Dream of Being Held Hostage – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we dream our mind transforms real life sensations and situations into dream images, most of the time symbols that are not easy to understand, making the dream itself difficult to interpret.

In rare cases, however, it is not too complex to understand why we dreamed of something, especially if it is about nightmares.

Bad dreams are in fact often a translation of easily understood fears, which disturb the sleep of the most easily impressionable people.

It is no coincidence that especially children are often victims of nightmares if they have seen or heard something that scared them, but sometimes it can also happen to adults.

Let us take the example of the dream of a kidnapping, in which the dreamer is the target of unscrupulous kidnappers.

The dream of being kidnapped can be easily interpreted if we have read or heard the news on the news of someone actually victim of such an action. If we are suggestible people, it may be that our subconscious puts us in front of our fear.

Dream of Being Held Hostage – Meaning

The media landscape is littered with bad news. Terrifying reports of kidnappings, hostage taking or rampage are not uncommon. Such events have to be processed – sometimes in a dream.

The message of a kidnapping dream is not always clear. After all, kidnapping has very different meanings in the interpretation of dreams. We have compiled them for you.

There are at least two people in kidnapping dreams. Usually a kidnapper, i.e. the perpetrator, and his kidnap victim. You as the dreaming can take on the role of the kidnapper, the victim or the observer.

Are you the active, executive part – or the passive? Alternatively, are you just the silent observer? If you recognize the other person, this can be an indication that they are real people.

This can be a family member, a colleague, or a friend; anyone you know. What is the perpetrator asking for: a large ransom, a pet, a conversation?

Alternatively, is he blackmailing you into something else? Whatever it is, the ransom note is an important part of interpreting your kidnapping dream. Reconsider your dream: What does the kidnapping mean?

If you are in the role of the kidnapper, you kidnap someone in a dream. At its simplest level, this means there is a person in your waking life whom you would like to influence in some way.

If you kidnap someone in a dream, this can also be an indication that you want to get your life (and the people who play a role in it) under control. It is the same with dream interpretation when you hold someone captive.

In this case, your kidnapping in a dream wants to point out to you that you are too dominant. You should give up control and back off every now and then.


Kidnapping someone in a dream can also mean that you are (too) ambitious. Do you achieve your goals with all you might and regardless of losses? Then your kidnapping dream wants to tell you that you should be a little meeker. Try to gain respect with (good) deeds, not violence.

What does it mean when see a kidnapping in a dream? What does it say about you when you or someone close to you becomes a victim of kidnapping?

As a silent observer, seeing a kidnapping in a dream is an indication of suppressed needs in the awake life. This kidnapping dream encourages you to take your life into your own hands.

If you become a victim of a kidnapping in a dream, this indicates that in the waking life you have great fears and doubts, which can feel like shackles.

To be held by someone in a dream, that illustrates the feeling of powerlessness, a feeling of powerlessness. This kidnapping dream wants to warn you against submitting yourself too much.

You can and should stand up for your wishes and needs more. How is your dream going? Can you escape? Escaping kidnapping in a dream means, you have to overcome obstacles but get a grip on your life.

What the dream interpretation sees when your child disappears is great concern for your protégé. You may fear that someone is harming your child and thereby robbing them of all happiness.

In other cultures, it indicates great happiness or an engagement if your own child is kidnapped in a dream.

If the kidnapping victim is your partner, this can be interpreted in different ways. You may feel guilty about thinking about breaking up with your partner. Are you not feeling good enough for your partner?

Do you feel that your partner is often annoyed by you? Then the kidnapping of the partner in the dream indicates fear of loss. The same is true in the dream interpretation with a kidnapping of the family.

Dogs are loyal companions. If your dog is kidnapped in a dream, this symbolizes the endangerment of a close friendship.

In the dream interpretation, however, the dog also stands for sexual urges and the natural instinct of a person. If your dog is kidnapped in a dream, something is preventing you from living out your sexual needs.

In some dreams, a kidnapping does not occur directly, but dream symbols that have something to do with kidnapping in the dream.

Dream of Being Held Hostage – Symbolism

It can also happen to have this type of dream if we know we have to leave for destinations where in the past there have been cases of extortion against travelers.

Even if we rationally understand that the chances of being kidnapped for money from loved ones are remote, it is possible that on an emotional level we are equally distressed.

However, dreaming of being kidnapped has not only a direct cause and effect and even those who are not easily influenced by events can be subjected to this dream.

In some cases, our inner self can in fact communicate to us that we feel trapped in a condition in real life, something that is beyond our control and that binds our hands, exactly as if we were victims of kidnapping.

In reality, it can be a situation but also a person, someone we perceive is manipulating us, not making us free of our actions.

Maybe in real life we are related to this person and we have no evidence that she can be insincere or even harmful to us, but the cue from someone close could have given us this fear.

In addition, if in the dream, we are not the victims of the kidnapping, but it is someone we care about, it means that there is a very strong bond between us, to the point that our greatest terror is that the relationship can break and someone can bring it to us. Street.

From a practical point of view, this question is quite simple to answer. We need to save money, and the algorithm of actions will be the same as when we save for a rainy day or for unforeseen expenses – by opening savings accounts and replenishing deposits (we talked about this, for example, here). That would seem to be the whole answer.

Nuances begin when we are imbued with the very idea of ​​fulfilling an old dream and stop thinking exclusively in a rational framework.

After all, a dream is distinguished from any other goal by motivation. No other goal – be it the need for an airbag or awareness of the importance of training – can generate as much enthusiasm.

Only for the sake of a dream, a person is able to squeeze his spending to a minimum and easily overcome his daily temptations. In other words, saving for a dream is much easier.

However, this “over-motivation” has a downside. Denying ourselves everything in the name of a wonderful future, we risk becoming hostages of our dreams.

So the initial question is “How to save up for a dream?” smoothly reborn into another: “How to formulate a dream so that it would be possible to save for it and at the same time survive?”

Awareness of your real capabilities can, of course, clip your wings, but it will save you from disappointment and allow you to enjoy life. Here are some simple rules.

We have to admit that even in theory, not every dream is destined to come true. The “price of a dream” can be very high, or even incommensurate with income. For example, a person with an average salary would have to save three hundred years to buy an apartment in the center of Moscow.

Therefore, it is important to remember that although we all want about the same thing; we all have a different start and different possibilities, and what is the ultimate dream for one person may be a routine purchase for another.

One can complain about the injustice of the world, but one must come to terms with the fact that incomes in the world are extremely unevenly distributed. Especially in Russia. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a relatively small part of the population, while the income of the rest of the population is very low.

This huge gap in opportunities is not only one of the most important macroeconomic problems in Russia today, but also leaves an imprint on the very essence of our cherished desires. We dream less, less of flying to the moon, more, and more about everyday things like vacations, a separate living space or a new car.

Imagine the situation. You want to improve your living conditions and share your plans with friends, each with their own budget and their own understanding of “good” housing.

As a result of this conversation, the parameters of the “same” apartment emerge: the number of rooms is at least two, and a large kitchen, and a balcony with a beautiful view, and the area is closer to the center, and a dressing room is necessary, and a second bathroom, and there must also be a concierge and a protected area, and a parking space in the underground garage.

Well, you cannot save on repairs either. Now you light up with the dream of this ideal picture created by the collective imagination, forgetting that initially your desire was only to move out of the tiny little Khrushchev house, where you live with your parents.

If, to make a dream that is too expensive, you sell a share of the dacha, the family’s grandmother’s ring for the first installment and get into an unaffordable mortgage for thirty years, save every penny, work without vacations and weekends, and by the age of fifty-five you get this apartment in ownership along with a full set of chronic illness, a nervous breakdown and complete burnout – it is obvious that you have become hostage to an unbearable goal.

It seems like a dream come true, but for some reason it does not make me happy.

In addition, all because the dream was formulated incorrectly. A dream is not worth it that you put off your life for later; it cannot come true at all at the cost of your life.

If you stop for a minute and assess your capabilities sensibly, you will surely understand that the original desire can be fulfilled with much less financial and emotional costs.

In the example with an apartment, you should limit yourself to buying a small studio, which you can afford to save up for.

Yes, everything would have turned out a little more modest, and, perhaps, more wealthy friends would have wry their noses, but then you would have left not only material, but also emotional resources for a full life.

In addition, relationships with friends sometimes require an audit.


We have to admit that even in theory, not every dream is destined to come true. The “price of a dream” can be very high, or even incommensurate with income.

For example, a person with an average salary would have to save three hundred years to buy an apartment in the center of Moscow.

Therefore, it is important to remember that although we all want about the same thing; we all have a different start and different possibilities, and what is the ultimate dream for one person may be a routine purchase for another.