Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of being chased is therefore an experience that deserves to be deeply analyzed to be better understood and to give a useful meaning to the emotional and psychological path of the dreamer.

In the dream book, dreaming of being chased has a negative value, as it means that someone or something, especially in a certain situation, is trying to prevail in the dreamer’s experience.

It can also be a refined dream, as those who are chased, or the dreamer, feel a feeling of fear, frustration and in some cases of terror, so it can be social, professional or love tasks that cannot be addressed and that they ‘pursue’ the psyche of those who dream in an intense and persuasive way.

Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Meaning

According to psychologists and scholars of the human mind, dreaming of being chased can be the symptom of a person trying to escape from a part of himself, the so-called shadow defined by Jung as the part that people do not want to bring out. In addition, that can reveal itself in aggressive, careless behaviors or to which a negative value is attributed.

From a faceless person: it is symptomatic of the fear of facing situations, but also of one’s own repressed part, one’s anger or one’s unhappiness. It is a dream linked to the lack of awareness and the inability to face the unpleasant situations in life.

From the forces of law and order: it is an occult message, which means that the dreamer is not calm with his conscience.

This is not a dream linked to legality, but in the common imagination, the forces of law and order such as the police or the carabineer embody conscience and healthy living. This means that the dreamer is disturbed by unhealthy behaviors and wrong lifestyle habits.

By someone armed: this dream is interpreted with the presence of someone, in his or her real life, who is trying to show off behind the dreamer. It is therefore necessary to analyze daily life in order to defend oneself and proceed with vigilant and scrupulous behavior.

From animals: it is a dreamlike experience full of nuances, because each animal has a very specific value in the world of dreams. It can usually portend something negative in people’s daily lives, especially from a professional or private point of view.

From a wolf: this dream means that a dishonest and very dangerous figure is appearing in one’s life, and that the dreamer must look over his shoulder to protect himself. Be on the lookout for any kind of suspicious signs from people around you.

From a dog: this dream is strictly linked to the working sphere and indicates that there is no need to anger someone, especially at the top, as it could be counterproductive for one’s professional career.

From a bear: it is emblematic of the fear of bringing out a part of one’s self. Many experts also associate dreaming of being chased by a lion with this interpretation. They are two aggressive and dangerous animals, who embody the dark side of the self, which probably wants to emerge following specific episodes that have occurred in everyday life.

If in the dream, you happen to be chased and hide, in all likelihood in real life you are experiencing a controversial period, in which you are afraid to take your responsibilities. You are vigilant, reflect and monitor the situation that falls to you (and that you do not have the desire or the courage to face), but you do not believe that the good time has yet come to act, finally.

According to some interpretations, dreaming of a parking space means that you are living a very intense pace of life, which does not allow you to take breaks. This dream invites you to give yourself a pause for reflection that will lead you to both physical and mental tranquility.

A dream that takes place in the dark of the night, (you were in a parking lot at night) could signal that you are experiencing a period full of worries, or perhaps you have a pessimistic attitude towards life, or even worse it could warn of a state of depression.


In the dream you can also be followed by an animal, in this case the analysis must be deepened because it could mean that you are trying to escape from your instincts or from your own personality that you do not want to show to the world.

Specifically, being chased by a dog indicates problems in the workplace and more precisely with the boss. It usually indicates problems with one’s professional career.

On the other hand, running away from a bear or a lion can indicate the fear of bringing out one’s “I”, these animals embody their dark side.

Dreaming of being chased by a threatening stranger (a man with a knife) reveals that you are afraid but at the same time that you are attracted to the other sex.

The restlessness, the fear of dreams, reflects the fears, fears or anxieties that you keep at bay during the day.

At night, these fears are free to flutter, take shape in the scenes of dreams, those ugly scenes that many times make you wake up with a start, drenched in sweat and / or with your heart in your throat.

Dreaming of escaping, fleeing from threatening figures, denotes that you have strong internal conflicts and / or with the outside world, and a strong state of psychological stress. In a girl’s dream, it could signal that she has conflicting relationships with male figures and / or with sexuality.

This dream can also reflect that you have little confidence in yourself. Screaming in dreams means that during the day, in many circumstances you would like to have your say and instead you keep locked inside yourself. This dream provides to release you from a strong inner tension.

Screaming but not being heard in dreams derives above all from insecurity and shyness or from a real lack of dialogue with other people. You probably feel a lack of true, deep relationships with other people.

The wounds of dreams, (in the dream you hurt the stranger in the arm) reflect the wounds of life. Probably recently, or in the past, you have suffered a wrong (or done), a wound in pride or dignity, or perhaps a word has hurt you, or you have suffered from a painful wound of love.

Your dream becomes positive, as you have managed to take refuge in the house and be helped by that man, this means that if you commit yourself you will be able to solve your problems, and to come out of a situation that stresses or worries you. Alternatively, it hurts you. Thank you for trusting me by telling me your dream.

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Dream of Being Chased by a Man – Symbolism

To interpret this dream it is first necessary to be aware that escape always represents a negative aspect of present or past life.

Therefore, it could also about want to escape from an obsessively repeating situation or that left something unfinished or incomplete.

For example, it is very common to dream of escaping from schoolteachers. This normally happens if you have not completed a full school course or if you have not finished with satisfaction.

For this reason, it is important to be able to focus on the negative situation that leads a person to dream of being chased and the relative escape.

Otherwise, in fact, it could also indicate the desire to reach a goal or a goal, which, however, has many obstacles to overcome. The different situations that can occur in the dream indicate more precisely, what the mind wants to communicate.

If someone chases you in the dream, it can indicate the desire to get away, refuse the help or advice of someone who conditions too much the choices you have to make.

If, on the other hand, you are followed in the dream, it may indicate the refusal of new choices or opportunities.

In the dream you can also be followed by an animal, in this case the analysis must be deepened because it could mean that you are trying to escape from your instincts or from your own personality that you do not want to show to the world.

Specifically, being chased by a dog indicates problems in the workplace and more precisely with the boss. It usually indicates problems with one’s professional career.

On the other hand, running away from a bear or a lion can indicate the fear of bringing out one’s “I”, these animals embody their dark side.

When in a dream you are chased, it may happen that you are unable to move and feel like you are paralyzed; in this case, it may indicate the desire to change your character or a characteristic that you are aware of not being able to do.

Running hard can also have its meaning. Often it indicates a frustration or a fear, sometimes it can also indicate a troubled past that you are trying to escape.

Even the pursuer has a very specific role in understanding the meaning of the dream.

For example, if your partner is chasing it, it is very likely that your unconscious knows that soon there will be couple of problems that are difficult to solve.

If the pursuer reaches the fugitive then it indicates that the problems must be addressed as soon as possible despite the concerns in the success of the resolution.

If the pursuer is a stranger, it could be some action done by the dreamer that led to unpleasant consequences or a break in relations.

Sometimes dreaming of being followed by “monsters” is recurring, but they are nothing more than repressed feelings that try to resurface.

For example, we can mention, a love that is not as concluded as it was thought.

Dreaming of being chased: the places of the dream

The place where one flees in turn hides meanings. For example, fleeing into a wood indicates the search for protection or the search for oneself, while if one runs in a meadow or in any case an open place it indicates freedom from imposed constraints.

If you dream of escaping to a dark place, it usually means that the situation is not clear; that is, that what afflicts us in everyday life should be clarified as soon as possible.

Sometimes it happens to be chased in the rain. This is a good sign: it indicates, in fact, “purification”, or the beginning of new adventures that can lead to regeneration. It practically symbolizes the escape from something oppressive that is eliminated through the water.

Being able to find a hiding place, on the other hand, indicates an insecurity fueled by someone who is very close and is often accompanied by the fact that in real life you are going through a period in which it is not easy to make decisions and take responsibility.


Dreaming of being chased or running away from someone or something, is one of the dreams that leaves, upon awakening, a sense of fear or sometimes even panic and is one of the most recurring dreams we can have.

This dream generally indicates the desire to escape from someone or something, especially from difficult situations or that you do not want to face.

Often being chased also indicates the desire to quickly resolve important or thorny issues that, unconsciously, one is sure that they could evolve in a negative way.