, where the police first engage in a hot chase with the criminals before finally clicking the handcuffs and leading the villain away.

Alternatively, the fugitive gets into a random police check in the film, runs away and is finally caught after breakneck stunts.

Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Meaning

Experiencing an attachment in a dream can raise very oppressive feelings in us. You may then wake up wondering whether you are actually guilty in reality.

Alternatively, whether this dream situation was just the aftermath of the exciting movie from the previous evening.

For the general dream, interpretation stands behind the dream of an arrest a possibly false suspicion, which one blames the dreaming person.

The person concerned is confronted with groundless allegations. He should seek clarification as soon as possible before this situation can cause serious harm.

If one takes over the arrest of another person in the dream world, this reflects the negative attitude of the dreaming person towards own parts of the personality. The arrested person represents these on a dream level.

The dream interpretation advises you here to look back one more time. Remember how you felt during the dream situation you experienced.

An arrest is often related to feelings of remorse, guilt, or shame. It can be behavior, needs or tendencies, because of which the dreaming devalues ​​himself.

Here it can be helpful to develop an objective view in order to uncover the reasons for this self-judgment.

In the psychological dream interpretation, the dream image “arrest” can be a symbol for existing feelings of guilt.

The dreaming has perhaps committed an immoral or wrong act himself. He may be unconsciously afraid of being held responsible for this. The person concerned may feel remorse, but still too fearful of the possible consequences if he admitted to having made a mistake.

Especially when a police officer is involved in the dream event, it should become clear to the dreaming that he should think better about his behavior and his activities in the future. Otherwise, he runs the risk of getting into serious trouble.

To be arrested yourself is certainly a very uncomfortable dream situation.


However, this can admonish the dreaming to behave honestly and fairly towards unpleasant contemporaries.

If you like to gossip about others in the awake life, this bad gossip can become a boomerang for the person concerned. If he does not pay careful attention to his choice of words and checks his motivation, his behavior will eventually stick to him like a shadow.

In the worst case, this leads to social isolation and a bitter view of life and society. Rethink and break out of old reaction patterns!

In the transcendent dream interpretation context, the dream symbol “arrest” shows an existing need for authoritarian leadership.

Being arrested is often something that happens when you do something inappropriate or illegal. In the dream, being arrested means that some bad things in the world have infected you and it means that you have learned things like observing words and feelings.

I dreamed that I was arrested, which indicates that I would become a celebrity among government officials.

Dreaming of being arrested indicates that some bad thoughts have arisen in your mind, and you want to do it, but your heart is fighting.

If you can finally escape the clutches of your dreams and get out of trouble safely, it means that you can get rid of the bad thoughts in your mind and return to a kind and bright mindset.

A woman dreaming of being arrested indicates that her husband may be injured in the near future, which is a bad omen. He dreamed of being arrested for a minor case, indicating that her recent fortune is prosperous, so you need to take good care of her.

To dream that a friend is arrested indicates that you can fight with her family in the near future, and you will not get help from your friends when you encounter difficulties. Woman dreams of having her husband arrested, but she is being prosecuted, which indicates that in the future you will give birth to a girl and live a happy life in the future.

Dreaming of being arrested and wanting to accept punishment indicates that you will lose friends and supporters in the near future, which is a bad omen.

A married person dreaming of being arrested indicates that you will gain fame and fortune in the near future, which bodes well.

Single men and women dream of being arrested, it indicates that their love fortune is not good in the near future, they may fall into an ambiguous or triangular relationship, be constantly trapped by rumors, and finally be betrayed by their lover.

Dreaming of being arrested and checking my ID card indicates that you will be rich in the near future and your life will improve very well.

Dream of Being Arrested, In Prison – Symbolism

The dream of being arrested by the police shows that you have been sorry for others recently. I suggest you admit your mistake quickly and seek understanding from others; otherwise, it will be more difficult to deal with.

Dreaming that the police are arresting you shows that some bad thoughts have occurred in your head lately and you want to do it, but you are fighting in your heart.

When you escape from the hand of the devil and get out of trouble safely in a dream, it means that you can get rid of the bad thoughts in your heart and return to a good and bright state of mind.

The dream of being arrested and beaten by the police suggests that in the near future you will embezzle public funds, seriously lose it, is an ominous sign.

Unmarried men and women dream of being arrested by the police indicates that your recent love happiness is good and emotionally tired of each other. It is suggested that you take good care of each other.

The businessperson dreams of being arrested by the police. It shows that your wealth is still closely linked to your family in the near future. Affected by the holidays, it is possible to spend a lot of money on family activities, but the investment is still active.

The dream that your friend will be arrested by the police indicates that in the near future you should avoid unnecessary social activities that will only increase your expenses and burdens. You should have reasonable and clear financial planning and not have too speculative and ambitious practices.

The police arrested the dream about her husband. You should pay attention to road safety in the near future. When going out, you need to be vigilant and not get distracted.

The dream of relatives arrested by the police shows that in the near future you will have unexpected good news. The dream that dad will be arrested by the police shows that you will have a lot of happy things in the near future, and your mood will be felt in the near future, which is a good omen.

The dream that the police will arrest your child indicates that in the near future you will have a strong sense of career, want to have a work schedule, have a serious and careful demeanor, and have the opportunity to use power to the other party for suppressing the obstacles in the implementation process.

The dream image of the arrest refers to the lack of control and guilt. It is usually accompanied by a great sense of anguish and usually occurs when we fall asleep thinking about our worries and problems.

Overall, it tells us that we have almost totally lost control over our lives and this has diminished our ability to face the adversities that come our way.

It can also denote that our behavior has not been the most appropriate and our mind is crying out for us to take a path of righteousness.

Deep down we know that things are not going to end well if we continue to do the same and if we do not act immediately, the damage could be irreparable. We need to set limits and rules to follow.

It reflects that we feel trapped and that no one considers our opinion. It is a common dream when we find ourselves in a job in which our abilities are not valued and even our ideas are put aside.

Also, it indicates that we lack authority, which is why we suffer reproaches from all those who do not surround us.

If in our dreams we are arrested in the presence of an important person, such as our partner or parents, it is because we feel guilty for our way of behaving before them.

The best choice is to rectify our actions and attitudes before the damage to that relationship becomes irreparable.

It refers to the opinion we have of the arrested person, we probably think that he is someone we cannot trust and that he will end up betraying us.

If the arrested person is a stranger, the dream means that we are not accepting the advice and recommendations of those around us and this could lead us to ruin.

If we are currently leading a work team, we should consider treating its members in a more friendly and considerate manner.

It indicates that we will be the victim of bad intentions on the part of false friends. If after the arrest the inexistence of incriminating evidence shows that we are innocent, it is interpreted as that we will be able to overcome adversity based on patience and determination.

If we are innocent of the charges against us and we manage to escape arrest, the dream predicts that we will go through a period of fortune and that all our efforts will pay off.

On the other hand, if we are guilty of the crime, the dream refers to the fact that we try to flee from some internal regrets or reproaches that do not allow us to live in peace.

He warns us that we are making very hasty decisions by not taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of each option. This could lead us to harm a person who has not really done anything against us and does not deserve it.

If the person arresting us is someone we consider an enemy, the dream wants to tell us that our goals are falling short and that we can raise our aspirations.

It is synonymous with that we feel trapped and controlled by routine, work and excess obligations. We feel asphyxiated and that makes us long for the freedom that we once enjoyed.


This dream reveals that we do not trust our partner at all and that we feel that it will end up betraying us and causing us a terrible disappointment.

The appropriate thing in this situation is to analyze whether these fears are well founded or are irrational jealousy in order to apply the most accurate solution.

With this dreamlike image, our mind invites us to reflect on the consequences of wrongdoing and demonstrates the need to evaluate our actions based on the values ​​we want to have or the way we want to be treated by others.

Chasing down a criminal and catching him reinforces the idea that we are on the right track to success, something we have worked hard for and certainly deserve.

A time of happiness and personal satisfaction is coming. However, if the arrest is carried out aggressively and with excess force, our mind tries to tell us that we are being too taxing with our subordinates.

This dream has two possible interpretations; on the one hand, it is possible that we fear that our relative will be away from us for a long time due to an inevitable act such as a divorce, a change of job or a personal dispute.

The other option is that we are directly concerned that this person will be arrested for illegal activities.