Dream of Being Followed – Meaning and Symbolism

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Such dreams can be extremely unpleasant, and are the result of real problems that you deal with in everyday life and that the brain processes during the night, turning them into vivid and often very frightening scenarios. If you are looking for the cause of such dreams, and especially if dreams of this content are repeated, look at possible explanations.

Dreams in which someone is haunting you are usually related to fears of specific situations in real life. You may be avoiding an awkward situation and trying to overcome it.

If the pursuer catches up with you, it can be a sign that the more you try not to think about the problem, the more the problem “suffocates” and presses you.

Dream of Being Followed – Meaning

It is important to mention that dreams of this content may also reflect recent trauma – dreams of persecution are a common symptom of PTSD.

Do you dream of being chased by a raging lion, tiger or emu?

When you dream that an animal is attacking you, it actually symbolizes the anger you are suppressing, that is, when you dream of being persecuted by an angry animal, it is the result of your subconscious that “collected” the negative feelings you suppress and projected them into the wild animal.

If you are a person who is persecuting someone, it can be a sign that you are trying to “keep up” with the people in your life who you feel have abandoned you. Be sure to consider whether these people are really worth it?

If you have experienced stalking in real life, this kind of dream can be the way your brain tries to deal with the trauma you have been through.

If you have not experienced such trauma in real life, it can mean that there is a big problem in your life that you are trying to ignore.

Dreaming that someone has captured you or is holding you hostage can mean that you feel trapped or helpless because of something that is happening in your daily life. You may feel a lack of control over your partner, work, or some other important element in life.

If you dreamed that your house was broken into or robbed, it could mean that you feel helpless in a situation – you may have recently gone through a major life change and are still adjusting.

Fighting in a dream can symbolize inner turmoil – the attacker you are fighting can symbolize the part of your personality that you are ignoring or some real-life situation that is getting you into trouble.

Dreaming of being chased is a very frequent dream in men as in women of all ages. There are several interpretations that can be given to this dream and which start now from psychoanalytic interpretations, now from the simple image linked to a specific experience and therefore to an appeal (or to a feeling that returns unexpectedly during rest).

We had better understand what meanings could be hidden behind this dream experience, what fear it can hide. This type of dream is naturally accompanied by a feeling of anxiety, which is linked precisely to the need to escape from something or someone.

In a figurative sense, the pursuer represents a problem, a thought, a concern that leaves no escape for the subject even in his dreams or during sleep. If the subject manages to escape from the one who runs after him, the situation is positive.


In fact, it means that we will emerge unscathed from the situation we are facing and that we will overcome the difficult moment without too many consequences.

However, it may happen that the subject is reached by the pursuer, however, waking up a few moments later. In this case, the problem will be managed even if by a hair and there will be no aftermath.

If a moment of this type has already been faced, dreams could bring back to this difficult moment and to the feelings that characterized it. A further possibility is represented by cases in which the pursuer reaches the subject.

In this case, the latter can harm him: the dream is a premonitory of an evil, a danger, a challenge that will fall upon you. However, be careful, because the image could only be the result of fear, in practice you may have the strength and courage to face it and overcome it.

A similar argument applies in cases where the subject after having captured you, is defeated by you after a fight. In this case, a difficult period may await you.

The dream represents the unconscious that somehow warns you and directs you, preparing you for the critical issues that will come.

The connotation of the dream, however, changes according to who or what the subject pursues. If the pursuer is a dog, for example, it is possible that he wants to warn us of a danger.

The dog is in fact a symbol of defense and therefore is present in the dream not to fight us, but to reach us and protect us.

If the chase takes place by another animal, aggressive or with its jaws wide open this time, the meaning could be linked to the non-acceptance of the aggressive side of one’s character.

In this sense, the dream could also be a symptom of a repentance linked to an aggressive attitude and of which one is ashamed or repented.

The more monstrous the animal, the greater will be its repentance for a violent or aggressive attitude.

Staying on the animal theme, let us analyze the case in which you think you are being chased by a snake.

Be careful because this dream indicates that someone wants to create some problems and humiliate you.

A further possibility is to dream of being chased by strangers. The dream is frequent in times of tension or in any case of fatigue.

In fact, the unknown represents the personification of commitments, duties that do not let the subject breathe.

If the protagonist of the dream is a loved one, it means that the love for the subject is absolute and that the desire to be sought by that person is so strong that it even invades dreams.

Dream of Being Followed – Symbolism

Have you ever been followed? If so, you know very well that the feeling of having someone following you is very unpleasant. You start feeling fear, then you feel choked and unable to escape.

The action of following can be done by a bad person who wants to hurt you, or by someone who wants to get something from you. However, what does it mean to dream of being chased?

Being persecuted in dreams, as well as in real life, gives a feeling of helplessness and fear and makes you go through quite unpleasant moments.

Did you have this dream, but you don’t know its meaning? Dreaming of being chased could be related to the difficulty you have in believing in yourself and accepting that you have great potential.

It is a warning that you are hurting yourself by doubting that you are unable to achieve the goals you set for yourself. If you had a dream of this type and you want to know more about the meaning in different contexts, read on.

How about reconsidering some of your decisions, analyzing how you deal with problems and trying to lighten your life, without too many complaints? Dreaming that a man chases you means that, if you are in love with someone, this love is reciprocated.

However, if you don’t rely on it completely, you could lose it.

We must therefore take advantage of this moment and not run away from the situation: why are you afraid to follow your heart? Trust and do everything possible to experience the good times that a relationship can offer you.

Dreaming that a woman is chasing you indicates that it is a good time to make new friends. In this moment, you will realize who are the people who remain by your side in all situations and you will end up moving away from those who give you nothing.

Do not be scrupulous in moving away from these people and do not hesitate to go in search of new friends. In these moments, you will meet people with whom you will be able to create very strong bonds of complicity.

The ideal thing now is to take advantage of the moment to have fun in the company of old and new friends and to bond even more with the people who are now entering your life.

Dreaming of being chased by a car relates to the fear you feel in not being able to identify the problems that surround you. You fear that there may be bad people who are manipulating you or preventing you from making and organizing your life as you wish.

It may happen that bad vibrations devour your life in these moments, but you have to be convinced that you can get rid of them. No one is stronger than you are and only you can defeat the most delicate problems.

Dreaming of being chased by someone means that you are not fulfilling all your obligations. This dream warns you that you should reconsider your actions and take all your responsibilities.

Is this the ideal time to think about “am I doing everything I set out to do” issues? Alternatively, “am I fair to myself or to others in relation to the responsibilities I have taken on”? If the answer is no, you need to change your attitude.

Being responsible does not just refer to you, but to all the people who depend on you for some reason. Take your responsibilities and keep your promises – many people may depend on you.

If in your dream you see another person being followed, it means that you will live a long life.

In addition to living for many years, your life will be full of health and comfort and in the long years that you still have to live, you will not have to face particular difficulties.

Surely, no one lives fully happy they discourage all their life, but this means that you will be able to live a life without too many problems or that you will not let yourself.

However, you must not forget that, although the dream indicates longevity, you must not neglect your health: the future depends entirely on your present. Take care of yourself, today and always.

If in your dream you are being persecuted but manage to escape, this is the sign that even when big problems will appear in your life, you will be able to solve them.

Even when you believe that the problem of the moment is too big for your abilities, you will easily find an answer and a solution.


Being able to solve problems will make you, little by little, a more confident person and able to manage not only your life, but also that of other people.

If you are suffering from anxiety, in real life, it can happen and often to dream of being chased, of running away, of hiding, of trying to get rid of someone who is following you, who tries to hurt you or even kill you.

This kind of dreams are the result of your fears and the stresses of everyday life. Instead of confronting the situation, you have a tendency to avoid it.

You need to know that whoever is chasing you could help you understand where these dreams come from.

So many dream specialists say that whatever appears in a dream is a part of you. In conclusion, the person chasing you could represent your feelings of hate, jealousy, fear, and even love.